Written by Alan

15 Mar 2016

This goes back to the seventies. My wife and I are now in our early sixties and still love sex.

My girlfriend Jan and I and her friend, Penny all travelled to a nearby city for a rock concert. The star of the concert is still going today and is still very well known. I won’t mention his name as he is still in the news. I will just call him the Rockstar.

The star was the girl’s favourite and we had booked tickets months in advance. It looked like being a good weekend as we were staying at my aunt’s house and she would be away so we would have the place to ourselves.

We arrived Saturday morning and the girls dressed and we went straight to the hotel where the Rockstar was staying. They were hoping to get a glimpse of him. We stood outside with lots of other hopefuls. Then a good looking woman accompanied by a security guard moved though the crowd and asked us and some others if we would like to attend a press conference to be the crowd that cheered.

We agreed and were shown inside. The conference lasted about half an hour and we cheered when the star arrived and when he left. The camera crew filmed us when we cheered.

Just as we were being shown out again the woman came up to the girls and asked them if they wanted to meet the star. They immediately agreed. The woman said that the star had picked them out and wanted to have some fun with them. Did they agree she asked? They just nodded. The woman said I could tag along if I wanted too.

It was obvious why he had picked them out as both girls were very attractive. My girlfriend Jan had long blonde hair and great boobs while Penny has dark hair that hung in ringlets and a lovely olive complexion. Both girls were beautifully dressed in miniskirts, little jackets and knee high boots.

We were shown into a large suite. It had a sitting room and the woman told me to sit there and she took the girls into the next room through open double doors. It had a big bed and a large table on one side.

The Rockstar came in and immediately kissed the girls. He had a bottle in his hand which he put it on the edge of the table. The woman came back to me and said he won’t mind if you watch just be quiet. She then left.

The Rockstar said he wanted to have both girls and were they ok with that. They agreed. He said after that he would like them to go with some of the band members as he liked to look after his boys. The girls just smiled and nodded again.

I had been going out with Jan for about a year and had never seen this side of her before. Our sex although good was fairly plain and she didn’t want to try new things. Penny had recently broken up with her boyfriend and I didn’t know her that well.

The Rockstar then said let’s see how you really look and told the girls to undress. They did and he had them walk around. He then asked them to lie on the table side by side with their legs apart and pull their pussy lips apart. He went over and gave each of their pussies a lick.

Then he dropped his jeans and took out his decent sized cock. He told the girls to get on their knees and suck him. They each took it in turns and at one stage they had their lips on either side of his cock and he pushed it back and forth.

Then he had them lean over the table with a pillow just under their hips. He then moved behind my girlfriend Jan and pushed his cock into her. He fucked her from behind for about 5 minutes and while he did this his hand played with Penny’s bum and pussy as she was just beside them.

He then pulled out of Jan and moved over to Penny and fucked her. He fingered Jan just like he had done Penny. He then swapped back to Jan again.

Just when I thought he would change again he told Penny he was going to fuck her bum. He asked if he could? She said yes. The girls did everything he asked.

He picked up the bottle from the table edge and took out some cream and rubbed it over Penny’s bum hole. He put more on his cock. He then proceeded to push his cock into her bum slowly. I could see her face from the side. It must have hurt as she screwed her face up and whimpered but never screamed. Once he was fully in he waited and then started to slowly pump in and out of her bum.

He reached across and fingered Jan again.

Eventually he dumped his load in Penny’s bum and he slumped over her. Then he stood up and pulled out of her. He then turned side on, I think so I could see properly and pulled Jan off the table and pushed her to her knees. He told her to suck his cock. She did as she was told and took his shrinking cock that had just been in Penny’s arse and sucked and licked it clean. Penny just lay on the table with her face turned looking at what her friend was doing.

When he had had enough he stopped Jan and put his jeans back on.

He told the girls that they had been good and he hoped they would enjoy the show later. He said he had some special gifts for them and he now wanted them to meet some of the band.

He then left and straight away the woman came back in. I don’t know if she watched but she knew immediately he had finished.

She guided the girls into a bathroom to clean up but told them not to get dressed. The woman talked to me and asked me if I enjoyed watching. I could only agree and I realised my cock was rock hard. I immediately adjusted it in my jeans. She just watched me do it.

The girls came out of the bathroom and the woman gave them some bath robes to wear. She told them to pick up their clothes and follow her.

We went down the hall to another room where 2 guys were. I recognised one as a band member and the other I found out later was a roadie who travelled with the band and set up all the gear for the concerts.

