15 Jul 2015

It has been a couple of years since I posted on here as I have been going about my life but I have continued to read the stories as they always turn me on.

I am now in my late 30’s, work out regularly to keep in shape and have found that the biggest turn on for me is when I pursue and get a guy who would be otherwise unattainable, usually they are happily married and not inclined to have an extramarital affair.

I have been single now for over 10 years and have a job that allows me to move around companies and not build up a reputation. I work for a software company as a training specialist where I am embedded in the company usually for a month while I train a few key staff on the software.

Most guys still find me attractive even though I am past my prime , I work out regularly to keep in shape and gravity has not affected me too much as I have small B cup breasts. I regularly get guys hitting on me but these days my main interest is in pursuing unattainable men as when I succeed the orgasms are overwhelming. Usually when I go to a new firm I quickly size up the guys to determine who might fit my criteria. The job gives me plenty of opportunity to work intimately with the guys I pursue and I have the usual flirts that I try on.

This story is about my hardest conquest so far.

Joe worked in a business development role and was assigned to complete my training so that he could then train the rest of the company. He is about 35 years old, fit and about 5 feet 10 inches tall and was married with two young children – just my type and I was instantly attracted to him.

On my first day I was very conservatively dressed to make the right impression and we chatted generally about our live. He was happily married having met his wife in senior school. I realised he was going to be difficult to seduce but this just made me more excited and determined.

I had two weeks in his office and over the first week I slowly ramped up, flirting a little with him, just the usual compliments, touching him lightly, complimenting him etc. The good thing about my job is that you sit very closely together looking at the joint monitors and inadvertent touches happen continuously as you hand over the mouse etc.

By the start of the 2nd week I thought I had made good progress as we were getting on well together and I stepped it up a notch complimenting him on his body and turning the topic to sex when the opportunity arrived. I was completely tuned on by this time and was looking forward to each day. As the week progressed I could not get Joe to engage further and I was starting to worry I would not get him. By Thursday it was not looking good and I was getting very frustrated so I decided to ask him to lunch on Friday under the pretext that it was paid by my company and was an end of training celebration.

Friday morning I dressed sexily in a tight black business skirt with white button up blouse and no bra. I have smallish boobs but my sensitive nipples make up the difference and protrude up to 2 cm when aroused and I knew he could not help but notice them restrained in my blouse.

We completed the training in the morning and I was pleased to see that he kept sneaking furtive looks at my nipples through my shirt. I ignored his looks but was excited that he was showing an interest and of course this just made my nipples harder straining against the restrictive cotton of my blouse. I could also see stirrings in his pants and by lunchtime I was quite aroused and planning to drag him back to my flat after our lunch. We got to the restaurant and ordered our meal and each had a wine to loosen things up further, everything was going well. We talked further and I moved the subject to sex talking about my current status and how I was very horny not having had sex for a couple of months. I joked that maybe he could help me out but he just laughed it off and we continued chatting. By the end of the meal I was getting a bit desperate and thought I would give it one last try in the car park.

As we walked up to the car I stopped and leaned against the car, he walked up to me so grabbed his tie and pulled him to me kissing him passionately, he responded at first and I could feel his erection pressed into me but then he pulled away and muttered that he couldn’t – he was married. I tried again but he was determined and he drove back to work. I had finished the training so I had no excuse for staying and we parted, I was very disappointed and sexually frustrated but there was nothing else to do.

The next 2 weeks I was at a another company with no real prospects so I was feeling further frustrated when about a week in Joe gave me a call to ask some more questions after they had been using our software for a while on their own. He asked me if I could come in for a half day to give further training. I was already committed but said if he could work late I would come over at 4pm and work through till 7. I told him that I played netball over his way on Wednesday nights and I would go straight to the netball after the training.

Wednesday arrived and I turned up at the office as planned, we started working through the software issues. I had deliberately not worn a bra again but this time I left a couple of button loose on my loose blouse. Again I noticed he was sneaking quick glances down my top and my nipples were soon hard again and this time not restrained by my top so they stuck out the full 2 cm. About 6 everyone else had gone home and I said I needed to put on my netball skirt ready for the game.

I went to the loo changing into my skirt but removing my panties and leaving my loose blouse on, my pussy was wet and aching with the sexual tension as I walked back out to Joe’s desk.

We continued to work for a couple of minutes when I stopped as Joe was blatantly staring down my top looking at my nipples.

I smiled at him and asked him if he like what he saw.

He responded by saying they were exquisite.

I asked him if he would like a closer look.

He just mumbled something so I took the initiative and spun him on his desk chair and straddled him opening my top and pushing my right nipple into his mouth. He was sucking and licking for all he was worth which sent me into overdrive as I grinded my pussy into his lap. I could feel how hard he was through his pants so while he sucked I worked to release his cock. Once free I quickly lowered onto his cock feeling its hardness inside me as he pulsed with passion. We both only lasted 30 seconds before he was filling me with cum and I orgasmed to a mighty climax.

I left him in me as he went soft catching my breath then slowly kissed my way down his body till I took his limp cock in my mouth tasting our combined juices. After 10 minutes he was hard again and I bent over the desk inviting him to fuck me again, it is still my favourite position and he fucked me hard with long strokes for a further 10 minutes before we both had orgasmed again.

We then cleaned up and went our separate ways but it was a great pursuit.