Written by Sherri_19

11 Oct 2017

I have a fiancée who i love , our sex life is fun , i do like the role play genres. Anyway we also like watch porn together , dont get me wrong seeing a girl being fucked by big dicked studs does get me off , but secretly i have been getting turned on by the girl / girl action and i must admit when ive come home from work and D is at work , i put the girlie porn on , i dont even get a chance to use my vibrator my finger bring me off very quickly mmmm. I have thought how could i put my fantasy into reality , well i had a look at SH chat rooms , i went to a couples room and with in minutes i was getting asked what i was looking for , then

a girl said hi to me we past pleasantries she asked could we move to a private room , we sorted out a password then we got chatting , she was in a relationship but she wanted something else , now i did think she could have been playing me and this was her thing to get off on , but i thought fuck it lets see were this goes , i checked out her profile she was older than me , lovely figure and it said she was bi curious.

I told her i was in a relationship but also wanted something to “scratch my itch” if you know what i mean . Then i just blurted it out i said i was getting turned on watching girl on girl porn , she said tell me more , my shyness kicked in and she said she was curious too , i was hooked and i was getting wet she asked where i was located and it was only 15 mins away , she asked could we meet up for some fun , she said it was just for the sex use each other and then leave . This all took place about 10 days ago and i met up with Jan on Sunday my fella was in London with friends . We had exchanged phone numbers the plan was to meet up and as she said “do it in the car “ , my pussy was dripping with lust , we arranged to late afternoon ish at a nature reserve carpark , plenty of places to park , my head was spinning i had many a sexual experiance in the back of a car but this was on a different level . I dressed believe it or not for easy access , skirt , blouse, matching underwear. She told me she drove a black BMW , i got there early , i thought am i fuckin desperate or what , then i saw her car she flashed her lights and parked up , my heart was thumping , her car was bigger than mine so i walked to hers , she let me in , she was in her 40s , she smelt lovely , we chatted for a bit she said we could chat on the phone were not here for chatting , she moved towards me and said kiss me , our lips met, gentle at first then full on , her hands went straight to my tits , plenty of moans i followed her lead , her boobs were a lot firmer than mine , we un buttoned our blouses and she pushed her bra up releasing her boobs , i removed my bra , our hands were everywhere, she tweeked my nipples hard between her thumb and finger , that always gets me going im a nipple twister when im playing with myself. I moved forward to lick her nipples , she liked that , she wanted to do the same , we stopped to lower the car seats down , as she was sucking on my nipple i felt her hand on my thigh then her fingers were rubbing my pussy thru my panties i was on the edge of coming , she pulled my panties to one side and with gentle fingers she found my clit , i was so wet she easily put 2 then 3 fingers in me , i told her i was going to cum , looking into her eyes she fingered me hard and fast flicking my clit then i was hit with a massive orgasm , it took my breath away , she said sit back with my skirt up around my waist she said i want to taste you , with my legs open wide she kissed the inside of my thighs , pulled my panties to one side , 2 finger entered my pussy then her tounge was licking my clit , firm licks, licking and sucking my clit , i started tweaking my nipple and i had another orgasm i was in heaven , she moved up to me and said kiss me , i could taste my juices on her mouth , she said its my turn , she pulled her skirt up and asked me to remove her panties , she said make me cum , with my head thinking about what was happening i followed her lead , straight to her pussy she was wet and tasted sweet , i licked her clit and pussy lips , she said finger fuck me , she loved it i was fucking her with 4 fingers she held onto my head pushing my mouth onto her pussy , her back arched and it was like she was holding her breath then she let out a moan and screamed lick me , this triggered off another orgasm , we lay there in a moment of passion , we didnt speak for a few minutes just held each other .....wow

We made ourselfs presentable , i said i realy enjoyed the experiance we have agreed to meet up again but next time will be in a hotel . We said our goodbyes , i drove home and run myself a hot bath within minutes of relaxing in the water my fingers were playing with my pussy and nipples , i love my man , cant i just tick that box and move on , im tempted to meet up again what should i do ?

I would like some male and female opinions please .......what do i do