The 2 guys helped the girls out of their robes and kissed and felt them up. The woman said to me to go with her and as I followed she said that the girls would be busy as some more guys were coming and they wouldn’t want me there.

We went into another room down the hall. It must have been hers. Once inside she asked me which one was my girlfriend. I told her it was Jan the blonde one. She asked me if I did oral sex on her and I told her I did. She asked me if I would like to do it to her.

I quickly answered yes and she went on to say, only oral and no fucking.

She then removed her slacks and panties but left her top on and lay back on the bed. I got straight down on her and gave her the best licking I could. She really enjoyed it and pushed her pussy back in my face. I brought my hand up and inserted a couple of fingers into her hole as I licked her clit. She came and flooded my face. I just kept licking.

I sneaked my other hand up under her top to feel her tits but she stopped me and said just lick. So it did. She got off about 3 times I think and then said that was enough.

She then said I must need some release and told me to drop my jeans as she would wank me.

When I did and she saw my cock she just said, nice one. I am probably about the same size as the Rockstar.

She took some cream from the bedside table and ribbed it on her hand and massaged my dick. She played with my balls with her other hand. I didn’t take long and I came hard. She kept pulling my dick and it felt so good it hurt and I had to stop her.

She cleaned up my cock and her hands with some tissues and we talked for quite a while. It was a funny situation as neither of us had any pants on but the top of our bodies were clothed. My cock started to get hard again and she said we had better get dressed.

Then she told me to wait and she went to see if the girls were ready.

After about 10 minutes she came and got me and we went back to Jan and Penny. They were lying on the bed and looked quite a mess. Both were nude and their exposed pussies look red and puffy. I could see cum still dribbling out of both of them. I could see the remains of cum on their bodies, on their tits and in their hair.

The woman who I never did find out her name and I helped them up and they went into a bathroom. They tidied themselves up, got dressed and the woman gave them the gifts the Rockstar had promised. There were shirts, albums and autographed photos.

We then left to go back to my aunt’s place.

The girls lay around. They were sore and tired but were in no hurry to shower our clean up. They seemed to want to savour the moment.

They talked about what happened but not everything in front of me. I found out most of it later.

There had been 5 guys, of which 2 were band members, the drummer and a bass guitarist. The other 3 were roadies. The girls had been both fucked by all 5. Penny had been arse fucked again and my girlfriend Jan had been done as well. She had never let me even try it with her. That day was a first for Penny as well I found out later. The girls sucked the guys as well as one of the others fucked them. No wonder they were done in.

The girls did eventually shower and we got dressed and went to the concert. They were pretty quiet but enjoyed it. They pointed out the band members who had fucked them and we spotted 2 of the roadies when the sets were changed.

We went home and I was disappointed that my girlfriend Jan would not let me have sex with her as she was sore.

I had hoped that having my aunt’s house for the weekend would lead to lots of sex but it never eventuated. I even had dreamed of fucking Penny as well.

We went home the next day and after we dropped Penny home I did get to fuck Jan in my car before dropping her of at her place.

We caught up with Penny the next weekend and of course we talked about the weekend and the meeting with the Rockstar and the band. I told the girls how I enjoyed watching them with the Rockstar and how I would he liked to watch what happened after I left with the band guys and the roadies. This is when they told me more. I also said that seeing it had all happened to them why don’t we have a threesome.

My girlfriend Jan got upset and said that it wasn’t going to happen as doing it with the Rockstar was a once in a life time experience for her and she wasn’t going to turn into any kind of slut. Penny on the other hand said that she would as she said I was a great boyfriend to let Jan do it. Penny said her ex would never have allowed it. She tried to comfort Jan but it got nowhere.

Anyway Penny worked on her and we did have a threesome. In fact we got to do it 4 times.

These were always me lying on my back with one girl riding my cock and the other my face. Then they would change. It was the third time that I got to cum in Penny for the first time.

But my girlfriend Jan never let me near her arse.

Things didn’t go well for Jan and I and we broke up after about 2 months. A week later Penny and I went out. Besides being a beautiful girl she has a lovely personality. Jan was not happy.

Penny and I were soon a couple and yes she let me do her arse.

We married 2 years later and have been together ever since.

Jan has been married twice and has never found the perfect partner but she became friends with us again and has shared our bed many times. These days she lives quite close to us and Penny and I tease her about being a slut.

Incidentally some years ago we did recreate the Rockstar scene when I fucked Penny in the arse and then Jan sucked and cleaned my cock when I pulled out. It took a lot of coaxing and a few G & T’s to get her to do it. It only happened once.