Written by Gordon

15 May 2014

To find out what your wife gets up to can be a shock or exciting, I found it a real shock at first and how it happened was quite by accident

Clair has worked at the same company for some time in the office, some time back with cut backs and people going they promoted her what it was they gave her more money and more work to do that is the long and short of it, where she work there a factory side and the office side it them and us sort of thing

The people in the office seem to have a better life than the shop floor, they have a social side it more friendly, I go with her to some of the dos they have had not all of them

Well it must of been getting on for a year ago Clair told me it looked like she been asked to take over from some one that was leaving once more a bit more money, I said yes a twice the work I expect, any way it turned out it was a step up to management

All was fine, till we went to a function at a directors house one weekend,, I am working guy but I am there as Clair's husband and I don't really think the rest of them know what I do any way for a liven, there is a lot of chat about golf and going on bike rides with lycra on I thing like that

It be about this time last year I think we went to this do, I remember it was quite warm

I was getting dark I pop out for a fag on the patio, I been left alone most of the evening Clair was chatting to others, on the patio I went to one side out of the doorway

There was a window behind me I was looking into the garden, a light came on in the window

the curtains where closed but had a gap in the middle Ray he is my wife's boss was in the room he looked round and went out, I was still looking in when he came back with Clair, I thought funny, so was what Ray did next he put a chair in front of the door then grabbed Clair, they started snogging, I got a shock seeing that

The room looked like a dinning room my wife had her bum pressed onto the table, it was quite a kiss they had they said some thing then kissed again this time Ray got his hand up her skirt it surprised me to see her legs part for him the kissing stopped she got her arms round his shoulders head on one I could see Ray's arm moving Clair leaned into him more and opened her legs wider the bastard fingering her

As I watched this she dropped one arm the hand went between them she was rubbing his crouch it went on for a time, he said some thing they stopped and Clair said some thing and sock her head but what happened next shocked me to the cor, they moved round so Ray was by the table, Clair looked round at the door the crouched down he had his zip undone by then and was fishing out his cock and what a cock he is a lot bigger that me longer and fatter Clair looked back again then went down on it and blood hell what a blow job she gave him, he was looking down watching, the his hand gripped the table he leaned back is mouth came open he was bloody cumming in her mouth some thing she never done for me

She must of swallowed the lot

They got tidied up and a bloke came out with me and asked for a light and spoke about some thing I didn't take in, by the time I did look back they had gone, with that gut talking I was a few minuets before going in to the party, Ray was chatting to a couple Clair was nowhere to be seen then she came in fro the hallway where the loo is

She came up to me and asked if I was enjoying myself jest like nothing had happened she even kissed me I am sure I could smell spunk on her breath, I said I think we should go she told me she couldn't she have to stay or it look bad

In the end I said I was going, the plan had been we when in her car and left it there and got a taxi home and I take her to pick it up next day at this stage I only had a couple of glasses of wine all night she gave me her keys and I took her car , before I left she made me go and say goodby to the host and other people telling them I had a lot on the next day and had to go this included Ray he shock my hand and thanked me for coming and how nice it was to see me again, lot of people asked Clair to stay

I got home before eleven I was jealous angry mixed up, I though I have it out with her when she gets in but as time past I did calm down, it was one and I went to bed and some how fell asleep,it be about three a car woke me up I jumped out of bed and look out it was a taxi Clair got out and came to the door, why I did this I don't know I got back in bed and pretended to be asleep, she came up and was being as quiet as she could be, she went into the bathroom then came out with a nightdress on and slipped into bed beside and turned she went to sleep quite quickly.I was up before her, in the bathroom I was having a piss and beside the loo was the wash basket,I finished and looked inside in there was the top and skirt she had on bu that's wrong if you undress the last thing would be underwear, I looked under them and there was holdup stockings and her pants, for a stat I didn't know she had stockings I not seen them, I picked the knickers up turned then almost inside out the crouch was moist and felt slimy I sniffed it it smelt of spunk she been fucked she had to of been, the thing was I stated to get a stiff on I pushed the lock over on the door sat on the loo and wanked holding the knickers and hell did I cum some hit the shower screen I wiped my dick with pants the way I left them they where on top of the other cloths I wonder if she noticed

I got dressed and went down stairs Clair lay in but when she came down she was completely normal put the washing in the machine gave me a kiss we talked about the night before she said its boring for you but I have to go to them things, she said tell you what you don't have to go next time its up to you,I couldn't believe it how normal every day she was and she must had that grate big thing of Rays inside her last night there was no sigh of guilt or hint of what she done

Thing where quite normal day to day things nothing unusual, a few weeks later she mentioned a meeting she may have to go to, it was in London and could mean an over night stay, it was said in passing sort of way, a little while later it looked like she would have to go and didn't want to, in the end she did go pretending she didn't want to, the thing I did find out off her which hotel it was, I goggled it and got the number in the afternoon I phoned a foreign girl I spoke to me, I asked if any one from, using the company name was booked in the girl tapped away and said no, I said oh, I know Ray's sir name I will call him Smith, is there R Smith then pap tap and she said would it be Mr and Mrs Ray Smith I said yes that be them which room is it and jest like that she said room 103 they booked in at 1300, she asked if she could put me though to them I said no jest checking they got there safely and hung up

I knew than things where serious and had to do some thing, that evening Clair called she said she didn't like being a hotel room alone shit like that, that night I was in bed trying to sleep I keep thinking what are they up to had he fucked her had he got that ting in her it was bloody big, it gave me a hard on thinking about I ended up wanking

The next evening my wife came in all loving saying did I miss her did I coop by myself and so on

It was when we where in the front room with the telly on, I said so you use the name Smith now,she looked at me and said what, I said you where booked in at one o'clock in room 103 under Mr and Mrs R Smith was it lonely in your room Clair sat there her moth open staring at me, I went on, what its like to have a really big cock fuck you, you slag better than me I know his a lot bigger

She started to say what am I talking about then denied every thing,I said okay I find out when I call your work I do know who to speak to and I ask about your meeting and why you had to have a double room with Ray you both get sacked

That did it, she was crying and sobbing saying she was sorry given me the shit its was nothing, it don't mean any thing, then it was the confession time it all came out she been having an affair with him for months,when things calmed down a little, Clair asked how I knew how I found out, I said I watch you suck him off, she said where how when,the last time we went to one of your dos you gave him a blow job in the dinning room you bitch adding I know a lot more, the weird thing was I got a hard on, I was mad I jumped up grabbed her heir and pushed it in her face I shouted suck this bastard like you did his she turned away I pulled her head back this time she did and what a blow job it was not at all like she ever done in the past there not been that many of them, it was the way she was doing it I was soon going to cum, when I did she never tried to pull away she took the lot and swallowed it

She called me names and all sorts, there was blazing row it must of gone on for an hour

What stopped it was me again getting hold of her, she was kicking I got her dress up the slut still had stocking on I ripped her knicker off getting my cock out I forced her thighs apart with my knees and some how got up her she was full still, at first she struggled when she stopped she seem to enjoy it and she climaxed she was hugging me as I cum

Really that was the end of our old life and the start of a new one in one in lots of ways

We made up and in bed I wanted to know every thing from the start to much to go into we talked most of the night and I fucked her again,her our attitudes have changed now after that, some of it is my fault and the way I was but we talked about it Ray is still her lover but its a marital triangle we have and its now a lot more involved with another third party being introduced in the last month or so but that is another story