31 Dec 2016

The second time we met T was at our flat in London. L really loves T's cock. It isn't as long as mine but it's a bit thicker and different as he's circumcised. It was obvious L was really looking forward to seeing him (and it!) again. When she woke up on the morning he was due to arrive she was unbelievably horny and fucked me ferociously!

T arrived on an early flight. By the time he had cleared customs and immigration, got the train into town then got a taxi to our place, it was about 11am.

No sooner had he arrived than L got him naked on the premise that he obviously needed to freshen up with a shower after his journey. Needless to say, she joined him in the shower! I undressed and lay on the bed stroking my cock, watching them as she sucked his cock then he rimmed her arse and tongued her pussy. Then both of them joined me on the bed. Lying between us, a cock in each hand, L had a look of pure lust on her face. She sucked us both greedily, her head bobbing up and down on each of our cocks alternately.

I don't know how either of us managed not to erupt inside her mouth but, Just as I was on the point of not being able to hold back any longer, she slipped a condom on T's cock, straddled him and fucked him - furiously rocking backwards and forwards on top of him moaning each time his thick cock filled her cunt.

I let them both enjoy this frenzy for a few minutes - I was getting more and more turned on just watching them! When L started to tire and slow, I moved behind her, knelt between both their legs and slowly squeezed my cock inside her pussy alongside T's. She was so wet in there, I needn't have bothered with the lube!

As she slowly moved her hips savouring the feeling of two hard cocks inside her pussy, I dribbled some more of the lube between the cheeks of her arse, then slipped one, two, then three fingers inside her arsehole, loosening it up and making sure that it was thoroughly lubricated for my cock which I then eased into her tight little hole.

As I pushed deeper inside her, the combination of her tightness and the feel of T's cock in her pussy through the thin wall of skin between us, had me coming uncontrollably inside L's lovely arse. For her, the mix of my thrusting, throbbing, spurting cum inside her and of course T's cock filling her pussy brought on a shuddering orgasm.

I was completely spent and exhausted but, as soon as she got her breath back, L gamely went to work on T's cock skilfully using her tongue on his tip and shaft and her fingers on his balls to ensure that he came too - flooding her mouth with hot thick cum.

After all that exertion, we could probably have spent the rest of the day in bed but that would no doubt have led to more of the same! So we dragged ourselves out for lunch (or more lunch in L's case) and sightseeing!

As we showed T round the sites of London, it was a bit surreal - all of us thinking of the intense sex we had just had and that we were going to repeat it later! To add to our enjoyment, L managed to surreptitiously grope both of us during the day which just heightened our anticipation for later on.

After an early evening meal, we took L to a sex shop and made her pick out a really sexy outfit to wear later. She put it on when we got home and looked fabulous in a figure hugging black fishnet micro dress and crotchless black fishnet stockings.

T was so visibly aroused that L quickly stripped him and took him in her mouth. She gives exquisite blowjobs and I was getting massively turned watching the effect her tongue was having on T.

The black fishnet outfit was not only fantastic to look at but also provided very easy access to her pussy so I fucked her from behind as she used her mouth on T. Then we switched round and L looked me straight in the eye at the precise moment T rammed his cock into her. She knows that really turns me on!

T fucked her hard for about fifteen minutes while I prepared for some kinky stuff ... L got strapped naked to our Fetters bondage stool which left her totally exposed. She escaped quite lightly with a mild flogging while she sucked both of our cocks followed by some nipple clamps, an inflatable but plug and being tormented with various vibrators almost to the point of orgasm but always denied at the last moment!

After that we all retired to bed where for another bout of really steamy sex - only this time it was slower, more passionate and longer lasting. A couple of hours later, T went and slept in the next room.

The following morning L and I both woke up feeling really horny and it wasn't long before she had my cock inside her again. L was louder than usual to ensure that T would hear us in the next room. L finished me off quickly by straddling me, lifting herself up and pushing back my foreskin with her pussy lips and working just the tip of my cock hard with the opening of her cunt. She knows I can only take a minute or two of that without coming.

My cock had hardly stopped pumping when L got up, turned to face me, stark naked and brazenly told me she needed to get fucked by T! Then she went through to the next room and I listened as they fucked each other. Again, she was deliberately loud sending my imagination into overdrive as I tried to picture what they were doing to each other just a few feet away! T didn't last much longer than I had and, soon after she had drained him, L came back and fucked me again.

We later worked out that L had been fucked 16 times in the previous 24 hours which isn't bad considering all the time we wasted sightseeing!