Written by Paul 8180

9 Jan 2019

I have been married to Lucy for 5 years and we have a great life. We are very much in love and have a great sex life. However, there is one thing I have tried to get Lucy into and that’s what I would call ‘soft swinging’. I didn’t want to watch her being fucked by another guy because that would be too much even though I get guys almost begging to be allowed to try. You see, Lucy is 31 & gorgeous, she has long ginger hair, faint freckles from her face to her bum. She works out 5 times a week which results in an amazing body, long legs a great ass and great pear shaped breasts. From this a guess you will have worked out that I am crazy about her. So, full on swinging wasn’t an option but I had this thing about us having sex in front of someone else or letting her toss a guy off or at a push letting her suck a guy off. I made a joke about it when we watched a porn movie that wouldn’t it be hot for her to do that. We hit me on the arm and was really annoyed at me for wanting her to do that so I said I was joking. It did however lead to great sex soon after.

So, moving on. In 2017 we went to California on holiday, rented a villa and had a great time. The owners lived next door and where amazing, even though they where early 60’s ish they worked out a lot which made Lucy happy and where great fun to be with. Andrew, the owner mentioned Lucy a few times, how lucky I was and would come out with ‘wow man, she is hot’ and so on and I caught him looking at her more than once. So, last year we get an invite to go back but at their guests so basically free. I thought they where just being really friends and generous but now I know there was a reason.

From day one Andrew and his wife where paying Lucy a lot of attention, they insisted on BBQ’s by the pool with us all in swimsuits, Andrews wife Alison who despite being 60 herself had a great body (nothing like Lucy of course) and insisted on wearing really small bikinis and surprise surprise they actualy bought Lucy one, small, leaving nothing to the imagination and they insisted she wear it. Lucy thought it was funny and told me that it would be rude not to. I knew what he was up to, Andrew just wanted to see Lucy in as little clothing as possible.

On the second evening our lives changed. After a day out we get back and the hot tub was running. As we were staying with them this time it was difficult to have time on our own. I told Lucy that I thought Andrew was trying it on and basically told her that I thought he was trying to get her into bed with all this touchy-feely stuff, putting his hand round her waist and commenting on her figure. Lucy laughed and reminded me that it was me who wanted to watch her give a guy a blow job then kissed me and told me to stop being silly. But I was right, but it was both Andrew and Alison who had ideas about my wife but it was how easily they got their way that shocked me then and still does.

That evening we had a meal and jumped into the huge hot tub taking our wine with us. We had all had a few glasses so where quite chilled, not drunk, just relaxed, and then it started.

Alison goes to Lucy, ‘OMG you have an amazing figure and those breasts are just amazing’. Lucy giggles and covers her tits with her hands. Alison, ‘ no no no don’t do that’ and pulls Lucy’s hands away. Alison then takes her own top off and lets her small sift tits free announcing that her top was way too tight and that she lights to be free, and shakes herself to make them sway.

Then Andrew says that he bets that I have to fight then men off, his wife laughs ‘of course he does with her body as great as that’ and there’s more laughter. Alison is laughing and putting her hand to her mouth in pretend shock. Then Alison says ‘ oh honey, you have amazing breasts, don’t hide them, let us all see’ and puts her hand behind my wife and unclips her bikini top. Lucy is hysterical and tries to hold onto her top but Alison tells her to stop being silly and pulls it away telling her that we are all grown ups. My wife is sat opposite me between Andrew and Alison and is topless, the water bubbling and splashing against is all. But Lucy isn’t; trying to hide herself and is enjoying the attention, even making her breasts swing to the cheers of our hosts. Alison reaches down and throws her bikini bottoms out of the tub so is clearly naked now, Andrew does is ‘wow man, that’s a great idea’ and does the same. I look at Lucy who has a big grin on her face with a ‘what the fuck’ expression. Andrew and Alison are now sitting so close to my wife that they are all pressing against each other. I will admit to being hard as nails but not sure where this is leading and ready to take my wife out of the tub if she looks uncomfortable but its exactly the opposite, she things its hilarious and I am wondering where this is going.

