Written by Jonathan Wong

14 Mar 2018


This is a continuation from yesterday. Think I should be getting into the good bits now ...

So a married couple whom I’d known for some time, James and Kate had offered for me to join them. I was a little surprised but desperately intrigued. After I text Kate to say I was intrested it must have been about an hour I sat by my phone waiting for a reply.

She called me and said her and James were delighted I’d join them. Obviously as I was married at the time she said it would be discreet which I was greatful for. We arranged over the phone that I would go round during the afternoon while my husband would be working. For the next week it was all I thought of, imaging what was going to happen. Then finally the day came.

I finished up my jobs for the day and went over in good time. James opened the door and greeted me with a kiss, which made me blush. I went into the living room where Kate had made some cocktails, she also gave me a kiss on the cheek in greeting. James handed me a cocktail and I sat down on the sofa, James next to me and Kate opposit. We talked about what was going to happen for some time, about our likes and dislikes, but to be honest after getting bullied into sex by my husband for 12 Years I was just glad to have the choice. James said he was into watching Kate make love with other women and he would love to see us together.

Eventually, I noticed his hand had ventured onto my leg. His fingers gentle stroking my thigh. Even just something so small as that felt so nice compared to my husbands brute force takedowns. He took my hand and guided me to there bedroom, with Kate following. It was a gorgeous homely room with huge double bed. He went and sat on a chair in the corner of the room and Kate come and stood next to me.

There was some slight tension but it was soon replaced with a passionate kiss from Kate. We began to undress with James eagle eyeing us. Kate had beautiful tits much bigger than mine and offered me one. I’m not really bisexual but they were delightful.

After a little touching and petting, Kate invited me to lie on the bed and gave me oral. I don’t think I’d ever had oral in about 10 Years from my husband. It felt incredible, just knowing there was someone as intrested in pleasing me as themselves. Soon James was sat groping my tits and bestowing me kisses which was very sweet.

After a while they swapped around and James was working me with his tongue. Kate came up onto the bed and I couldn’t help but fondle her breasts as we kissed.

After a while I felt James disappear, I then looked over the room and saw he was putting on a condom. He came back over and asked if I was ready to be fucked. Off course I nodded and smiled and he came in between my legs. He took it really slowly which I loved, he was attentive and caring as he penetrated me. With every thrust he kissed my neck and my tits. It was amazing. His thrusts got deeper and deeper until finally he put his full weight against me and I felt his cock pump inside me.

He lay back and thanked me for the privilege and me and Kate started fingering one another. This must have been her speciality by far, she got three fingers inside me, and was relentless. I had an orgasm which hadn’t happened in a long long time.

We lay there for about an hour afterward, I was between them and they both kissed and touched me. This was the first time I had had sex in years and felt special. James and Kate truly are a wonderful couple.

After I left that day James text me and said him and Kate really enjoyed my stay and would love to have me anytime. It was so wonderful to me knowing even thow I felt trapped in a loveless abusive marriage I had a save haven of sex with good friends. Our rendezvous continued for months and for the first time in my life I had some hope.