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Unexpected wedding surprise

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Am Charlotte or Charlie to my friends my husband George has submitted a couple of stories of late on here regarding some fun we’ve had with another man joining us a few times Danny is his name & I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading them as I have but it was better fun being involved.

I thought I would give you my side of an adventure that came as a surprise at a friends wedding we got invited to a few years back.

A work colleague of mine was getting married & myself & George was invited to the whole day so was a great excuse to get dressed up & have a night or two away as they were getting married in the Lake District which was about 4 hours away from where we lived.We travelled up on the Friday & the hotel had all the works etc spa,gym which we used & chilled out on the Friday evening so there wasn’t any rush on the Saturday.

Saturday morning came & we had breakfast & started getting ready when I was in the bath doing all the girly stuff & also trimming my pussy hair to make it nice & smooth as am sure George & myself would be fucking well later,when I heard a knock on the door & George answer & say thanks for that & shut the door.Who was that I shouted & George said just a special delivery I’ve ordered for you which had my mind racing so I quickly finished what I was doing & wrapped a towel round me & went to see what the special delivery was.

I walked into room to see a box on bed,what’s that I asked & George said a present for you as it’s a special occasion.i went & opened it & it was stockings,french knickers & a black basque with suspender straps on it(the same as picture I posted the other day) mmm very nice I said & I suppose you will be fucking me in it later I laughed,of course said George.

George then went in to shower to start getting ready himself & I thought as he had been so nice to me I would treat him.George came out bathroom with towel wrapped around his lower half & I stood up & walked towards him & pulled towel away saying no need for this before rubbing his cock & getting on my knees & started to lick his cock up & down shaft feeling it getting harder & harder before licking round his big purple helmet & that’s what I love about his cock as he’s cut he has a massive head on his cock,I then start taken it in my mouth & wanking him into my mouth,I stop doing it & tell him to lie on bed & get in between his legs & spit on his cock before taken it in my mouth again before playing with his balls & George is moaning a lot,I then start taken his balls into my mouth while wanking him before for the 1st time we’ve ever done this I start to rim him & he says omg & I stop & say don’t you mind & he says no it feels so good & I tell him I would love to share doing this to you with another man or woman & I go back to sticking my tongue round his arsehole before putting it in & wanking him.George tells me he’s going cum before I wrap my lips around his bellend & take the whole lot in my mouth & swallow the lot.Hope you enjoyed hubby I say & I think it’s time to get ready & go to wedding.Wow he says & that was unbelievable.

We get ready I put on underwear he’s bought me with stiletto heals & a short leather dress which I ask George to zip up which he does & he says I can’t wait to get you out of this later ,me too I laugh.

Wedding goes ahead & we then sat on a table with 4 other couples ages ranging from mid 20s to mid 50s it’s all small chit chat to start with until after a couple hours of drinking people loosen up & 1 of the couples we seem to be getting on with better & names are Lewis & Dawn & in early 30s & am chatting a lot to Lewis when I notice a message from George on phone that’s says think you have a new admirer which I reply you jealous 🤣🤣 & he comes back with no as I will be fucking you later.

At night more guest appear & there’s a disco & I have a dance with Lewis & he’s grabbing my arse & trying to pull me into him which I let him have a nice feel.The night is coming to an end when George & myself say it’s time for us to go to bed & George says to Lewis looks like am in for a better night then you mate nodding to Dawn asleep on a chair.

We get into lift & we have a deep snog with George’s hands all over me,we get into room & I lean forward against table & you can unzip now hubby which he says at last & unzips dress & I step out of it & he grabs me from behind & I push my arse against him mmmm I say you should have heard what Lewis said he would like to do to me I say oh you never told me earlier & I said I was going tell you when you was fucking me when all of a sudden a friend request came on my phone from Lewis with a message what you up too,reply George says which I put just going to bed with my hubby to finish a good couple of nights away & he sent an unhappy face back when George said send him room number & see if he fancy’s a drink within 5 minutes there’s a knock on the door & George goes to answer & I put a dressing gown on & sit on bed.

