Written by Sarah

24 Apr 2014

I have been reading SH for the last 2 years my new partner Paul introduced me to the site but although having a great sex life with Paul, he has introduced me to a whole new no boundary sex life since we got together. After reading the stories I wanted something a bit out of the ordinary to write about.

I commute to work by train and there is a great cafe near the station which serves great coffee and often especially if Paul is away I sit having a coffee and sometimes something to eat and miss the mad dash for home at 5o`clock. The cafe was busy I got the last table by the door I sat drinking coffee and going over in my mind what Paul and I had discussed the previous night namely my fantasy of having sex with a complete stranger and of course the thought of it was making me horny (this dicussion will be for another time). I heard a voice ask did i mind if he shared my table, I smiled of course he left his coat and went to order a coffee. We talked, very British, about the weather, late trains etc he was pleasant and not bad looking but my pussy was itching, I wonder? I stood up bending down to pick up my handbag which had slid under his chair my face almost resting on his crotch. When i looked up his face was scarlet, yes his mind was on the same level as mine. He also stood up our bodies almost touching looking into each others eyes, I suppose we should go for our trains and we walked to the station our conversation at an end.

We got to the platform as a train pulled out never mind one along in 20 minutes I am in no hurry I said. I walked to the end of the platform where it was dark and lent against the wall. He stood beside me very close so I made my move I pulled him in close and kissed him a long wet sensual kiss my mouth open tongue darting into his mouth. I wound my arms around his neck pulling him close, he undid the buttons on my jacket and squeezed my tits, I let my hand travel down till I found his zip pulling it down my hand delving in to touch his hard cock, I squeezed lightly. He gave a little gasp we will be seen, no we are to far away from the main part of the platform and we are in darkness. I started to wank him through his pants, he squeezed my tits a little harder and started to rub himself against me. By this time I was panting for that cock to be in my pussy, I pulled up my skirt leting his hand slide up my hold ups till he got to my pussy, he pulled my pantys aside and slide a glorious finger in my wet hole and started to frig me I very quickly had my first orgasm. I loosened his trousers a little pulling his pants down so I had full access to his hot cock and balls, I wanked a little his breathing was heavy and then I guided him into my wet hole. I whispered slowely and with just short thrusts his mouth hot and wet on mine his spunk was soon shooting into me. We were both gasping for breath it was so intense, he started to slide out of me I slid down slightly and brought my mouth to his sticky cock and started to clean him up. His hand came to the back of my head pushing me further onto his cock he was starting to harden again as I stood up and pulled my clothes together. He grabbed my arms don`t stop now finish me off, I pulled his cock pushing it back into his trousers pulling up his zip. Our train is coming if we meet again we can take it further. The train arrived and we sat in silence it was quiet on the train few passengers so I laid my jacket over his knee and slid my hand underneath and started to rubb his cock i heard him gasp and felt the front of his trousers become damp as he came in his pants. On that journey he did not know my name or me his but I know we will meet in that cafe again and then I can suggest he meets my boy-friend Paul for a lot more????