Written by Cuminchelle

29 Jan 2015

I thought it might be an idea if I posted the first time I had a Turkish massage which was the start of things that ensured I loved all things Turkish, well as far as their men are concerned!

My hubby and I had booked a holiday twelve years years ago now to Olu Deniz and we spent the first few days finding out our area and enjoying the sun. I enjoyed the attention the Turkish guys gave me and I was surprised at how they singled me out for naughty talk when we were walking around the bars in the evening and we both enjoyed fantasising how the young guys would take me and use my body.

We enjoyed spending time in the bars with me flirting with the guys until late at night then we would head back to our rooms and role play the young guys joining us and fucking me as my hubby watched as they came deep inside me fucking me with their virile bodies until I could take no more and hubby pushed his rock hard cock up me to mingle with their imaginary sperm!

We enjoyed this for the first few days until during a particularly horny drunken session I suggested I wanted to feel a young cock inside me making me come. Hubby jumped at the idea and said we could speak with Mahmut the next day as he said his cousin had a massage parlour and if we wanted we should contact him for a massage.

We both went the next day and Mahmut arranged for us to go at around nine pm that night. We went out at seven and had I had several Black Russians and ended up a little tiddly. By about 8.30pm we were outside the massage parlour and went inside with hubby asking for the friend of Mahmut as he had arranged for me to be massaged by him. I was very pleased to see a younger man of about 30 or so who came to greet us and said to hubby that he would take me away and prepare me for the massage and for him to wait in the cubicle across the corridor.

I went with Hasan and he showed me to a room where in undressed and put my clothes in a locker and put on a robe with nothing on underneath except a pair of paper like panties which basically covered nothing as they were like a G string at the front and back with a strip of paper covering my bum and my pussy lips.

I was tingling at the thought of this younger man massaging me and I went into the room Hasan showed me and looked at my hubby who just smiled and said are you okay with this?

Yes I told him and I lay down on my front as Hasan removed my robe and I was naked except for a pair of paper knickers. I must admit my pussy was a little wet at the thought of this handsome man who was a good ten years younger than me massaging my almost naked body.

I lay on my front and Hasan began by putting a towel across by bum and pouring oil on my back and I guessed his hands also and began massaging my shoulders and moved down my back. He massaged my neck and arms and then moved down towards my bottom and I felt a thrill as his hands pushed underneath the towel and massaged my buttocks.

He then moved to my legs and thighs and pushed his hands underneath my thighs and lower to my knees and then back up towards my inner thighs and he brushed very lightly but very quickly against my pussy lips.

It was such a quick brush I was not sure it had happened at first but then he quickly repeated the process and I let out a little moan and opened my thighs ever so slightly welcoming his touch.

He did no more than move his hands away from my thighs to my feet and proceeded to give me a beautiful for massage which had me breathing heavily and I opened my legs a little further.

Hasan then moved his hands higher and began to work his hands underneath my towel and give my buttocks a real hard massage and his fingers kept brushing into my anus and also my pussy lips which were now wet. He must have had a lot of experience of getting middle aged ladies aroused and when he touched my outer pussy lips I groaned and asked my hubby if it was okay for him to remove the towel which he promptly did and also removed my paper knickers.

Hasan the began to massage my bottom in earnest and he opened my bottom and massaged me very close to my anus as then he began to push both his hands down the outside of my pussy lips and then he began to massage my pussy lips and I opened my legs further as he began to massage my pussy openly and push His rough fingers inside me.

I began to groan and opened my legs wider and Hasan took this as a signal to push a finger into my anus and fingers inside my pussy whilst rubbing my clit. I knew I. Was going to come soon!

Hasan took his fingers from my bottom and inserted what felt like several fingers inside my pussy as he began to work my wet pussy with his fingers and rub my clit. I was breathing heavily as I began to feel the familiar convulsing of my pussy and the hot feeling that I was going to come.

Hasan worked my pussy and my clit and I began to convulse and shout that I was coming against his fingers and for him to fuck my pussy with his fingers as I came!

I jerked as his fingers fucked my pussy and rubbed my clit and I came hard against his hand as he continued to rub my pussy. I kept coming and I enjoyed his fingers deep inside me as I came against his hand.

Hasan continued to play with my pussy as I came down from my orgasm, then he asked me to turn over onto my back and as I did so I saw the large bulge in his shorts. I asked if I could play with him and both Hasan and hubby said yes so I pulled the top of his shorts down to reveal a lovely circumcised cock slightly longer than than my hubby's but a little fatter also.

Hasan laid me back and pulled down his shorts and knelt on the table and lifted my legs and I looked into hubby's eyes as Hasan fed his hard cock into my open wet pussy.

I looked at hubby as Hasan began to move his prick inside me, fucking it up hard into me then withdrawing almost to the end as his tip left my lips then pushed deep back inside me. I gasped as he fucked me then he began to speed up. He held my legs open wide and began to fuck me hard. Opening my pussy lips with his cock as he fucked it up me. I could feel my orgasm building as he fucked his cock into me I began to come as he jerked against my bottom as his come began to flood inside me. He was moaning in Turkish as I came again as his sperm shot deep inside me forcing his seed up into me deeply.

I came hard against him as Hasans cock convulsed in my pussy. He jerked one last time and then pulled his prick from me, and I felt the familiar penis of my husband inside me as he began to fuck me hard and fast. I tried to come against him but he was too fast and I guess he was excited by watching this younger guy fuck me and come inside me. Hubby jerked inside me and I felt his cock stiffen as he shot his sperm up deep inside me and added it to Hasans sperm. Hubby pulled out his cock and I felt both their sperm run out of my pussy onto the massage table.

Hubby went down on me and began to lick my pussy and clit and inserted his fingers inside me as I began to feel the building of another orgasm inside me. He licked me until I began to cry out I was going to come then he pushed more fingers up me lifted his head and kissed me hard depositing both his sperm and Hansan inside my mouth and I came noisily.

We calmed down afterwards and we all spoke about the experience and agreed it was something we all enjoyed, particularly me and hubby however I am sure Hasan had done this type of thing many times before with mature English ladies!

But for me this was the start of me loving everything Turkish, particularly when it involved younger Turkish guys, massages, night clubs, party trips, bar crawls etc.

We spent the next twelve years going back to Turkey on holiday or business together and have enjoyed lots of experiences both together and separately. Well me separately anyway!!!

Hubby loves my tales of sexual exploits and loves taking me back to the areas we have come to love as he watches me engage in my favourite hobby of having sex with younger guys as he watches.