Written by nawtybicouple

16 Sep 2012

I'm a happily married thirsty something size 12 with a nice pair of 38c sized blobs, hubby and I have a great sex life and have shared fantasies and carried a few out (fucking outside etc) last week we went to a local pub that has music I love to dress for f fun and chose my favourite shiny black leggings (see my profile pics) and a tight fitting t shirt with scooped neck I never wear panties by the way.. Hubby got us a drink when a woman approached him and said hi, she was about five foot five dark haired and had a fantastic set of tits and a rounded little bum in her jeans she was Andrea and used to be a cleaner here hubby works we all started talking and getting on very well. It turned out Andreas other half was the sh all the time she was talking to me I noticed how touchy feely she was which I dint abject to at all l she went to the bar to get a drink when Pete ( my hubby) leant over and whispered "she seems to like you" I looked at him and said I liked her too I nipped off to the loo and noticed my pussy was rather wet so what's a girl to do but gave it a little rub, I pulled my leggings tighter against my pussy, checked my hair and make up and went back to our table Pete was whispering to Andrea as I sat down, Andrea then turned to me and we resumed our small talk again she was touching my arm then her hand fell onto my leg and she rubbed her hand towards my thigh " these are nice" she said continuing to rub my thigh my pussy was tingling and I could feel my nipples hardening " Pete is very lucky to have you" she said I made some.commercial about how we compliment each other when out of the blue she said " I like girls too do you?" "yes" I heard myself answer with that she leant towards me and kissed me her tongue darting in and out of my mouth she then took me by the hand and led me towards the rear of the.pub and pulled me into a small room where the staff kept their stuff, she was all over me kissing me and rubbing my aching pussy, I put my hand under her top and squeezed her tits she slid a hand down my leggings to find my bald wet cunt she eased two fingers into me and brought me off in an instant I undid her jeans and slipped my hand inside rubbing her through her thong " lick me " she grasped I dropped to my knees and pulled the gusset to one.side, she too was smoothand my tongue flicked over her clot as I slipped a couple of fingers in her now very wet pussy "eat me you slut" she said turning me on further she groaned and clamped her legs together as she came we quickly fixed ourselves up and returned to Pete who looked at me.and grinned Andreas other half still playing music blissfully unaware that I had just brought his other half off. Can we meet tomorrow Andrea asked? He's playing pool and I'd like to get to know you more " sure" I said Pete will be home though I can ask him to go out if you want "I don't mind" she said and rubbed the top of my thigh again we exchanged numbers and she went off to see how her other half was..... I'll tell you about tomorrow's meeting if you're interested