Written by Andy

17 Aug 2010

Until the beginning of this year everything was going well for me. A decent degree, good job, a sexy girlfriend, nice car, small flat. Then, as Jeremy Clarkson might say "the bombshell". I was called in to my managers office, the company was down sizing, I was out. Like most in that situation I expected to find another job fairly easily, I'm not exactly over the hill at 25. Six months later, not only had the job gone but so had the gf, the car, the flat was being repossessed and I was back home with my parents.

They live in a lane, which goes nowhere except some woods, just outside a largish village. They both go out to work so I spend most of my time just surfing, usually ending up watching porn or reading the stories on SH before having a good wank thinking about the stories. My room overlooks the lane and most days I noticed a woman walking passed, particularly if the weather was fine, often the only person I'd see all day. She passed on Sunday afternoon so I asked my Mum who she was being told she was called Jayne and married to a solicitor who was quite a bit older.

I was in the garden a few days later when she passed. I would guess she was about 40, slim, tanned wearing a loose top and a mid thigh length skirt showing a pair of shapely legs. She saw me looking at her, stopping briefly to chat before she carried on, turning briefly, catching me admiring her arse, before I lost sight of her. I was curious what she was doing and followed, just in time to see her enter the woods. Following I glimpsed her through the tree then lost sight of her as the wood thickened. I carefully moved forward trying to be quiet until I saw her again in a grassy clearing, about 30 yds wide. She had her back to me, pulling her top over her head as I settled behind some bushes to watch. I couldn't believe my luck when she unclipped her bra, turned stretching, like a cat, her small firm tits with hard, pink upturned nipples, rising. I had to move to get comfortable my dick getting hard as she lay on the grass. Taking in the rays, but also teasing her nipples and raising a knee letting the skirt ride up giving me a good look at the panties stretched tight over her pussy which she rubbed with her fingers, before pulling the gusset to one side fingering her hole until she came,although I didn't have a clear view. All to soon she got up, dressed and walked close by where I was laid. I gave her a minute or so then headed home for a wank. She was about 100yds in front of me when I got to the house, turning and giving me a wave as I opened the gate.

I looked out for her and didn't see her again for 2 or 3 days when she passed the house, wearing jeans cut off high on her leg and tight t-shirt, even from the house I could see her nipples sticking out. She carried a small back pack over one shoulder. I locked the house, following a couple of minutes later hoping she was going to the same spot as I couldn't see her. She was. I crept behind the bushes, to late to watch her take off her top, she was already touching her tits, running her fingers over her flat stomach to undo the shorts. Hooking her fingers in the sides she pushed them down, taking her panties with them, kicking them away. She was naked, about 20 yds from me, standing legs slightly parted, her pussy hair neatly trimmed and shaved except for a dark triangle above her cunt. Almost dreamily she ran her fingers through her pussy hair, then lifted her fingers to her mouth wetting them before parting her legs wider, reaching down to play with her clit. My cock felt like it would explode. She stood just slowly wanking for several minutes before reaching down and opening her bag. She got on all fours, I was looking straight at her cunt as she used the fingers of one hand to hold her now soaking cunt open taking hold of a large vibrator from the bag and pushing in her hole. She crouched above it holding it steady as she bounced up and down on it taking 9 or 10 inches, most of its length, in her cunt. I could hear as she talked to her self as if she was encouraging a bloke to fuck her "Give it me hard, fuck me" she kept saying ramming it in and out of her pussy until with a shout she came. She lay recovering before quickly dressing and leaving.

My prick was rock hard, I hadn't dared wank in case she heard me. But when she'd gone I made up for it shooting spunk in a thick stream on the grass. I suppose she had left about 10 minutes before me so I was surprised to see her about 75 yards in front of me when I reached the lane. She saw me and knew where I lived and stopped until I caught up with her, chatting until my gate. She had a glance about and brushed a hand against my now soft cock. She said "You enjoyed the show then. You've had a wank already". Then continued "Same time tomorrow and don't hide in the bushes, I want your cock inside me and a long hard fuck, because I won't get it at home". A peck on the cheek and she was gone. Since then I've discovered she's a dirtier slut than I thought which will have to wait.