Written by Ray'salaugh

28 Jan 2017

Firstly, thank you all for your comments about Karen and the Chertsey Girls. I often wonder what happened to them all. I submitted chapter 2 in that series as normal, but it never appeared. Sorry about that, but blame the admin on here, not me.

Now on to the next story.

As I have explained, when it comes to a bit of extra nookie I prefer to go out and pay for it. I have had my fair share of girl friends but these relationships generally don't end well. The same with one night encounters, but with working girls you know what you are going to get. You can daydream and decide what you want that day, a tall blond in a school girl dress, or maybe an oriental girl, or how about a black girl in a French Maid outfit or even a milf with big tits. Whatever you want, its out there and once you leave her you can be sure she wont be texting you for the next week when you are at home, or out with friends.

That day I was working in Hatfield, but had organised a couple of hours of free time. I made a phone call to an Escort Agency I used quite a bit. The guy who ran it, Alan, answered. "Hi Al" I said cheerfully. "Its Ray. Who do you have available this afternoon who could accept me for a visit for an hour.?" "Hi Ray" he said " As it happens, I signed up a new girl today. She lives in St Albans close by the Cathedral and hasn't had a job yet. She says she is brand new, never done this work before and says she is 18." "OK Al, give me the address and I will drive over there and give her a go" said I. This was done and off I went.

Now the thing to bear in mind about your average whore is that most of them will lie a little bit to make them selves more attractive to potential punters. By the time you turn up at their place, you are normally so horny you would shag the crack of doom, so you stay and do her anyway. It takes a hard hearted bastard like me to look at what opens the door, decide if is what you were told to expect and if not, walk away. I have done that a few times, but didn't have to this time.

I parked up near the address and walked the last couple of yards to the address. It's a bit more discrete that way. I found the house and walked up to the door and rang the bell. I was wearing a business suit and always carry a briefcase so at first glance I could be an insurance salesman. The briefcase is just for my sandwiches, but is a useful prop.

The door opened, and there was an 18 or 19 year old long haired brunette girl wearing a normal round the house sort of dress. Nothing very sexy, but the sort of thing a lot of girls wear to do the housework to stay comfortable in. Looking at her face, she looked frightened to death.

I went in at her invitation and found myself in a small room with a couple of chairs, an old sofa, a dining table and chairs and a threadbare carpet. Looked like rented accommodation to me. Anyway, the girl (lets call her Jane for sake of argument) didn't seem to know what to do. Fair enough that this was her first job, but they normally have an idea. Jane seemed fairly clueless. Pretty enough and young enough, but little idea as to what to do next.

"I'm sorry "she said," I only just got the phone call from the agency and wasn't expecting you so soon" Thanks for that Alan I thought. He might have given her more notice so she could get herself ready. Never mind, I was there now, so too late to change things. However, she was still almost scared looking. I needed to calm her down. "You look very worried " I said to her" You don't need to be. I'm a nice guy and won't do anything outrageous, unless you want to that is" She smiled at me and said "It's just I wasn't expecting anything like this today" Then the story came out.

Jane lived with a boyfriend a few years older than her. He worked in London and took the train from St Albans to town every day. On his way home he would phone her when he got out of the station and they would roll play. For example, he would say he was the Insurance Man was was about to call to collect the house insurance premium. She would tell him she was broke and didn't have the money. He would come back with she must have something she could give him and so the "Insurance Man" would fuck her as payment.

After their session he would talk to her about other guys fucking her, and she would join in thinking it was just pillow talk, but obviously not as the boyfriend (lets call him John) had taken it further and had called Alan and put her on his books without telling her. Well, I have heard of some shitty tricks, but that was one of the shittiest. I told Jane what I thought of her boyfriend and that I wasn't the sort of guy who would force her into something she didn't want to do and was being coerced into, and got ready to leave. I would speak to Alan later and tell him the score and get another whore instead.

Jane however had different ideas. She was thinking about it while she told her story and was relaxing a bit. I didn't look like some mad axe murderer, so maybe it might work. She said would I stay and I could have her after all. She wasn't a professional tart and didn't have much experience, but as I had driven all this way, if that's what her boyfriend wanted, she would let me fuck her.

I asked her if she was sure. This was a big step for her. She didn't know me from Adam, but was considering let me have free access to her most secret place, and once she had been fucked, she couldn't take it back. It would be something she would have to live with. Jane, it seemed had made up her mind, and was getting more into the idea by the second. The fact that I was trying to reason with her to reconsider made no difference. This might just be fun.

I wasn't going to argue, after all I went there to fuck her, so trying to hard to talk her out of it was a bit perverse on my part. I was going to enjoy introducing Jane into taking other guys cock. I can be a bit kinky mind you, so I made a suggestion to her. Why not get her own back on John by phoning him at work and telling him some random bloke had been sent over by the agency and she was just about to fuck his brains out. The poor bugger was at his desk and couldn't do a thing about it. She could cuckold him and he would be bound to get a hard on and would have to hide it under his desk till his cock went down. He could hardly walk around the office with a stonking great big erection in his pants.

Jane liked that idea, but took it a little further, the kinky bitch. "Why don't I phone him while you are fucking me?" she suggested. The idea brought a smile to her face. The house phone was downstairs in the same room, so the skipped off upstairs to get one of John's condoms while I took off my jacket and tie.

