12 May 2019

Hi, I just thought I’d share an old experience with you all,

I'm a normal married Indian girl, considered sexy and highly sexed. During the last few years my husband has gone off sex and we made love once a week if that. This left me feeling constantly horny and led us to start using swinging sites where I enjoyed chatting on the chat rooms and reading the horny stories people posted. All the time hoping I could have an experience worth posting.

We’d been having a lot of renovation work done at our house this has involved loads of different contractors coming and going. Loads of hassle and loads of mess but a few nice guys as well with who I chatted and innocently flirted with now and again.

Once the main works were finished we contacted a few guys to come and quote for tiling the bathrooms and kitchen. When I saw the guy in question I instantly thought he looked good and dirty thoughts started running through my mind.

He was about 10 years younger than me and had a nice friendly fun way about him. Anyway we chatted and flirted as he measured up, all this time I was thinking about feeling the bulge in his jeans which I could have sworn was growing as we chatted.

I was wearing a fairly low cut top which showed plenty of cleavage and took every opportunity to bend over and show him as he measured, holding his tape for him etc. He must have noticed this as he commented on how good I looked. We chatted a little more as I showed him round the house with the banter getting more and more sexually charged in a fun flirtatious sort of way.

We ended up going into a small e-suite which needed tiling and I took the opportunity to brush past him a couple of times as I pointed out what we wanted, this time I could see his bulge definitely growing and made a joke about if that keeps growing there wont be enough room in here for the three of us which made him blush and apologise.

I laughed it off and said don't be silly at least you're enjoying your work which only made him adjust it in his jeans and make a comment about letting it free. Just then my husband's car pulled up on the drive and I said you'd best keep it where it is unless you want to get us both in trouble. We finished measuring up and went downstairs and he spoke to my husband about the types of tiles and how he wanted them laid every now and then glancing at me while I thought how I so wanted to fuck him!

Once they'd finished I showed him to the door and spoke to him on the step for a second about anticipated start dates etc when he suddenly said your husbands a lucky guy.. I stood a little closer and gave him a gentle squeeze on his cock and said well you might be too if that quote comes back quick enough.

Needless to say he was on the phone within a few hours with the price and even my husband commented about how quick the quote was back.

We agreed the price and a start date with him and a few weeks later he was back at the house to start work.

I’d made my decision that I intended to fuck him the day he started and changed into a really sexy dress when my husband had left for work.

As soon as he had arrived he took one look at me and started commenting on how horny I looked and that bulge started growing in his jeans within seconds, I just walked up to him and simply started to fondle it without saying a word, he reached behind me and pulled me close to him and started to caress my back and bum. Slowly he eased my dress up and realised I wasn't wearing any underwear and started to roughly grope my bum.

We continued to French kiss and grope and as we did I undid his jeans and let his cock free, it was so hard and sprang out of his jeans standing straight up and it looked so wonderful and big, I just slid down to my knees and took it in my mouth. It tasted great, as I licked and sucked every inch of it taking it deep down my throat now and again and sucking and teasing his balls as he held my head and fucked my mouth.

Then he sat me down on a chair and went down on my freshly shaved pussy, licking it and fucking it with his tongue and fingers, rimming my ass as he flicked my clit and bringing me off to my first amazing orgasm.

He then lay me down on the floor and pulled my legs above my head before I felt his wonderful hard cock entering my hungry pussy. God it felt so good having his young hard white cock cock pounding away between my legs and fucking me like I’d never been fucked before, my moans so loud as he thrust his cock deep inside me.

He then told me to stand up and bend over the dining room table, he got behind me and told me to spread my legs as his pushed his cock into me doggy style, I could feel every thrust as his balls slapped against my pussy and god it felt so good having this horny guy fuck me even though he was getting paid to be working there.

I then told him to sit on the chair and sat astride him, slowly easing myself onto his cock and began to kiss him deeply as I ground down on his cock, I rode his cock, slowly at first then building up a steady rythtm, as my 36c tits bounced in his face, he held me by the waist so he could gain some control over my rythm, I could feel his breathing getting harder and harder then suddenly he picked me up off his cock and pushed me forcefully to the floor, stood above me sprayed me with lots of his hot all over my face, tits and body.

I just lay there covered in his cum for a few minutes with a naughty smile on my face rubbing his cum into my body feeling very satisfied but still horny for more!

He did do some tiling that day but before my husband was due to come back I took him to my bedroom and let him fuck me once more, this time letting him unload deep inside me, we then heard my husbands car pulling in to the drive and quickly got dressed....

I must admit I found it so horny watching the tile guy and my husband chatting about the work he'd done and other normal stuff only minutes after he'd finished fucking me and left me with his cum still wet in my pussy.

As soon as he left I took my husband to the bedroom saying I had to show him something. I dropped onto the bed and lifted my dress spreading my legs as I did to present my cum filled pussy to him. Within seconds he had his head buried between my legs licking my pussy to another orgasm before adding his load inside me.

He spent all week at the house and we had lots of dirty fun in between his job, everytime hubby came home i had to smile knowing that he was paying the tiler to do the job but also do fulfil my sexual needs too!!

Hope you enjoy reading my story of my sexual adventure.


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