Written by sue

28 Jul 2017

a few months ago ,me and my husband were on holiday in turkey , I am in my late 40s but still have a decent body ,size 12 ,my tits are still a decent size and fairly firm , I always keep my pussy smooth and have decent legs which I like to show off in short dresses or skirts , age is just a number to us as long as you feel young .

anyhow after about 5 days I had a decent tan , my only white bit is where my bikini bottoms where. we were by the pool when a young local lad about 20 asked if we fancied a massage , at first we said no thanks , but an hour later my husband , said go for it , and try teasing him see what happens . we called him over and arranged it . I put my top back on and went with him . in the steam room I lay on the table I also took my top off again just leaving my string bikini bottoms on.

he started the massage and as it went on I relaxed , I lay face down and as he worked me I started feeling a bit turned on ,as he did my legs near my pussy ,his fingers some times rubbed it , he got me to turn over , and as he massaged my front , my nipples became hard , again he did my legs up my thighs , then higher ,my stomach then my tits , as he rubbed them I reached down , undid my bikini and started touching myself ,, he looked down and smiled ,saying you want extras. I said yes please , at that he left the room , I took my bikini bottoms off and 2 mins later he came back in naked , he wasn't hard but it was big , this time he stood near my head , he reached down ,put his hands on my stomach again ,started massaging me , his hands went further down to my pussy , as he rubbed oil on me his cock was touching my face so I took him in my mouth and got him hard , I was sucking him as he fingered me , then he climbed on the table between my legs and we had sex for about 20 mins , I came a few times and as he came he pulled out ,moved up me and came in my mouth .

after we had finished he continued the massage , lingering around my now wet pussy , making me come again with his fingers ,

it didn't happen again but he didn't charge me either