Written by jockweiler

31 Jan 2008

Just something that happened a while ago:

We live in the countryside in a small hamlet. Four houses in an unmade lane with ours at the top then two semis and another at beginning of lane. The middle semi had a youngish couple and their two kids living there. She was aloof and blonde and had a very tasty body that I had admired. The first time we had chatted was round their house for drinks and they had had a row prior to our arrival. It was icy in there if you know what I mean. Anyway this made what I am about to tell you all the more unexpected. I was walking up the lane a week or so later , and heard her calling hello from her front upstairs window. She was leaning out of the window and had an odd look about her. She was wearing what appeared to be a black with white polka -dot tight fitting top and a lot of cleavage on show. This was out of character to say the least..what little I knew of her character that is.

I asked her where her hubby and boys were and she said he\\\'d taken them into town. I was thinking very horny thoughts and wondering what to say next...then thought \\\"fuck it..just ask\\\". I must admit I did not give much thought to consequences of wife , other neighbours etc.

I asked her if she was all alone and she just said \\\'yes\\\'.

I then asked if her door was open..(lol..the pun was not intended!!).

I looked at her long and hard and she didn\\\'t flinch so I said \\\"stay exactly as you are \\\"...

I was at her door trying the handle in seconds and sure enough it was open. I closed it quietly and climbed the stairs..she was , as I had asked still in the same position, and in fact was kneeling on a dressing table stool still looking out. She looked back behind her quickly then turned to face outwards again. The really arousing thing here was that she had nothing else on except this tight \\\'body\\\' which had a thong type bottom showing a very rounded ass and disappearing exactly where I wanted to be!!

I put my hands on her ass cheeks and she flinched , tensed , then relaxed...so thus I felt invited and knelt behind her burying my face in her pussy and ass. I was licking and sucking and making a bit of a pig of myself and she was wriggling around which made me bolder. I just pulled her body thong aside exposing a very lush pussy and a lovely tight asshole. It was mere seconds before I stepped out of my trousers and boxers and was pushing my cock at her...at this point she wanted to see and twisted round to look but stayed more or less with her rear presented. Her tongue was licking her lips and mouth open and she had a \\\'fuck me\\\' look in her eyes..or that again was my interpretation. So , minutes from being outside on the pathway, I was sliding into her from behind in one long slow stroke! I couldn\\\'t believe it !! I fucked her long and hard as I could and fingered her little asshole with one hand and her clitorus with the other.

It was obvious she was enjoying it as she was pushing back against me vigorously...gawd knows what her face looked like from outside ! I rammed her till I came inside her, filling her with what felt like a scalding shot of semen. and Judging by the convulsions and shaking and the shout she gave, she \\\'came\\\' too. I stood with my cock gently pumping into her and rested my arms around her giving her a light kiss between her shoulder blades. All she said after a few seconds was \\\"I needed that and by the feel of it so did you !\\\" I pulled out and my semen was oozing out after me, yet still she stayed at the window on her stool. I asked her if I should go and she said \\\'yes\\\'..so I did after sliding her thong back into position ..to me it looked great and is an abiding memory as my \\\'cum\\\' eased round its edges and trickled on down.

I pulled on my trousers and left the same way I\\\'d come. Back on the path , she was still there and it was tempting to wonder if it had actually happened..but her face told the truth! I smiled , blew her a kiss and she playfully caught it and licked her fingers length. I carried on my way and looking back she had gone inside........