Written by navolan

8 Sep 2015

It's was about 5 months since the eagle nests motel nite with Mark. some guys at work got a bunch of tickets to go to a rock concert. we were all to meet at a parking lot close to the theater, and all go together, because it was a general admission show.

it was a Saturday show, so I dropped the kids off at my parents house as jenny got ready for the show. I got back home and of course Jenny was running late. She came down the stairs, she wasn't dressed really sexy, that kinda surprised me. she had on a shirt that you had to zip up, but it only showed very little cleavage, and she had a tight skirt, but it wasn't to short, but her ass looked hot. I ask her about how she was dressed, she said" I don't want to look slutty in front of people you work with". she looked very nice and cute. we packed a cooler of beer, and was off to meet my co workers.

We got to the parking lot about 30 minutes late, everyone had left, but Carl. Carl pulled in as we did. me and Carl didn't get alone very well. he's the all knowing everything guy, he's young about 23 or 24, average guy. "Hey whats up guys". Carl said. "I guess we missed everyone" I said to Carl. 'Carl this is my wife Jenny, Jenny this Carl". they shake hands, and we made small talk about the concert. then jenny said " Carl you can ride with us". fuck, I was pissed this guys in asshole i thought to myself. "sure sounds great, can i throw some beers in your cooler". "sure " said jenny. Carl got in the backseat of the mini van and away to show we all three went.

We got to the show, and drank some beer before we went inside. We found a spot on the lawn, Carl said" am going to see if I can find everyone". I told 'Carl that's was a great idea". as he walked off ,I was so happy " awesome hope we don't see him the rest of the nite". "Paul your terrible" jenny said," He's a nice guy". " you don't work with the prick" I said.

Van halen had just finished their first song, when someone hand me and jenny a beer, and guess who it was, our good friend Carl. " I couldn't find anyone, so I wanted to buy you guys a beer to thank you for driving me". "That was nice of you Carl" jenny said, as she gave him a hug.

I told jenny i was going to make a beer run, Carl handed 40 dollars," beers on me, you fly i buy" Carl said. i was gone for about 15 minutes, as i got close to my wife and Carl, I could see Jenny dancing to the music, I saw carl move behind jenny. he came up behind her and she kinda used her butt to push him off her ,as she laughed and looked back at carl who has smiling too. You could tell they were both starting to get drunk. Carl again came up behind her, but this time she stuck her butt in his crotch, and stated moving her ass up and down, he grabbed her by the hip and pressed his cock back against jenny's ass, I thought it was time to end his play time with my wife,it really didn't turn me on , kinda pissed me off at jenny, she knows I don't like this guy. as I walked up and handed them their beers, jenny kissed me, and carl walked to the other side of me. jenny left to go to the bathroom, and when she came back, her shirt was zipped open, so far down that her bra was showing, and her big tits were visible now. Carl was staring at her tits as she walked back, she stared dancing and jumping, her bra was in a losing battle to keep her huge tits in. jenny turned her cup over to signal she needed a beer, as did Carl. Carl gave me some more money to buy beer with. As I walked back, I saw jenny jumping up with her hands up, right in front of Carl, Carl came behind her and she take her hands and grabbed Carl's hands, she place his hands on her tits, Carl looked around to see if i was coming, he squeezed her tits a couple time, and she grinded her ass into his cock. I showed up again to ruin Carl fun. the show ended and we all handed back to the car.

I unlocked the car and Carl got 3 beers out, traffic was a bitch, so we hang out in the parking lot of the theater for about 3 beers each.jenny told me she was going to ride in the back with the beer and got in the backseat, Carl said " that's a great idea me too". we had taken the 2 middle seat out of the mini van, so a pretty big space was between the front and back seats. the cooler was on the floor and, jenny and Carl sat in the very back. as I pulled out of the theater their was another huge traffic jam. jenny said" fuck yeah, just more time for drinking" " hell yes" said carl as they cheers each other with their beer cans. " I love this song, turn it up baby" jenny told me as a song played on the radio. as she tried to dance in her seat, jenny fell out on the floor of the van. Carl did his best to help her up. I saw Carl put his hands and arms below her shoulders and try to help her up, but all I could see was his hands grabbing and squeezing her tits again. he pulled her on to his lap,I heard jenny say " you bad boy, hands watch your hands" Carl said " I know right where my hands are", with that jenny lend back and Carl cupped her tits, and slide her bra over her tits, her tits where now free and and being abused by Carl. Carl couldn't stop feeling her tits. " their so fucking awesome there huge "she turned around and was straddling him now, he was sucks and squeezing her fat fucking tits. I heard jenny say to Carl " you want tme to suck your cock, is that what you just ask to do, your asking me in front of my husband who you work with everyday, your asking me to be your little slut". carl didn't say anything, " fucking tell me to suck your cock Carl" jenny said, Carl then pulled his cock out of his shorts, " come over here and suck this cock you little slut whore" Carl looked at me and smiled, " your going to be my cock sucking chubby slut tonite". my wife bobbed on his cock and was suck his dick like i never seen, She was really turn on, by how he was talking to her. Carl was caller her names and and talking dirty, she was loving it. she kept asking him" who's your chubby slut tonite" Carl would grab her head and fuck her mouth hard . " dirty whores don't talk they suck dick" is what Carl would say back to her. jenny pulled her skirt off and jumped on top of his large cock, Its was about 8 inches long but thick. Jenny was loving it, she was riding it so hard. " your little chubby slut wants it harder, fuck me, I am your slut tonite fuck the shit out of me. with that Carl told her to get on all fours, he started to put his cock in , but i saw my wife hands fly up to her ass, "wrong hole Carl" jenny said. Carl said" no its just a different one, you cant be a chubby whore if you haven't been fucked in your ass". that's it I thought carl's nite with my wife is over, she's never going to let him fuck her ass, Ive never fucked her ass. " I want to be your slut, fuck me in my ass Carl, and you better give it to this slut good" jenny said. Carl smiled back at me as he thrust-ed his cock into my wife's virgin ass. she scream in pain " oh fuck its hurts oh fuck your cocks too big to fit, oh yeah fuck this ass, fuck me with that cock of yours in my ass, i want you to cum in my ass, cum in your sluts ass. my wife was now begging some guy from my work, that she meet only a couple hours ago, to cum in her ass in our mini van. I felt like I was in a bad dream, this was not fun watching this shithead Carl fuck my wife ass( but a did jack off twice)my wife was bucking and moving her ass as quick as i ever seen her, she was drunk with lust. She was screaming so loud, that other car could hear her, one car yelled, " sounds like she getting it real good". Carl grabbed and squeezed her tits, then he said" is my little slut ready for her ass to be blasted with jizz" jenny yelled" oh shit I fucking feel you cumming in my ass, cum in your little sluts ass, my ass is yours anytime", as she collapsed on the floor with her ass still in the air. "man Paul I didn't know you had such a hot chubby mama slut at home", as he slapped her ass really hard, " fuck she great at sucking dick, she got great fat tits, you hit the slut lottery, you need to bring her to the company xmas party, I need to fuck her again", jenny said" yeah I'd love to have you put your fat cock in my ass again". jenny was wiped out, never saw her fuck and talk that way before.

I dropped Carl off at the parking lot. " don't worry I wont tell anyone about your wife,as long as I get to fuck her again". " no problem, thanks Carl" and me and him shake hands and I drove Jenny's red ass home.

I got her in, she take a shower, then we fucked( no dick in the butt for me), she never lets me down on her fuck sessions. she always makes my fantasies cum true... til the next story.. bye for now!!!!!