Written by Slider1

19 Sep 2009

My wife shamiya is 29 and Bangladeshi asian, i\'m English and 35 years old, we\'ve been together for 10 years and been married for 8 years. She\'s quite shy and not confident about her figure as after our son was born she put on a bit of weight, but i still think she looks fantastic, she has the most innocent looking face as if butter wouldn\'t melt in her mouth, a gorgous smile, lovely pert breast and a nice trimmed pussy.

Shamiya was a virgin when we first got together, she\'d never even kissed another man sexually, and had quite a strict muslim upbringing. Once her family accepted the idea of us being together, we got married and moved into our own property, and we could finally sleep in the same bed and explore each others bodies. With her not having much sexual experience and me not being the type of person to say suck my cock or do this, that or anything else, i decided to introduce a few porn movies which we could watch together hoping she\'d pick up some tips, and my god she did, i\'ve had a few sexual partners before i\'d met Shamiya but none of them gave the most mouth watering blow job as my wife.

One night before one of our love making sessions we were talking about sexual fantasies, her\'s were pretty tame to be honest, but i thought what the heck i\'ll tell her mine i was a bit worried about what her reaction would be but well she brought the subject up. So i mentioned to her i\'d love to have a threesome, and see her take on another man while i either watch or take part. Her reaction was one of surprise she wasn\'t angry just thought it was strange as she\'d never even really understood what swinging was etc. Unfortunatly she said it will remain just a fantasy but it was fine to talk about it during love making and she quite happily went along with the fantasy in our heads whilst we were having sex. I however always hoped one day my dream of seeing her taking on two cocks would one day come true, this went on for years, i thought of maybe slowly introducing a friend and hoping something would happen but she blatently said no way as my friends tend to be ones who cant keep their mouths shut, and there was no way she was going to have sex with a stranger i\'d met on the internet, she doesn\'t drink so meeting someone in a pub was also a non starter. I\'d pretty much given up hope of the idea, and just thought we\'ll keep it as a fantasy and i was ok with that.

Until a few weeks ago i decided to get facebook, after much persuation from my work mates, a few days later i recieved a message from my friend Steve whom i haven\'t seen in over 15 years, as he emigrated with his family to Australia and we\'d lost contact, he told me he was married with two kids, and that he was coming over to England on his own for a couple of months to see some family and it\'d be great if we could catch up. Obviously i agreed we exchanged phone numbers and he gave me the address he was going to be staying at.

Once he arrived in the UK we spent alot of time together catching up, he\'d come round some evening and my wife would make us tea, and we\'d spend the evening laughing and giggling like we were kids again, i also got the idea that my Shamiya was attracted to him and i was pretty certain he was attracted to her, i talked to her in bed about if she liked him or not, but the response was one of, \"yeah he\'s ok\", from that i didn\'t really know how to push it and just decided it wan\'t going to happen, as Steve was coming to the end of his vacation, and was going back to Oz in a couple of days.

However before returning to Australia, Steve phoned up and asked if it would be ok for us to go down to the pub and spend abit of time before he flies home, of course i asked the Mrs and she said fine although she wouldn\'t come just said i\'ll see you both when you come home. So off we went to the pub and it wasn\'t long before i started to feel the effects of the alcohol, having not really drunk any for a good while. The subject soon turned to sex, as Steve was posing question on how i managed to pull an asian girl and how are they in bed etc, as he was under the impression they might not be to adventurous, i soon started telling him of how i introduced porn and that she\'s a quick learner, and how she gives the most incredible blow job i\'ve ever had. Once last orders were called we stumbled out of the pub and made our way home still on the subjest of sex and my wife in particular, it\'s then i really started to thik this could be the night, however i wasn\'t going to mention anything to Steve of my plans as i wasn\'t overly confident anything would happen and i didn\'t want to be involved in any bad situation, i just decided lets see where the night takes us.

Once we arrived home the house was in darkness as Shamiya often ends up falling a sleep after she puts our son to bed. Once in the living room i made me and Ste a brew and we sat down opposite each other on different couches, when Steve says, \"you still got any of those porn movies mate\" which i replied, \"100\'s,\" i said, \"i got a good one with asian girls in if you fancy it\" he then told me to \"bang it on\". The opening scene is fantastic in the movie with a beautiful indian girl taking on two well hung white guys, and i was kind of hoping at this point he might start to get the message. About 10 minutes into the film we must have woke Shamiya up with all out talking and laughing, and she appeared in the doorway dressed only in her nightie she never wears a bra or panties to bed so i was pretty sure she didn\'t have any on, and was hoping at some point Steve might get a flash , her reaction when she saw the film was one of \"perverts\" as she put it, and then asked if we\'d like another brew each, and went off into the kitchen.

