Written by Lee

8 Mar 2019

Unlike many stories on the site that I enjoy this story doesn’t have any huge cocks or squirting wife’s but it is true and it is hopefully the start of something new for my wife.

Firstly a little about Elle she is a trim size 10 with great 34c breasts with very sensitive nipples that love to be sucked and pinched.

Elle was brought up by very conservative parents so when we married she had very reserved views on sex, over the years I have tried and succeeded in introducing her to a varied sex life.

Until this night she would never entertain any kind of outdoor action.

We were in our local city out for dinner and drinks and jumped on the last train home no seats left so we headed to the end of the carriage with my back against the door and Elle facing me she was wearing a long jacket with a very sexy wrap over dress that allowed a great flash of leg and very occasionally a glimpse of panties.

We had about one hour to travel so settled in for the journey I was feeling extra horny and started to stroke her leg over her dress which she didn’t seem to mind due to a combination of wine and tiredness.

I started to move her dress so that I could touch some bare skin just at that point the train jolted and we both got a surprise I got a hand full of pussy and Elle got a rude awakening.

She immediately sorted her dress exiting my hand at the same time and giving me a stern look but that wasn’t going to work as I had felt the dampness in her panties.

Playing along with her game of looking angry I asked to play a game if I could guess the colour of her panties then I could slip my hand back under her dress.

This was that point where she would usually say no way and make me wait until we got home but to my sursprise she agreed.

I guessed correctly as I had already seen them and slipped my hand beneath her dress.

This time due to the train moving around I found her legs apart so slipped my hand over her panties and massages Elle’s pussy feeling them getting wetter and wetter.

Elle’s nipples were now standing firm through her dress I couldn’t resist pinching her nipple this always drives her wild.

When I slipped my hand back down under her dress I didn’t mess around any more I slipped two fingers under her panties and between the folds of her very wet pussy.

Elle almost dropped to her knees as she wasn’t expecting such a bold move she looked around to make sure no one could see us but no one was interested in what we were up to.

Elle grabbed my arm but it was too late as I now had her clit between my fingers and was slipping my fingers back and forward just how she likes pinching it as I went.

Elle was now in a panic on a train her pussy being fingered mercilessly by her husband and no way of stopping it. I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm as her hips started to move very slowly with my fingers a sure sign that she was close.

I have long thick fingers and I managed to slip one finger into her tight hole that was almost too much her knees started to give but I slipped my free hand around her waist to steady her this worked wonders for my now buried finger as I could slip it easily in and out while massaging her clit with the palm of my hand.

I felt Elle’s pussy tighten over and over as her orgasm started I just held on until she was done I slipped my very wet hand out and stood with a raging erection in my trousers I think if anyone had touched my cock I would have blown my load right there.

I hope you enjoyed this story I keep trying to get Elle to try new things but have had no luck recently any suggestions especially from you ladies out there would be great.