Written by Blake

5 Apr 2019

We are a very happily married couple. Both just over forty, and the kids are teenagers. We keep fit, especially my wife who competes in many fun runs. We have always had lots of sex and it has never lost any of its spark.

Before we met and marriage we both had had our share of relationships. Tina, that’s my wife’s name, even had a very reliable male friend who you would call a “Fuck Buddy”. She has always insisted that this wasn’t the case as they were just 2 horny people who often needed sex but couldn’t or wasn’t getting it from a regular boyfriend or in his case a girlfriend. She told me just after we married that she saw him for about 3 months after she and I started dating. They stopped, because she said, she felt being with me was different to any previous boyfriend and she knew it was for real and she didn’t want to cheat. Their sex was always good but so was ours. She has remained in contact with him but never slept with him again.

So back to where I was. About 5 years ago, I developed a fetish or the desire to have anal sex with Tina. I was honest and to start with, she got upset when I told her. She said I was depraved or sick and I was spoiling things. I didn’t push her but made sure there was some anal in the porn we watch. She likes porn if it’s done right. We often watch it in bed before we fuck. Over time, she admitted without prompting from me, that some women must like it. We like to watch amateur porn rather than the professional, set up type. It was plain to see some women could cum with the right stimulation while being fucked in the arse.

We purchased on - line, a small butt plug. She wore it and we fucked a few times with it in her arse and she admitted she liked it. I could feel it with my cock as I slid in and out of her. Her words, “it gave her a feeling of fullness”. But we went no further but sometimes she used it without me asking or reminding her.

Then, we had a weekend away, just the 2 of us no kids and we went clubbing and dancing. We had a fantastic time. We got back to the hotel room. She stripped and it was only then I saw that she had the butt plug inserted. She told me that she had taken it with her and had put it in while in the ladies at the night club. She then went to her suitcase and picked out some lube. She then looked at me and said. “Tonight is your lucky night”.

I was so excited, we kissed and cuddled. Then I went down on her and she had 2 big cums. Then I started to fuck her. She came again. She then told me to remove the butt plug and put plenty of lube on my cock and take it slow. I could not believe it. She was actually letting me do it, no it was more than that, she was telling me to. I took it very slow. I worked my cock into her arse as slow as I could go. I let her adjust each time before moving more. My cock was rock hard and I wanted to pump her arse but I waited. It took probably 6 or 8 minutes before I was fully in and it was her that pushed back near the end. I then started to move gently back and forth.

She wasn’t moaning or saying anything like she usually does when I am in her pussy. She can be quite vocal. I reach down and rubbed her clit. She screamed “fuck me, please fuck me”. I knew we had something here. Next she came and then came again. I fucked her arse for as long as I could last and exploded in her. When we both calmed down and eventually cleaned up she told me it was fantastic and was sorry that she had belittled me about wanting to try it.

That started a pattern. We had anal sex about 3 times a week. The only negative thing was that if I arse fucked her when we went to bed then she wouldn’t let me pussy fuck her in the morning before I had showered and was spotlessly clean.

I had to go away on a few weeklong work business trips. The Saturday before the first time, we were having lunch in town and walked past an adult sex. I bought a dildo about the same size of my cock as a bit of a joke to keep her company while I was away. That night, she wanted to be arse fucked. So when I pulled out of her pussy, I licked the dildo to make it wet and pushed it into her pussy. I then pushed my cock into her arse. We found we don’t need much lube and my cock from her very wet pussy is enough. This was a fantastic fuck and with the 2 cocks in her she came and came until she was exhausted.

She did use the dildo while I was away and we had some great phone sex. Before the next trip we got a small vibrator to work on her clit as well and that resulted in more long distance orgasms. We even gave the toys names. The dildo is Benny. He is named after Tina first boyfriend. He had her virginity when she was fifteen and his cock was the first she ever sucked. The vibrator is named Shaky, for obvious reasons.

We continued fucking using my cock in her arse and the dildo in her pussy. As I said before, about 3 maybe even 4 times a week. I asked her if she wanted to try a real third person. She rolled her eyes and didn’t disagree. But, she went on to say that she never ever wanted any other man in her pussy. She said that is yours, and yours only. That is why I married you. Its special and we have to keep it that way. But and a big but, if we could find a way for another man to take her arse then we could explore that. But, only if I agreed. I could only say, why not.

