Written by Dirtyoldguy

10 Oct 2013

As discussed on previous posts, I was lucky enough to become involved with a girl at work after going out for a drunken night out with the team six months after she arrived on-site and very quickly became “friends with benefits”, I discovered straight away that although she was a lot younger than me (she was 32 and I was 55) she shared my love of absolute dirtiness, including teasing me when I was tied up and helpless. I also discovered within a short time of “seeing” her at work, that three other guys including my Manager Terry had already fucked her.

On my birthday last year, we had a great day at work and she had promised to give me a present I would like after work. She had teased me all day by “accidently” flashing her stocking tops to me during the day although not actually allowing me to do anything to her. As you can imagine, by the time we left work, I was horny as fuck.

We got to her house and had some wine and when I asked about my present, she told me that as I had been a good boy, I was to stand against the door in her living room. She told me that she was going to tease me and that I was really going to enjoy it.

As I stood against the door, she took out some of her stockings from a drawer and tied one end around my wrists tightly. She then looped the other end round a coat hook on the top of the door and pulled into my arms were tied up above my head. She then put one of the stockings over my eyes as a blindfold so that I could not see. By this time, my cock was rock hard.

As I stood there, I felt her undoing my belt and buttons on my trousers which she then let drop down. She then pulled down my boxers until they were around my ankles. She asked me to raise my leg and when I did, she pulled my trousers and boxers completely off. This left me feeling very exposed as although I still had a shirt and tie on, I was completely naked from the waist down.

I could feel her wrapping what I presumed were stocking around my ankles and then tied the other end around furniture so that my legs were slightly spread. As she finished doing that, she slapped my cock hard which left me throbbing.

I could hear noises but could not think what the noises were but shortly after, she told me to stick my tongue out. I did this and felt something being pushed against my tongue. I asked her what it was and she said “it’s my panties that I put on at 07:00 this morning and have been wearing all day at work. I know that you like them so I am going to make you lick them clean. Believe me, I nearly cum on the spot. She kept telling me to stick my tongue out further and I could feel and smell the panties as I was being made to lick them. After about five minutes, she pushed the now damp panties into my mouth. Wow!!

I heard her mobile phone ring and disappointingly, she answered the call and was speaking to someone while I was tied and unable to speak. I was starting to go soft when suddenly, I heard her laughing and telling whoever it was she was speaking to what she was up to. She told them who she had in her flat, what position I was in and what she was doing to me. After some more laughter, I heard her say “ok then, I will” and then she finished the call and left the room.

I could not ask her who she had been talking to as I still had a mouthful of her worn panties but this was soon forgotten when I heard her come back in and then felt a warm slippery feeling around my throbbing cock. She came up to my ear and explained that she had covered her hands in the same shaving foam that she used while shaving her pussy. This excited me so much, my legs were starting to shake. She stepped away and I could hear noises again but could not tell what they were.

Eventually, she came right up close to me and said this, “I was talking to one of my female friends earlier and I told her what I was up to. She is as dirty as me so asked me to take some pictures of you naked with your little cock out so that she can comment on it. I have taken them and already sent them to her. I bet she is already showing them round to both her male and female friends” While she was doing this, she was slowly wanking me with her shaving foam covered hands. I was very close to cumming especially after hearing about her dirty un-named mate.

She must have felt me getting harder because she slowed her wanking down and started to pull my nuts around with the other hand. She then said this: “ you think this is dirty and I know that you are loving it but I am going to tell you something really naughty that will make you explode so are you ready?” I only just managed to nod my head as I was so tense.

She started to milk me slowly and pull my foreskin right back really hard and while she done this said: Last month, I had Terry (our boss) around here and tied him up just like you against this same door. I also made him lick my panties but, I did not wank him, I just sucked his fat cock!. In fact, his cock is bigger than yours and so are his bollocks and when he eventually cum, he produced lots more spunk than your little cock produces and because I was kneeling in front of him, his spunk flew out all over my shoulders and tits and over the floor behind me” At that stage, my legs buckled and I just pumped my load out into her hand. She said “wow, that’s the biggest load you have ever shot out…..but its still not as much as Terry!! How horny is that?

Two days later, I started receiving e-mails from an unknown address with comments about the pictures of me they had seen of me tied up and my dick. More of those details in my next post. Thanks Joe