Written by Cheeky Bii Dabble

12 Feb 2019

I was away on a training couse in Aberdeen , it was only an attendance course but one to tick off for my job .

The course was fun with plenty of laughs , banter and drinkies .

Ive been to Aberdeen a few times , i know its got a gay/bi scene, i decided to leave my course mates in the hotel, a short cab ride to a well known bi / gay club bar , when i arrived i was told by the doorman that it was a girls night but i could go in , as you can imagine lots of flamboyant ladies of all shapes and sizes being by myself i had a few playful vocal comments from some of the girls , it was a big bar walking around there were plenty of darkened areas that were occupied by frisky likeminded ladies.

I was going to neck my pint and leave when i saw another man by himself , meandering my way through the ladies to have a chat to another male was a challenge, the guy was friendly the drinks flowed he excussed himself to go the loo , he told me the toilets up stairs were quieter , it was getting late so i thought if i was going to have a fumble with my new friend i had to go for it , i made my way upstairs into the “gents “ - Carl was at the stones a quick smile and a glimpse down at his cock was worth the look not the biggest cock but not bad , i thought fuck it i went for a grope , and was growing with my touch , he returned the favour we were touching and wanking each other , then Carl got on his knees and took me in his mouth ,he sucked away then the loo door opened and there were 2 girls , they never batted an eyelid they said dont mind us we are gagging for a pee, carl never missed a suck infact he slurped and gagged on my cock with more gusto.

Then unexpectingly , the girls were watching us , they started kissing each other , then rubbing each others tits and crotch , with the odd vocal suck his cock comment thrown in , i changed places with carl , i was sucking his cock , the vibe was hot and carl grunted and came in my mouth .

I slurped it up the girls heavy petting was a bit intense, with her hand down her mates jeans it left nothing to the imagination that he was frigging the life out of her snatch .

With a euphoric squeal and heavy panting she came .

It was time for us to leave , no thank yous , no claps or cheers they were still engrossed with their own fun.

Who would have thought it ,2 bi or gay couples getting themselves off .

A memorable ending to a great evening .