Alison: So tell me, where does your husband kiss you that turns you on. Lucy tells her to behave but admits that its her neck. Alison: Wow, that’s the same as me and kisses my wife on her neck and flicks her tongue against it.

Alison: I hope you don’t mind if I say it again but you have amazing breasts. She has her hand on my wifes tummy and slides it up until she is cupping one of her tits and giving it a gentle squeeze. Then , whilst doing that Alison if squeezing Lucy’s nipple between her thumb and finger. Alison: Wow, these are so nice……and……firm. Then whispers in my wifes ear. I couldn’t catch what was said but Andrew heard and I saw my wife bit her lip and nod. Whilst his wife gently massaged one breast Andrew took the other and gently squeezed that one. I sat there turned on watching two good looking 60+ strangers each feeling my wife. My wife had her eyes closed and was biting her lip. She opened them and looked at me, I just smiled which I was told later by Lucy that told her it was ok.

Alison took Lucy’s hand and pushed it over towards her husbands lap. My wife looked at him then looked down. I sat and watched them both feeling my wife and watched Lucy’s arm moving up and down. I’m watching my wife gently tossing off a guy who’s having a good feel of her tits.

The water stops bubbling and I can see his cock with my wife’s hand gripping it, Alison turns and leans top press the button that starts the pump going again, to do this she has to stop massaging my wife’s breast, Lucy looks disappointed but that changes when she returns and continues to feel my wife. Then Alison reaches down and pulls my wife’s bottoms off and throws them over the side. Her husband looks at me ‘ you ok fella’ and gives me a wink. His wife moves her hand from my Lucy’s breast to between her legs, Lucy opens her legs and lets out a muffled shriek whilst Alison’s arm movements confirms that she has her fingers inside my wife.

I’m sat there powerless for some time as they gently caress my wife’s wet body, her breasts, arms, tummy. There is aot if whispering between them that I can’t hear due to the hot tub pump but I can see my wife nod. Lucy is pulled onto Andrews lap, Alison takes one of her breasts in both hands and puts her lips over one of her nipples and starts to gently suck and run her tongue round it. The expression on my wife’s face tells me that she’s not objecting. Andrew now has his own hand round his cock and is having a slow wank pulling my wife close to him as he does so. Then there’s another whisper, Lucy gets up and sits on Alisons lap, Andrew does the same, puts his lips round my wife’s nipple and sucks and flicks it with his tongue, his hand between her lags fingers in her pussy. Then he runs his tongue over Lucy’s lips and they start sucking tongues whilst Alison has a good feel of my wifes firm tits.

Then Andrew stands up, his big semi hard cock swaying in front of my wife’s face. Alison laughs about how much she loves that cock and holds my wife’s head with her hands.

Alison: Open wide that’s a good girl, let this juicy cock in.

Lucy giggles as Andrew takes his cock and feeds it into my wife’s mouth. This was the sort of soft swinging that I had always wanted, I went from being excited to gutted back to excited, my cock was in my hand now and I was trying hard not to cum already as I watched this old guy get into his rhythm fucking y wife’s mouth whilst he was reaching down and gripping one tit as his wife squeezed the other, both women groaning.

Andrew tells my wife to stick out her tongue, she does as she’s told, and Andrew slowly slides his cock out of her mouth sliding it along her tongue. He then turns to me and says, ‘I hope you don’t; mind but I’m going to fuck your wife’ and sits down. In one swift move he pulls my wife towards him and taking her legs pulls them, so she is straddling him. Lucy lets out a squeal and a long moan, Andrew is inside my wife who is gently rising and falling on his cock. His wife gets up and comes over to me , my view of my wife fucking her husband blocked as Alison presses her tit into my mouth, ‘ this is fun isn’t it she tells me’. I can get the whole of her tit in my mouth, so I have a good suck. She leans down to tug my shorts off, but my cock is already out. She gives it a squeeze and cups my balls then lowers herself onto it. For the next fuck knows how long I am being ridden by a 60+ year old but hot stranger as my wife bounces up and down on her husbands cock a few feet away whilst he sucks her tits she is moaning ‘oh fuck, oh fuck’.

