4 Aug 2018

The next shift with Amanda (name changed) was again two weeks. This time the nurse said Amanda had said my reflexology was helping her irritable bowel syndrome, and she was happy for me to take 45 minutes as I was so caring and kind. I kept a straight face and thanked her. 02:00 went up again to the top floor, Amanda relined, so massaged the feet for 18 minutes and only going just above the knee and back. I wondered if the nurse had told her about my 25-minute extension, but her restlessness and look of disappointment told me not. I felt a terrible tease, my fob bleeped and I said was that ok, I got a meek "Yes thank you" as she closed the recliner and stood up. I then said now for my 25-minute extension from the nurse. unbuttoned her work tunic, the only thing she had on and kissed her fully on the mouth, tongues meeting. kissed her neck as I played with her very wet pussy. she came as I licked and lightly sucked the left then the right nipple. I opened my tunic which was velcro (very Full Monty) she gave a squeal of delight as she saw my nipples were pierced and bit them lightly. This really turned me on, I pushed Amanda back on the recliner, lifted both legs as I pushed her and the recliner back, I undid my trousers (no pants) and pushed my erection straight into Amanda's very wet pussy. the next 20 minutes was a full-on animalistic shag. She had told me before that she has had a hysterectomy so I came deep inside her pussy. I got up then went down and licked my cum and Amanda to another climax, then Amanda got up kneeled down and sucked the last evidence of our lust away, just as my 45 minutes were up. I had not expected this level of mutual sexual lust, but then again never expected how it would develop in the weeks ahead......................... Please let me know if you like and want more.......... Oh and there is a lot more to cum (pun intended) and all true (apart from the name change). FreeDiver69 xxx