Written by Trainer

27 Jan 2018

It was a strange evening I got all dressed up to go to the local meeting with other like minded ‘girls’. I’d also tried to set up a dogging meet with a bi-guy for afterwards.

I left the meeting early and set off to the agreed meet spot, a brand café on the far side of our town. I don’t know why I checked my phone because I hadn’t given him my number I have difficulty in accessing one email account on my smart-phone. I sat in the car park for around 15 minutes, before I decided to go inside and get a coffee. I was nervous, because I’ve really only been to ‘meetings’ dressed, so this was quite a first and on top of that I do have a very deep male voice, which I don’t try to hide. But I asked for my coffee and the barista didn’t blink, he wasn’t bothered and that settled me down. I looked around, there were quite a few other people in, I was surprised, given the time of night which it was. I went over and sat at one side where I could see cars arriving, in case he turned up, so I saw the two lovely young women arrive in their BMW SUV, they exited their car and walked over to the café, both were around 5’3”/4”, although one had heels on which had to be 4” if not a bit higher and both were a lovely ebony colour, one with bleached blonde long hair and her friend a great black afro, the blonde had lots of ‘gold hung around her neck, almost making her a female ‘Mr T’.

They entered the café at which point I returned to looking at my phone, so I didn’t notice the black haired one approach me and ask if she could sit at the table next to where I was sat, polite, but I wondered why she had asked!

Her mate joined her along with their drinks and they sat chatting to each other for a few minutes before the blonde turned and asked me why I was alone. I didn’t really want to chat, as I wasn’t sure how to carry the conversation, but Daphne, insisted on carrying on a conversation with me whether or not I wanted to or even joined in. it was Celia, who got my attention by asking about my make-up. I love talking about make-up so I then entered into the talk, soon we were chatting like old friends.

I’d nearly finished my coffee, when Daphne said she needed to toilet, she stood up and told me to join her, I looked quizzingly at her, only to be told that women should always be accompanied when going to the loo. I looked at Celia, who just nodded for me to go, so I joined her in the toilet, she dropped her leggings and panties, below her knees then sat on the pan, I heard her gushing, she carried on chatting to me all the while. When she finished I expected her to paper herself, but instead she pulled herself to the edge of the toilet and lifted her top, showing me her sex for the first time, I still have her words ringing in my mind, “C’mon girl, get down and clean me!” I dropped down and buried my face into her, of course the first few licks were to clean her, but her hands on the back of my head told me she wanted more and I was more than willing to oblige. I probably chewed her for five minutes maybe a little longer, she had a couple of ‘o’s before she stood up and re-dressed, at this point I realised that I also needed to pee and told her. She told me matter of fact, she didn’t have any interest in seeing my bits and let herself out of the toilet. I relocked the door and pee’d, when I got out, I looked over to the table, both of them had gone, as I got to the door I watched them climb back into their car and drive off.