Written by Daftrucker

15 May 2018

After dinner in the drivers restaurant where we had been joined by phil, that’s the lucky trucker who had been fucking Ann earlier, he was asking me all about our antics, and a lot more about Ann and I was revealed than I felt comfortable with, but as the wine flowed and the conversation turned naughty, most drivers had gone to bed so Ann and Phil sitting next to each other and at every opportunity phil was having a stroke or feel of my wife and as he knew I was fine with it, he became rather more adventurous and was soon openly fingering Ann as I sat and watched.. I suggested we went out to the smoking deck as I wanted a smoke with a beer before bed, I went and refreshed our glasses and went out to the smoking area just behind the truckers lounge, as I opened the door I was surprised to see Ann leaning against the tall table and phil standing very very tight behind her, as I placed the glasses on the table I realised phil was actually fucking Ann.. thank Christ it’s just us 3 here I said. Ann just carried on drinking her drink and chatting to me as phil was buried in her, we heard the inner of the two doors opening and phil quickly whipped his cock from my wife and into his pants, just in time as two polish drivers joined us on the smoking deck.. we finished our drinks and smokes and I suggested it was bed time..

as we headed back up in the lift to our cabin phil suggested we all go back to his room, Ann was clearly keen and insisted I came to watch or maybe join in.. ok I agreed.. once inside the cabin, phil lifted anna dress off over her head, leaving her standing there nude, he then stripped naked, so I joined them, by the time I was naked, phil had Ann bent forward with her hands on the bed and was already sliding his cock in and out of her clearly very wet pussy. He saw I was really enjoying the view, my open mouth and rock hard cock perhaps gave it away.. now Ann has known for many years that I am Bi, but we’ve never played together with a guy, however the sight of his cock glistening with my wife’s juices just made me so horny that without a word I reached forward and took hold of it is he was on an outward stroke, and without questioning I dropped to my knees and started sucking it, wow my wife tasted even better on a hard cock.. and in my mind, my wife on a guy tastes better than a guy in my wife.. after a few minutes of sucking his cock, Ann was kneeling beside me and asked if she could have it.. so I left it go and Ann was soon licking and sucking on phil. Soon enough phil told Ann to make me lie on the bed face up, she was sat on my face and as she was bent forward I was able to keep teasing and licking her clit as phil started sliding his cock into her pussy.. as he pounded deeper his balls were hitting my chin, so I started licking his cock at each outward stroke, the whole thing became too much for Ann and she was soon cumming with me licking her clit and Phil’s cock pounding hard at her from behind. I could taste her cum on phil and then without warning phil pulled his cock out of my wife and shoved it into my mouth, two or three pushes and I felt it start to pulse and then he was unloading straight into my mouth..

once they had regained their senses after orgasm, I suggested to Ann that we really need to get to bed as it’s so late..

we got dressed and returned to our cabin,

As we entered our cabin, Ann immediately dropped her dress and bent forward and said” fuck me now and fuck me as hard as you can until you cum” well what was I to do?? I of course did as instructed until I unloaded my cum deep in my wife’s pussy. And of course I was then made to clean up afterwards.. we went to bed and slept until the tannoy announced breakfast was served.. we never saw phil over breakfast or at disembarkation and so far haven’t met him or heard from him again sadly..