Written by Don

3 May 2016

Back in the seventies my girlfriend and I used the tube a lot, I had no car so this mode of transport was cheap and ideal for us. We had been together for a while we wanked each other off in all the usual places teenagers do, bus shelters ,parks, cinemas and even the back of buses, we were used to being in semi public places but it didn't bother us.

We decided to go to the West end to see a film (hoping for a good session in the back row), it was winter time and we both had big coats on we got the tube and set off. It was rush hour so we had to stand for quite a few stops. We stood talking face to face and as the tube moved we kept bumping into each other, I held her tight and felt things starting to move down below, next time the tube lurched I gave her a big kiss and she retaliated with no problem.

As we kissed I undid the buttons on her coat no resistance and I pulled the hem of her dress up passed her stocking tops to her knickers, I rubbed her till I could feel her getting excited she pulled me closer so I knew there was no resistance, her hand was feeling me through my trousers I was ready to come but held back, all the people around hadn't got a a clue what was happening.

We carried on I moved her knickers over and got two fingers in , it was so exciting knowing where where or should we both come or wait for the cinema, I love wanking her when I can see her stockings and knickers with my fingers inside her, she squeeze d me should I come. It was so exciting I whispered we could do this again in the cinema, she agreed and within seconds I came.I pulled my fingers out and we left the tube, I went to the loo to clean up(best I could).

We left the station and she suggested a couple of drinks for me to calm down before going to the cinema as she was ready for another session, she explained she was on the verge of Cuming in the tube but held back my knickers are very damp and I want to cumm, we left and found a seat near the back, the lights where down and she immediately pulled her skirt up above her Knickers and opened her legs. Hope you enjoyed this as it is all true, things were different then if you want the next stage please comment.