Who could we use? I suggested her “fuck buddy” from before we were married as she still kept in contact with him. No, definitely no. He would want her pussy. So we kept looking. We looked at on line dating sites but didn’t feel comfortable contacting anyone. Then by chance I got a phone call from a business contact that I had brokered a deal with in another city. His name is Luke and he was coming to town for work meetings and wanted to catch up for a drink and meet Tina. I had shared with him some of the details about our phone sex and the dildo and vibrator (Benny and Shaky).

Tina was nervous about meeting Luke as she knew I had shared our sex secrets with him. She liked it at the time, it really turned her on. The nervousness soon passed as we all got on great. We had drinks then dinner. We had such a good time we arranged to meet again the following evening. Before we left Luke, I had a quick word with him saying that some sex play might happen the next evening if he and particularly Tina wanted it to happen. I told him straight up that she would not do vaginal sex with him but may just play or even go as far as anal. But that would be all. He was very agreeable.

As we rode home in the taxi, I told Tina of my conversation with Luke. She wasn’t annoyed or the slightest upset by my arrangements. In fact, she said Luke could be just who we were looking for. She also said that we must make sure we take condoms with us as we had to play safe. When we got home and in bed I tried my best to fuck her but the alcohol affected me so I gave her oral and then used the dildo in her pussy while I sucked her clit. She was hot and came. My cock was hard in the morning and I made up for my previous failure.

I called Luke the next morning and told him the good news and arranged for a quiet dinner and told him, like me to limit the drinks and that we would come back to his hotel with him. That’s exactly what happened.

None of us ate much at dinner, we were all nervous. Tina touched Luke a lot. There were taps on his arm or his hand, even a rub or two. Luke stroked her leg under the table. Once in the room, it was Tina who was soon down to her brief underwear. Tina wore a very low cut red bra that only just covered her nipples. Her red g-string was skimpy and when she turned around you could see she had worn a small butt plug. This confirmed that she wanted Luke in her arse. Luke and I were soon naked and I relieved that his cock looked similar to mine and not huge as she probably not want anything bigger than me in her arse.

He and I were all over her. He was nibbling her breast when she pulled his head up and said. Luke you can do anything you like but your cock goes nowhere near or in my pussy. He nodded and with that slid down her body and started to lick her pussy. I was kissing her and nibbling her ear which she loves. Tina was rubbing my cock when she had her first cum. Luke’s tongue was doing an excellent job.

Tina then said to me that she wanted my cock inside her. I went to climb on top of her but she told me to lie on my back. Tina lowered herself onto my cock and started to move herself up and down. Her arse was in the air. Luke watched for a bit then I saw his hand start to play with her arse. He must have been turning or twisting the butt plug. Then he grabbed a condom and fitted it to his cock and climbed behind her. She stopped moving on my cock as he slid into her arse. She locked her mouth on mine and he gently pushed his way in. He didn’t need to be slow as she has got used to my cock slipping in her arse. She has learned to relax the muscles.

Once he was in, I started to thrust up and he quickly picked up the sequence. I was very familiar with the sensation of feeling another cock inside her (the dildo) but having a real human, that’s Luke so close to my cock was very stimulating. Tina was moaning and swearing, saying things like “oh fuck, oh fuck”. Then saying “this is incredible.” She came over and over and then Luke came. As soon as he caught his breath he pulled out and lifted himself clear of her butt. I wanted to cum and rolled her on her back and pumped quickly to empty my load into her pussy.

We rested for a bit and then Tina and I went home but not before thanking Luke. Tina asked if we could do that again before he went home. He immediately agreed and rang the next morning to say that he would meet us again at 3pm as he had changed his flight and was travelling later that night.

We have continued to meet with Luke but only when he gets a chance to visit on business. Luckily, he has found reasons to travel. I think that is what makes it so exciting as we only see him maybe every 6 or 7 weeks. Then it’s for a couple of nights. Tina loves the build up knowing that she is going to get some real double plugging.

Last month we took a weekend and stayed near where he lives. Luke joined us and we partied like we had all just met. Tina actually had him fuck her anally with her dildo (Benny) in her pussy. She wanted him to experience that and so did he. I actually liked watching but I soon wanted my turn and wouldn’t want it very often that way.

I have asked her if that’s as far as she wants to go. I mean, does she want to give Luke a turn in her pussy? Her answer is definitely not. Just so happy to continue what we are doing.