Written by Steely Rodd

3 Oct 2018

This is a perfectly true story that occurred some 20 years ago, now.

Just to be on the safe side , I have altered the Secretary's name to Iris, at the time she was 46, married with two grown up children, her husband was 12 years older than her, i had known Iris for some 10 years, just as afriend to say hello to, as she lived about 1/4 mile from our house. Owing to my profession, I use to call into the local village school, two or three times a week to chat to the head and also chat to Iris in her office, and of course get a brew, lol.

Iris was no raving beauty, but in a quite way was very sexy, professional, and dressed in that manner, sensible clothes, useually a blouse / top or skirt that came to just above the knee, with sensible shoes and either tights or hold ups, ( evetually found out she would also wear nylons and suspenders ). Well, this day I called into the school to see the Head, but Iris said he was out all day, and invited me into her office. We sat chatting when suddenly she started to cry I leant over and put my arm round her shoulder and said, " Hey, what's the matter, come on now, it can't be that bad a" and gave her a squeeze. She looked up at me and said, " Can I tell you something ?" I said, " Course you can ". " It's Peter ( not his real name) he just ignores me, won't have anything to do with me , whwn we're in bed, he just turns his back on me and ignores me ". " Hells bells " I said, " You mean he doesn't " and before I could say fuck you, she said, " Yes, he's not had me for 12 months or it could be longer, I can't remember the last time ". " Wow " I said, " I didn't expect that, he's not actually shagged you for over 12 months,? can't believe it " Yes, he's gone off me, doesn't love me anymore " I was that surprised I had to put the mug of coffee down. " He must be mad, your a very attractive lady and I'm sure you can get any fella you wanted ". " What do you mean " Iris said, " I said, " I think it's about time you went out and found yourself some fresh " She looked at mewith a quizical expression on her face, " What do you mean, find some fresh " I said, " Put it simply, love, go out and find your self some fresh or different cock, and let Peter stew " She looked at me and said, " Oh, I see ". I sdaid, " I'm sorry love, would love to carry this conversation on a lot longer, but have to go " and kissing her on the cheek, got up and left.

For various reasons, I was unable to call back into the school to see Iris, until beginning of December. having known her for years I had got her a Christmas card and decided to drop it off. I knocked on her office door and she came and opnened it, " Hi, Jerry " she said, " Not seen you for a while " I explained why I had not dropped into the school, " Oh I see " she said, " I'd thought you'd gone off me as well as Peter ? " and laughed, " Your joking aren't you " I said, , " I've just called in to give you this " and handed her the Christmas card, " Aww thanks " she replied and coming closer, put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek . As she pulled away, I grabbed her, and pulling her back towards me, kissed her fully on the lips. We held the kiss for a goos few seconds, and breaking away, Iris said, " Wow, that was nice " and started to blush, I said, " It certainly was , very nice indeed ". Just then the phone rang, so I left the office. Later that afternoon, I was walking outside the school, when I saw Iris come out and walk round the corner, following her, I saw her go to her a car, a white Audi A4, catching up with her, as she opened the door and slid into the drivers seat I said, " Hope you dfidn't object to me kissing you, this morning, " No not at all, in fact I enjoyed it", " So did I " I replied. Stepping back a bit, I said, " Ermm, nice motor " and leaning against the roof I looked in and saw that her skirt was afew inches above her knees, " You like it then " she asked , " Oh yes, very nice indeed, nearly as nice as the view inside " and laughed, she looked back up at me and with a sly smile, pulled her skirt further up her thighs to reveal the top of a pair of black hold ups," You like this view better " she said. I was stunned looking down at her skirt, showing off her legs and hold ups, " Shut your mouth, your catching flies " she laughingly said, and with that started the car and drove off. I stood there not quite grasping what had happened, my mind was in a bit of a whirl, but my cock was hard and stiff. I had just seen this very prim and proper school secretary, deliberately pull her skirt up and flash the top of her hold ups at me. Then normality kicked in and I thought, I'm going to fuck that one of these days.. Unbeknown to me at the time it only took 10 days.

!0 days after Iris had flashed her hold ups at me, I had been down to the baths swimming my usual lengths, and on the way home drove past her house, parked out side was her white Audi, knowing that her husband was at work, and there were no children at home, I parked round the corner and slowly walked back to her house, quitely knocking on the back door,she opened it and said, " What you doing here ? " I said, " I saw your car and thought I'd call in ". She invited me into the kitchen and said, " I'm just putting a bit of shopping away " I said, " Good " she stood there in a woolen jumper and tweed skirt and flat shoes, " I said to her, " Come here " and slipped my arms round her waist,. Without a seconds hesitation she came into my arms and started to kiss me, gently at first, but then suddenly she placed her arms around my kneck and opening her mouth slipped her tongue down my throat, I responded and very quickly we were having a very passionate kissing session. Seeing that I had been to the baths I was only wearing a pair of light weight cotton trousers, with nothing on underneath and a t shirt. As our tongues entwined in each others mouth, I thought to myself, your mine now lady, I'm going to fuck you, and sliding my hands down to her bottom, I started to feel and squeeze the cheeks of her arse, and pull her towards my straining cock. The result was electric, she started to grind her pussy against my cock. Quickly sliding my hands don to the hem of her skirt, I started to slowly pull it up, until I had rucked up against her waist, revealing her tights clad backside, gently tracing the out line of her panties, I slowly worked my way round to her front. By this time Iris, had her head lying on my shoulder, and was breathing heavily, I slipped my hand between her legs and she spread then giving me easy access to her pussy, quickly running my fingers up and down her pantie clad pussy, I started to work her. " Yes, yes, oh god thats good " she gasped in my ear, " You like that " I said, " Oh yes, Jerry, don't stop " and saying so, realy spread her legs. I worked my way up herfront until I got to the top of her tights, sliding my hand don over her tummy I had just reached the top of her panties, when she grabbed my wrist and gasped, " Quick, bedroom, now " and pulling away lead me into the hall and into the family bedroom.

Lying on her back, with her legs hanging over the side of the bed, she quickly took off her tights and black panties, thrwing them on the bedside chair, she spread her legs wide open, showing me the biggest, hairy pussy I had ever seen, it was like a forest. I quickly dropped my trousers and stepping out of them, moved to between her legs. She leant down and grabbing my rock hard cockgasped " God Jerry you so big " and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I wish I could say that we made love, but in reality it was an animalistic fuck, on both parts. Iris was so wet that I slid up her easily, and ramed my cock up her like there was no tomorrow. Within a 30 seconds or so I felt the build up of my sperm travel up from my balls and said, " I'm cummimg, inside or out, where do you want it " " Inside me please, fill me, Jerry " and with that I exploded right up her.

We lay entined in each other until with a plop my cock slipped out of her pussy, " I'm sorry about that " I said, " Too quick ", she looked at me and smiled and siad, " Don't worry about, it was nice to fel a cock up me and be filled, and you certainly did that " and laughed, " Next time it will be better, we won't rush it " I looked at her and said, " You want it another time ? " " Oh yes" she said, " As often as you want to fuck me " My mouth fell open and I said, " You've just said fuck me " " Yes so, fuck me, shag me as often as you want me "

That was the start of a 6 year affair with Iris, until she moved to another school in another town. Ifb anybody is interested I can tell you about the other times we ended up fucking in my caravan.