Written by Whitey1

12 Jan 2008


I have always enjoyed a bit of exhibitionism and coupled with my love of wearing sexy feminine lingerie has given me a lot of excitement of the years.

I was thinking about this as I fastened the last suspender to my stocking.

I turned to look at myself in the full length mirror, and once again was pleased at the view before me.

I was ready!

Most of my 'showing off ' has taken place in men's toilets, the ones that had a hole in the wall between the cubicles. Even as pre-teen I had enjoyed the thought of a man peering through the hole, and perhaps jerking off. And as I became older this idea had become even more me.

Lingerie had featured early on to me as well, trying on my mothers silky, satin slips etc, these for some reason gave me real buzz.

Years later, when married, I was able to stockings garter belts and brief panties. Then eventually I purchased some really sexy, almost tarty items. Wearing these made me hotter than ever, so I started visiting the toilets more frequently.

This tale is an example of the events that used to occur.

So one last look, and I give the tiny Lacey triangle of my g-string a little rub.I feel a tingle in my balls and , my member, encased inside this piece of nylon, responds by stiffening a little. Reluctantly I have to stop otherwise it will not fit back into these tiny panties.

It was time to cover up, so I pull on my outer clothes.

I make my way to one of my favourite toilets. As I entered I noted that it was empty and that all three cubicles were unoccupied. So I made my way to the middle cubicle, and locked the door behind me.

I chose this one because the wall on my right had a small spy hole in it. The wall on my left though had quite a large hole, about 3-4 inches in diameter. This was where I was hoping for all the action!

I removed all my street clothes, and was soon standing naked except for a garter belt, black stockings and the tiny g-string.

The anticipation and excitement was now making my cock grow, and before long was rock hard and poking right out of the tiny panties.

It was aching to be touched, so I began to gently stroke it. It felt so good as I had hardly touched myself since dressing up about an hour and half ago.

It must have been about 15 or 20 mins before anyone came in, finally just as was about go home a guy entered the cubicle on my left.

It took a minute or two checking each other, peering into the hole, before he stood up and showed me his very nice cut cock.He slowly stroked it, I moved closer to the hole in order to get a good view and also so that he could see me looking.

After a while he sat down and pressed his face up close to the hole. I stood up and with my back against the wall posed for him. My cock was rock hard poking right up out the top of my little g-string.

It felt so so good, I could see his eye looking me up and down. I think he liked the look of me in my sexy lingerie outfit.

Now I could detect a rhythmical movement from the shadowy shape at the hole; he was wanking!

This was making feel so great, so very horny. I turned around to show my sexy backside, framed so beautifully by those wonderful suspenders. I again posed in all sorts of positions, before turning to face him again.

I began to lightly stroke the head of my penis concentrating on the glans. Looking down at him I noticed the movement was much more pronounced, and speed much quicker; I could even hear his heavy breathing now.

I moved away from the hole, but he did not.

I put my eye close to it, but still he stayed there. It was obvious that he still wanted to look at me, oh what joy!

What a slutty exhibitionist I was! The only shame was that I could not see all his reactions, but there was enough to really get me hot; and boy was I hot!

I was posing again, my hand thrust inside my panties cupping my balls and stroking my rigid cock with the other.

Then slowly I pulled down the triangular piece of material.

His breathing seemed to have become louder, and the movement in the hole even more frantic.

He was close and I did not want miss it, it would be a shame for all his creamy cum to finish up on the toilet floor.

I sat down and gestured for him to show his prick. After about 30 seconds he stood up and thrust it straight into the hole.

The head was glistening, obviously from a fair quantity of pre-cum. I put my hand around the engorged shaft, it felt so hard, and so slippery from the pre-cum.

I knew I had to taste him, so I lowered my head and pushed my mouth over it. I flicked my tongue rapidly over the head.

Then I drew him in as far as I could, with a strong sucking action, and out again flicking the head once more.

I kept repeating this over and over. He kept pushing against me, he was filling my mouth with his hardness.

I sensed that he was close to cumming, so I quickened my pace fucking him with my mouth.

Then the first jet, and another he was spurting into me with some amazing force.

Soon my mouth was full of cock and his warm nectar, some began to run down my chin; I quickly swallowed.

I sucked and drained every last drop from him and when he was spent I released him.

I was quite close to cumming myself, pumping hard with my right hand now.

I heard a noise behind me, I turned still pumping with my right hand, as my left wiped the cum away from my chin. Looking up there was another guy in the other cubicle looking over the wall. As we looked at each other I licked the cum from hand, still wanking.

He whispered that he had really enjoyed the show and loved what I was wearing, he told to slow down and not to cum just yet.

I heard the guy at my left leave and with that the other one disappeared, and shortly heard him in the left hand cubicle.

He gestured for me to push my cock into the hole, obviously I wasted no time.

The warmth and wetness of his mouth as he sucked me was out of this world. The sensations as he alternated between sucking and licking me were stunning.

It was hard but I pulled away. I stood opposite the hole for a few seconds whilst I calmed down.

My prick was twitching like mad, I thought I might cum just standing there. I could see that he was eyeing me up and down.

I crouched down and whispered that I wanted to give his cock a good sucking before I shot my load.

He obliged, and I was soon giving the best blow job that I could; sucking, licking. flicking my tongue around the head of his beautiful prick.

Then we swapped again and it was his turn to service me, and boy what an engineer!

We continued like this for what must have been 20 mins. Then I reached the point where I felt ready to offload.

Once again I posed showing off my lingerie( he clearly appreciated what I was wearing, and I certainly appreciated being leered at) before I placed my throbbing, dripping cock into the hole.

I was so totally horny by now that it seemed to only take a few seconds before I was pumping all my semen into his mouth. He was sucking and slurping as I filled his mouth with all my creamy cum. I felt so good to be sucked dry, to every last drop drained from me.

Eventually I pulled away and slumped back against the other wall.

His face was still at the hole and I heard him groan as he shot his load. I imagined all his creamy cum running down the wall. It was a shame that I could not have held on and have him shoot into my mouth.

I was just being greedy, and I was certainly more than satisfied!

It had proved to be a fantastic morning, I did not always have such luck.

I got dressed and went home with enough time to hide all my gear before my wife came home from shopping.