Written by husband in shock

9 Jul 2013

This really surprised me, we been married a number of years now had a family which have now grown up and moved on, my wife found a job and got back in the work place she was lucky after a few years away

I have always trusted my wife its never crossed my mind she ever be unfaithful or she was unhappy with our marriage there was never a hint a sigh she would

As I found out jobs are no longer for life after a long time I found myself on the job market I now work for an agency so I can and do work at different places for sort terms

This is how I became suspicious having more time at home as well as working away I didn't have a regular work routine unlike before, I still had no indication from Allison herself

It was when I got a few days gap between employment I was supposed to go away for two weeks and at the last minute it was postponed,I did try to contact my wife to let her know but she must of not got the message, that afternoon I went to the agency office to sort out new arrangements which took a lot longer than expected so with drive home which takes an hour I got back after seven, the wife's car was there but the house was empty her phone on work top with flat battery so no way of getting hold of her at first I thought maybe she had jest popped out still quite innocently I got my bag out the back of my car and took it up stairs, it was then I got a surprise on the bed was lingerie it looked very much like she had been choosing which set to wear but why

Still very puzzled I found her work close half in the wash basket it looked as if she was in a rush a towel in heap, still puzzled I went back to the kitchen and plugged her phone in when it got some charge my message came up but there was three more from a bloke called Brian and one of his messages asked about me had I left the next was about meeting up in a pub a few miles away, I then looked at the house phone it tells you numbers coming in and going out the same number had been called twice and on the incoming there was a message on there as well from the same number it was a man that said call me

This left me not knowing what to do or to think, it took a bit of thinking about as I didn't want to tell myself the obvious , she was fucking about behind my back

After thinking about it I knew I had to find out what was going on, so I got my bad from upstairs then took my message off her phone I did slip up I left it on charge but she never spot that I hopped

My next step was to drive to the pub it a food pub any way I found her at a table with a guy they sat in bloody window I didn't have to go in, I was now getting angry but I thought no lets see what happens so I waited in the car I guess an hour later they came out hand in hand like they didn't give a dam, where the wife's car was parked was some way from me so I thought I be safe but half way towards me they stopped and kissed, she went to her car and the bloke came right up to mine fuck me did he know it was me but his car was parked next to mine,with the light on I got a good look at him, I thought I recognized him from her firms do maybe a couple of years ago, I guess he be about thirty so ten years younger than Allison he may of been Asian well dark skinned no more that a permanent tan, now I wondered if this was a business thing and they where over friendly

Allison pulled out first then him with me behind at the main road Allison got away but we got stuck she had gone, he got out but I waited for car on the drive he took all the turnings towards mine by the time he got to our road I was about five hundred yards behind I expected him to go by but his wicker came on, as I turned I cough sight the his lights going up my driveway I stopped on the other side of the road I could see the house lights on he had parked and was getting out and going to my front door he only pushed it she left undone for him, what got me was the casual way he walked over as if he lived there, I was quite stunned by what I was seeing

The house detached with a large garden quite privet, I got out and went to the driveway the lounge lights came on then my wife was at the windows drawing the curtains I could see as plain as day the room has two windows to the front and a small one at the side that was the only one with a chink of light coming out getting close I could jest about see in but not to much of the room, he was sitting on the sofa I could see his legs as luck would have it Allison sat next to him I could see most of her, at first they must of been chatting, then they where snogging

As I watched this going on his hand moved up her leg pushing the skirt up what shocked me don't know why, was see her part her legs for him it was obvious he was playing with her pussy, then things seem to stop she pulled up the skirt and wriggled out of her knickers then sat down, they must of been snogging again then his hand was back her skirt was all rucked up almost to her waist she had one leg laying open to the left I could see his hand moving I guess he got a couple of fingers in her the other leg was pressed into his leg as I watched she lifted that over his legs it looked like to give him full access her cunt was in full view now as he finger fucked her the basted must of found her G-spot I could see her tens and it was like her body jerked he bought her off, he keep his fingers in her but they must of been snogging again, then a blouse landed on the floor then a bra

His had was moving slowly now it then left her he was moving about she was sitting more in view topless her nipples looked stiff like they get when she is aroused I guess he was taken his shirt off his shoes got kicked off then he lent forward pulling his trousers off it looked like his pants as well so he was naked apart from socks

When he sat back he was not in full view the next thing shocked me I watched Allison go on her knees and lean over him she had be given him a blow job some thing she says she don't like doing, well with me, she din't need any prompting this time she had to sucking his dick the way she moved her tits swung and her top half was going up and down it went on for a time till he lifted up a bit his legs tensed then he relaxed she then came into view whipping her mouth the bitch had sucked him off and he cum in her mouth it seemed she mus swallowed it as they didn't try to clean any thing up she then went his way I guess kissing she then sat up he got up held out a hand to her to help her up it was then I saw his cock the dam thing was as big as mine when I am hard but his was semi limp and it looked wet it was darker than rest of him they walked towards the door as he moved his dick swayed he must be well hung they must of gone upstairs to my bedroom the light came on I tried the back and front doors but both had bead locks on I waited a couple hours in my car but he never came out in the end I drove off before any neighbors where about and got a hotel room

At eight I phoned the house she picked it up it be the bedside one as I said hello I heard a shush he must of still been in bed with her some how I managed to say how are you

I tried to call you yesterday on your mobile I could hear movement I asked what she was doing she said getting ready for work then I heard the shower come on and she was still on the phone she then stared to say she be late and had to go saying she call me later

I left it a couple of hours before going home I drove by first and it looked like no one was there I went in the front room curtains where still closed and her panties and bra and blouse still lay on the floor upstairs in our bedroom the bed was unmade you could see two people had been in it the way the pillows where there where tissues on the floor the ones I touched still damp there was a large stained patch on the bottom sheet

That set me thinking after our last child I had a vasectomy that stain couldn't of all come from her there was seaman mixed in it also no evident of condoms being used the condom its self or rappers if you picked them up you would pick the tissues up as well

So not only was she getting fucked but she was getting it bareback he must be shooting his lead inside her as far as I knew we wasn't using or on and contraceptive she had no need to berth control after a good look round hidden with some makeup I found a box of pills and the last one was used yesterday looking at the days on the strip I started to wonder how long she been fucking about behind my back also I started to think about us she not been as keen on sex as she used to be well not with me she was getting with him that's why but after thing about she gone off it months ago I was thinking it was her age

So what to do now ?