Written by SusieQ

6 Apr 2010

Back in January I wrote how I met up with my friends brother in law John, at her New Years party in Edinburgh, who I had previously had a fling with many years ago. We a great sexual experience with hubby joining in.

After a lot of texts and cancelled plans, as you know the weather was terrible at the beginning of the year, John eventually managed a business trip to London and was going to spend the night with us before going on to his meeting. Before he came hubby and I talked over how we would like the evening to go so we and John could get the ultimate pleasure of course these discussions always led to hubby fucking the arse of me he knows what an anal slut I am.

John arrived I met him at the door giving a full passionate kiss, hubby joined us his arms going round both of us squeezing us close John smiled going with the flow. I had prepared a light supper a few bottles of wine and like that old Tom Jones film I fed John tasty morsels of food. Hubby kept Johns wine glass full sliding his hand up and down Johns thigh lightly brushing the front of his trousers where his hard on strained against his trousers. We stood up slipping our clothes of leaving John still clothed hubby embraced me turning me towards John and ran his hands slowly down my body, we both then started to take Johns clothes of till he to was naked. We each took a hand and led him into our dimly lit bedroom. I pushed John onto the bed and hubby tied his legs and arms with silk scarves to the bed, I lay on top of him my body writhing up and down his body he strained his hips to try get his cock in between my legs but I slid of. Hubby joined us on the bed and soon John had two pair of hands rubbing, pinching his nipples and squeezing and wanking his cock and balls. Then hubby straddled him and started to wank himself within inches of his mouth. I could tell John was a little disturbed at having a mans cock so near his mouth but I was still working on his cock and when my mouth sank down on it and I started to suck he groaned and relaxed. Hubby slid a little further down I wet my finger and pushed my finger in his arse wiggling it about while still sucking Johns cock and then I positioned it at the entrance of hubbys arse and he lowered himself to take Johns cock up him. John protested a look of horror on his face at his cock going up a mans arse but being tied and hubbys weight there was nothing he could do. Hubby slowly rode his cock giving John time to calm down and enjoy the experience, I started to lick hubbys cock. I looked up at John the spectacle of me sucking cock and having his cock up a mans arse a new experience that at first seemed wrong were overtaken by the groans of pleasure and the shout of I`m cuming as he shot his load up hubby. Hubby stood up the spunk dribbing out of his arse onto John I bent down licking the spunk of and taking Johns flacid cock in my mouth and soon had him hard again. Hubby undid the scarves and John pushed me on my back stuck his cock up me and started to ride me every thrust harder than the last my body shook with the power of orgasms coursing through my body and with another hard thrust John filled my pussy with hot spunk. Hubby watching and wanking soon came his hot spunk spraying both our bodies. The only sound in the room was three sets of heavy breathing. John recovered first saying well never thought I would get that much pleasure fucking a mans arse.

Hubby brought us drinks and we lay on the bed talking over what had happened John no longer embarressed to touch a mans body in fact hubbys cock was starting to harden with the attention it was geting. I went to the bathroom staying a little longer and when I got back they were both kissing and wanking each others cocks. When they saw me they laughed pulling me onto the bed between them. Bliss one cock at my arse (Johns) and one at my pussy I was soon filled in both holes being rocked back and forth blisssssssssssssss.

John went to his meeting next day promising to be back he was that night and fucked both hubby and I seems his bi side is well out of the closet.