Alison gets up suggests that we fuck ‘properly’ , not sure what we had just been doing but she pulls me up and leans against the side of the tub. I guide my cock back into her pussy and start to fuck her gain. I am stood so close to my wife that one of her tits keeps brushing my arm. She keeps on with her ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, this is amazing’.

Andrew laughs ‘ill tell you what’s amazing’ and picks my wife up, turns her round and bends her over the end of the tub and in one move he’s back inside her fucking her doggy style hard and fast. Her wet body glistening, water dripping from her hard, big and long nipples. Alison shouts ‘ that’s it’, pushes me away turns round next to my wife and orders me to fuck her hard’.

Whilst Andrew pumped my wife next to me, I returned the favour to his wife, I fucked her hard, the two women moaning and grunting, squealing about how amazing this was begging us not to stop. I was thinking about my mortgage, loans and how much I hated my job just s as not to cum.

Then my wife is calling out that she was going to cum over and over, then tells Andrew ‘ its ok, you can cum inside me’ she looks up at me and asks ‘ that’s ok isn’t it honey, he can cum inside me, oh fuck’. She puts her head down and starts to shake, she had cum, Andrew let out a roar and gave a few hard-sharp thrusts, he was cuming inside my wife and from what I could see more than once.

I followed seconds later and empties my balls into his wife whose legs buckled causing y cock to slip out. I had had enough and was done, Andrew on the other hand was back in my wife who was on her bum with her tongue in Andrews mouth as he fucked her yet again. With a yell of ‘fuck I’m cumming hard’ my wife had yet another orgasm and Andrew filled her with yet more cum.

We all sat down to catch our breath, in typical American style Andrew and Alison wen ton about how amazing that was, Alison: ‘ that was amazing, wasn’t it guys’, Andrew ‘ fuck yeah, that was a truly great fuck’. My wife looked at me almost ashamed. There was cum floating in the water so Lucy and I decided to climb out. We both agreed that it was great and different, Lucy apologised but as I told her, we both did it. We vowed that it would be a one off but by the time we left we had had our one off sex 6 times, in beds, hot tubs, showers. Andrew even had my wife over the bonnet of our hire car in the middle of nowhere with me fucking his wife next to them. His favourite thing was to cum in her pussy, pull out and cum again in her mouth. On the last day I went to return the hire car before setting off for the airport, Alison drove me back. We had an our to kill before we had to leave so planned to go for coffee. We opened the door and in the long wide hall on her knees was my wife, topless, panting. She jumped up, there was cum dribbling out of her mouth and dripping off her tits she was covered in the stuff. Andrew was leaning against the wall telling us ‘fuck, I’m going to miss this’. Now I was pissed off, Lucy told me later how he had talked her into one last fuck which went from the sofa to the floor to the hallway, and that she had never met a man who could cum so many times. I said ‘you mean he fucked you as well. Sheepishly she told me that he had cum inside her and in her mouth and over her breasts and again her face, she seemed impressed.

That was the last time we swapped. As time goes on, I am hearing more and more about what my wife and our ‘friends’ got up to. I thought that over 14 days we all fucked 6 times plus Lucy’s last day extra activity, but she has now confessed that whilst Andrew and I went out one morning Alison walked into the bathroom where my wife was having a shower, got in and they fucked. My wife said that she didn’t know if she would have sex with another woman again, but she did climax. She told me how Alison pulled her to the floor ate her pussy and then they rubbed pussies and fingered each other bringing each other off. I was also told that whilst I had an afternoon nap she went for a swim which ended in a threesome in the pool, one of two threesomes that they had whilst I was asleep somewhere apparently.

One last confession from my wife started with me having to promise not to be mad, I wondered how bad it could be after what we had done.

She said ‘ I came out of the shower in a towel and went to get a drink from the fridge. You were in the pool and Alison was sunbathing. Andrew past, and the way he looked at me and I just had to. I dropped my towel and bent over a stool. He didn’t say anything, he just took me. I begged him to be quick but he wasn’t, and I was worried you would see us but he finished before you came out and he made me cum so hard I felt dizzy.

So, my ‘shy’ wife had more fun than I had and we have agreed that there will be no more secrets and no more trips to our friends who I feel abused our friendship but maybe we’ll make more friends for some ‘grown up fun’.

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