Once she returned she sat down next to me pullling down her nightie so not to reveal anyting to Steve opposite it was as this point i thought nothing is going to happen, although i was relieved she was sitting there while the porn film was still playing. Shamiya didn\'t really seem to be paying much attention to the film and just asking us both on how our night out went and asking if i was pissed which in truth i was pretty much zonked. It\'s then that Steve the said,\" wow this porn is pretty damn hot i think my cocks gonna burst out my pants\" which both me and Shamiya laughed at and which i agreed that i aslo had a raging hard on, at this point a noticed Shamiya taking a look at both our buldges in our jeans, although she tried to make it look like she wasn\'t looking. I spent the next 5 minutes thinking how i could turn this situation into a threesome without scaring the life out of Shamiya and having her run off upstairs whiich would be pretty embarrasing.

I decided to just put my arm round her under her nightie with my hand just cupping left her breast, Shamiya was fine with this as there was a cushion in the way so Steve couldn\'t see where abouts my hand was, i then just came out with it and said, \"Sham i think my cock needs some attention, would you be so kind\" in which she replied, \"you\'ll have to wait till we\'re in bed\", to which my reply was come on be a sport\" Shamiya turned this point and said sarcastically \" yeah right with Steve here\" I then said jokingly, \"awww dont be cruel he hasn\'t had any for a couple of months and i\'ve already told him what a fantastic blow job you give\" in which Steve looked at Shamiya and nodded. I could see at this point Shamiya was getting abit embarrassed, but things were looking up afterall she hadn\'t left the room and the porn was still playing.

So i decided i\'d push things a little further and i said to Steve, \"look mate my cock is bursting right now i\'m gonna have to get it out, but i aint doing it if you aint\" Steve took this and said, \"yeah alright\". We both started to unbutton out flies whe Shamiya said, \" thats it i\'m off to bed\", i thought i\'d blown it but i just put my hand on her leg reasuringly and said, \"come on babe dont go\". Shamiya to my amazement decided to stay and me and Steve took out our rock hard cocks. I could see Shamiya was embarrased as she just wouldn\'t look at either of our cocks and just focussed on the TV screen with the porno playing, she then just said, \"i cant believe i\'m sat here in the middle of this\". After a couple of minutes of i think everyone in the room feeling embarrassed with me and Steve stroking our cocks, i took Shamiya\'s hand, and at this point i could see she seeemed a little reluctant as i placed it on my cock, she made a hald arsed attempt to stroke it but i could see she was highly embarrassed, and i started to think the whole thing had been a bad idea.

Suddenly Shamiya said,\"if this gets out to anyone, or if any of my family or friends find out about this i\'ll cut your cock off\", and immediatly bent down and started to suck my rock hard cock. I then beckoned Steve to come and sit on the same sofa as us, with Shamiya in the middle. I then pulled my cock out of her mouth, and put my hands either side of her face and turned her towards Steve, she got the idea and bent down to suck Steve\'s cock. Whilst i lifted up her nightie while she was on all fours and i started to eat and finger her pussy. She removed her mouth momentarily from Steve\'s cock to tell me to fuck her, in which i proceeded to do, and then she carried on giving her mouth watering blow job to Steve. It wasn\'t long before i couldn\'t hold out and i emptied my seed into her, i signalled to Steve to switch positions and he was ever willing and he started to fuck her from behind , whilst my beautiful Shamiya cleaned my cock with her mouth once more. Shamiya started to loose control as Steve started to ram his cock into her as hard as he could and it wasn\'t long before Shamiya reached her first orgasm. I was amazed at Steve\'s staying power and he lasted what seemed a good 20 minutes before he himself empties his seed into her, he them offered up his cock to her mouth to finish off with a lovely blow job.

We all then went upstairs to our bedroom and fell asleep with Shamiya in the middle, all of us naked, at this point i was a little worried hoping in the morning she wouldn\'t regret the night before, i needn\'t have worried though. As i woke up at around 6:30am due to hearing groans of pleasure, i looked across to find Steve lying on top of the bedsheets, with Shamiya cupping his balls with one hand and the other on the shaft of his rock hard cock giving him another wonderful blow job, Shamiya noticed i\'d woke up and with a cheeky innocent smile she removed his cock from her mouth, and started to rub the soaking head of his cock on her wet lips, and said, \"sorry honey did i wake you\". I told her it was ok and i pretended to go back to sleep whilst i listended to her fuck him cowgirl style, she orgasmed once more before he finally emptied his seed into her, we all went to sleep and when i finally woke up, Steve had gone and he left a message with Shamiya saying thanks for a wonderful night and he\'ll call me soon.

We spoke once on the phone before he flew back to Oz, both me and Shamiya are happy we finally fulfilled my fantasy, as we both dont know if we\'ll ever get the opportunity to do it again, although i\'m hoping Steve will be back soon in the UK to visit his relatives once more.

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