Jane came back down waving a condom in its packet. "Here you are Ray, how are we going to do it?" Well, she needed to use the phone so we moved the dining table so she could put the house phone on it. She would bend over the table resting on her elbows while she dialled his number, and I would have her from behind. I could tell she was fully up for this by now. The idea of phoning John appealed to the devil in her. She leaned forward over the table, looked over her shoulder and spread her legs. "Is this OK for you? "she asked with an evil glint in her eye. "Well it would be Jane, but I think we need to take your panties off first, don't you?" I said. This brought a little giggle and I was invited to do it for her while she dialled Johns office number.

Always the gentleman, I lifted her dress gently up to her waist and started to pull her white cotton panties slowly down over her bum and down her rather shapely legs. She wiggled her bum while I heard her dialling, and gave her bum another shake as she stepped out of her panties. Now bare assed, she spread her legs again and I got my first view of her nice trim cunt. As I was still bent over from pulling off her knickers it seemed fair to kiss Jane's bum cheeks ad spend a minute or two tickling her clit and running my fingers up and down her gash. She liked that. Jane had finished dialling and the number was ringing at the other end. The phone was picked up and Jane said "Hi John, it's me. I bet you can't guess what I'm doing right now?" While she talked to John, I had dropped my trousers and pants and was rolling the rubber onto my very excited cock. John , at work, was not thinking right. He was switched on to what was going on in the office, not to bedroom games he had with Jane. The call had come unexpectedly. He had no idea what she was doing and said so.

I slid slowly into Jane's very moist willing cunt. "There's a guy here and he has just slid his cock into me and is fucking me over the dining table" she said. There was a long silence from the other end of the phone. "I don't believe you" said John. "Its true John, he's standing behind be, I'm bent over the table with my dress up my back. He took off my panties and is holding my hips and fucking me. What's more, I rather like it". John said "I still don't believe it, you're making it up. If there's a bloke there, let me speak to him" "OK John, I will" said Jane, and she passed me the phone!!

Now I wasn't quite ready for that, it wasn't in the plan. I was now leaning forward across Jane, still with my cock in her, trying to fuck and talk on the phone at the same time. Bizarre!! "Hi John, I said. I'm Ray and I'm fucking your girlfriend", Well, it seemed only fair that we were properly introduced. "No your not, I don't believe it" he said. "I assure you I am, and she is a very good fuck too. and a very pretty girl. You are a lucky chap to be able to come back to this every night. "John was very flustered, you could tell. He didn't know if this was a wind up or was real. "If you are fucking her like you say, describe her to me" he asked. I was getting into this, it was fun. I had been gently pushing Jane's dress up her back with my free hand, and now that she had given me the phone, Jane was using her hands to help. Her dress went over her head and was off. Her bra was unclipped, and disappeared into the corner of the room . I could now see what John was getting at because Jane had a red butterfly shaped birth make about where her bra would go under the left shoulder blade on her back. I passed this information on to John, saying I had seen the birthmark as I took her bra off, and what nice tits she had. John was now convinced, but the sap was rising, so I told him I was sorry to give the phone back to Jane as I was enjoying our conversation, but I was about to shoot my load into her and needed to concentrate.

Jane took the phone just as I started to come. I shot 4 or 5 good spurts of cum into the condom, but Jane could surely feel it as she told John how good it felt being shagged by this stranger. She would ring off now and was going to take him upstairs to their bed and she was going to fuck him again. With that, she rang off. My cock was softening after all the exercise, so waiting only while I took off my remaining clothes to get as naked as she already was, she took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to their bedroom.

Jane had enjoyed what had happened so far and wanted more. She told me that John would want to get home as quickly as possible but even if he caught the next train it would be over two hours before he could get there. Would I please do something for her? Of course I would, if I could, she only had to ask. Jane looked me in the eye and asked me if I would fuck her without a condom and come deep inside he. If I could manage it, would I do it twice. She wanted a nice sticky cream pie to show John when he got home.

I had to think about this. The first rule of fucking whores is always use a condom. These girls make their living by fucking anyone and everyone who turns up. Any bareback contact is fraught with danger. However, she was young and was plainly not a professional tart. I was fairly sure that she was not lying when she told me that John was the only guy she had been with since school. OK then, it seemed an acceptable risk, and my cock was already getting hard at the thought. To help it, Jane began the gentlest blow job I ever had. Not all that professional, but that made it better in an odd way. Once ready she threw herself on her back and with her big brown eyes asked me if I would please fuck her. So I did, nice and slowly until I came, and then again for a third time before I left. Both times shooting what spunk I had left as deep into her cunt as I could

I left her naked in bed waiting for John to turn up, kissed her on the forehead and thanked her for the afternoon's fun. I went down stairs, found my clothes and left. I was halfway back to Hatfield in my car before I realised that I hadn't actually paid her! Never mind, I would see her again in a week or so, and would give her double then.

I called Alan a while later to see if I could get another meet with her. "Hi Alan, what's the chance of seeing that young Jane in St Albans again". "Sorry Ray, she's not with us anymore. She only lasted a few days and her boyfriend called and took her off the books. He said they were moving up North somewhere"

Oh well, never mind. It's not often you get a free fuck like that, but she was a good girl and it was a privilege helping her to fulfil her fantasy.