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Trip home

"A pleasant car journey home"

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It was a a day we was to travel back from Middlesbrough

Had gad a week down visiting family so we got up early and decide we would embark on our journey home so knowing we had a 5 hour drive in front of us we decided to dress with loose clothing to make journey more comfortable

So she dressed in a nice light dress that buttoned down the front and small pair of knickers

So we sat having a coffee with family then around 11 o clock we decided to leave for home after we said our good byes we settled in the car and started our journey

For first few miles it was a slow drive as took while to get through the town

Once on the open road the fun started as we was driving along she decided to open a couple of the buttons at top of the dress as she opened them first one then two then three and as sides fell apart to reveal she was braless and with that I reached across and cupped my hand over her tit and gave them a gentle squeeze and pull on her nipple and as I did that her tits came in to full view and material showed them off nicely

As we drove on and her tits out and on show we drove and as we passed a lorry and I seen him look down to see her tits and once we had passed he tooted to show his pleasure

It turned her on so much that she undone the rest of the buttons on the dress so she lay in passengers seat naked apart from the small pair of knickers so I glanced round and she looked so sexy and horny nipples hard and looking sky wards

I told her to play with them.and as I drove I could hear her start to moan and as I glanced across I seen her hand move down her body to between her legs and under her knickers and her legs parted and could hear she was wet and I suggested she removed them so she could get better access to her pussy

She now had seat right back and had her feet on dash legs open and eyes shut and fingers playing with her clit as I drove hearing her moans and sloppy noises from.her pussy and saw in the distance a couple lorries and road behind was clear so I decided as she was so turned on that I'd drive slowly passed the lorries and see if any of them noticed her

First one didn't but as we drove to next driver he had seen us driving passed and as we got up side him and road was still clear behind us I ended driving along side him for a good few minutes so he could get good view of her naked body and her playing with her clit and I said to her he's getting a good view of this and think that put hef over the edge as she moans and clamped her legs shut and shook as she cam as he watched then we went passed and I said I'll have to stop at next layby as we drew in and she was still panting and naked I went and relieved my self and as I got the car there was a loud blar on a horn and a wave from the lorry driver we had passed earlier

I got back in to the car and had a little suck on her nipples and a play with her pussy while we parked up for a little while managed to get her to cum on my fingers again as she lay there on the passengers naked and a pussy glistening in the sunlight

As we started off again she sat up and lent over towards me and started to open my trousers and takes my cock our and presedes to startwanking my cock and whispers and asks if I can get my trousers down a bit so she can get her lips round my cock

To which I pulled into a parking area and lowered my trousers and once on the road again she lentbover and got her lips round my cock and started to suck me of which was very nice and ahe was up on her knees with her ass facing the passengers window so her pussy Nd sss hole was level with the window and as we drove along we soon caught up with lorry driver from.earlier and as we slowly passed him with hef head bobbinn up and down on my cock and her ass raised up looking up to wards the driver and her pussy open so he gets a good view as we pass and as we pass I end up shooting my cum down her throat and she swallowed it all and proceeds to clean me up and we decide its time we stopped for a coffee and something to eat

If you want anymore of this story let us know

Written by Inhope15

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