Written by Barry and Julie

15 Feb 2018

Hello all I’m Barry and I’m 56 and married to Julie who’s 28 and we fuck someone new nearly every week. Julie is clearly a lot younger then me, she has nice big soft tits and a great body. We met when she was 18 and from the start I could tell she was so into sex I was worried that I would struggle to keep up. To begin with we would fuck every single day, we could be on our way out in the car and I would have to pull over in some secluded spot and fuck her over the bonnet or if it wasn’t possible for some reason I would be finger fucking her whilst she sucked me off. But as time got on we decided to take it to a whole other level.

It was Julies ide to go to a hotel that was used by business men because whenever she has stayed at a place like that with work she has had some guy try and fuck her. So we try it out but there was one thing she insisted on, we would let a guy shag her but I had to shag her at the same time, it was her ‘thing’. The first time was a bit weird but after that it was fucking amazing.

We stay in the same hotel once or twice a month and we will arrive on the Friday at about 5pm and have food at around 7:30 and every single time without fail some guy would be screwing her by 9 at the latest.

Its so fucking hot. A few guys will always start chatting to her even if I’m there, then Julie would just come out with it if the liked them and ask them if they wanted to fuck. We go to the room and I undress her, even after all these years together I still get hard just looking at her, her long blond hair down to her tight ass, her big soft tits just fall out of her bra and hand there with her huge dark red nipples. The other guy is usually a bit hesitant probable not believing his luck. I take control and make sure he’s bollock naked pretty quickly. I love to force her knees and get his to push his cock into her mouth and give her mouth a good fucking. But the best bit is when I tell him to lay on his back.

Julie loved to straddle him and push her big soft tits into his face. I order him to suck her so he knows Im in charge. I get a real had on listening to her squeal and moan as the guy sucks her tits and then she rubs them down his chest and gives his cock another suck before lowering herself onto his solid starts and starts to ride him.

Every single time the guy will be grabbing her tits and squeezing them hard and trying to suck them again but and she leans over him to let him. But the bit we both love is when I slide my cock into her pussy next to his. Some guys look shocked, others don’t flinch but Julie loses it and is rocking her ass and grunting as two cocks fuck her pussy. I love the feeling of her wet tight pussy and another guys wet cock rubbing against mine inside my wife’s cunt.

I love watching her tits bounce and sway as we shaft her fucking hard. Then I order her onto her side and tell him to fuck her again, him in front and me on my side behind and both are cocks back inside her, the two of us grabbing and squeezing her tits.

Its usually a short 20 min or so fuck, the other guys usually doing this for the first time and he will shoot his spunk into her pussy so I follow suit and the two of us full her up. Sometimes Julie and I will keep fucking and let him back in when he’s ready. But last weekend was different and a first for us. We usually get young guys trying it on but last weekend we had an older couple try it. Both around the early 50’s, a good-looking husband and wife. Julie asked them is they were trying to get her into bed, they looked at me and I said that I hoped that they were.

Neither of us said much, we just went to our room and got undressed. He lay on his back on the bed, Julie on her back on his chest, his cock in her pussy, his wife on her back laying on Julie and my cock in his wife. As he shafted Julie from behind I sucked my wife’s tits and shagged his wife and fuck was it good. We all got hot and dirty, Cum filling the women but I needed more and as soon as I shot my load into his wife I pulled out and fucked her mouth and shot even more on her tongue.

I don’t know it the other woman was into girl on girl sex but I didn’t give a fuck, I turned her over and pressed her down onto Julie, two pairs of big tits pressing against each other, Julie grinding her pussy against this womans. I wanked the last but of spunk onto her back, her husband and I got off and sat there whilst Julie continued to fuck his wife. I think she enjoyed it with the screeching and the way she was biting and sucking my wife.

So, off again this weekend for another fuck fest. If any couples are reading this I’ll send you a pic and if liked maybe we could meet.