Lewis comes into room & George offers us both a drink & am sat on bed & notice Lewis looking at tops of stockings you can see & we having boring chit chat when I get up & say am bored now & grab George & kiss him full on the mouth when Lewis says oh shall I go then & leave you & I say you can if you want & you must have been all talk downstairs & I go back to kissing George & I undo dressing gown & let it fall so am just in underwear stockings & heels.Lewis then comes up behind me & starts kissing me neck,now that’s better I say as I push back against him while his & Georges hand rubbing on my body.

I pull away & sit on end of bed & say you 2 boring blokes going get clothes off & join me or do I have to see to myself as I step out of pants open my legs & start playing with myself.

George & Lewis soon get undressed & I say mmm there’s something I can work with reaching for there hard cocks before wanking them slowly before taken Lewis cock into my mouth while still wanking George ,I swap both cocks into my mouth & both men moaning,when George tells Lewis to sit on side of me & him the other & tells me to put one leg over each of them which I do & they both starts sucking my tits,kissing me & playing with my pussy at times I’ve fingers inside of me & am sure it was both men’s fingers & at time some rubbing my clit & I am dripping wet you could hear me squelching when I start screaming am going cum & for 1st time in my life I start to squirt & it’s unbelievable.

George then gets in between my legs & start to lick my pussy,putting his tongue deep in me & his fingers rubbing my clit & I tell Lewis to give me his cock in my mouth & to fuck it which he does & am gagging on it when I shout am cumming again & I now need fucking who’s doing me 1st I ask.Georges says as Lewis is guest I think he should go 1st.

So I get on all fours & tell Lewis to get behind me & tease my pussy until I tell him to put it in which he does & it feels So I then say put it in all the way but don’t move which he does ohhh that’s good a say to George but don’t move Lewis I want to fuck it at me speed which I then start moving slowly up & down it back & forth,you enjoying Lewis I say & I bet you dying to grab my hips & fuck me hard oh yes Charlie he says your such a cock tease & I laugh while watching hubby wank next to me.Back & forth on his cock moaning more telling Lewis am close to cumming again & when I do I want him to fuck me hard so be ready i start to cum & tell him now fuck me hard ,he grabs my hips & really starts pumping away & my heads right deep into pillow & my arse stuck right in the air while Lewis is fucking me hard & slapping my arse & says he’s going cum & I tell him just fill me up & I feel his cock twitching like mad & we both saying omg & he just leaves his cock in me for a couple of minutes before I pull forward & say to George it’s all about you know & how would you like me when he says I want you to ride me so i straddle him & hold his cock & slide it into me rocking back & forth to start with & say to him can you feel Lewis spunk & he’s says yes it’s running down my cock I start to get faster & he says swap round so you reserve cowboy which I do & start really to ride his cock deep & start to cum all over my husband’s cock when he grabs arse & tells me he’s cumming as well & it feels like he’s cumming for ages,I slid out of him & lie back on him & spread my legs either side of him & say to Lewis at least you did what you said you would do & look at how much spunk is sliding out of me all over my new stockings & I laugh.

Lewis then leaves & i undress & get into bed with hubby & we spoon when he starts playing with my tits & am rubbing my arse against his hardening cock & he pulls my leg over his & skids his cock into my throbbing pussy & slowly fucks me saying this is making love other stuff we do is fucking & I agree & tell him while that other stuff is great this is better,we both cum again & fall asleep.

We our woken in the morning with a knock on the door & I get up & put dressing gown on & answer door & its Dawn & Lewis when Dawn says can we come in & I say yes & open the curtains & I notice stockings,french knickers etc on floor,good night I laugh nervously thinking what’s she wants when she says I want to apologise for falling asleep & Lewis tells me you looked after him & he had a great night.George & I looked at each other & said no problem & it was a pleasure & maybe you should make it up to him .Which she said I did earlier & thanks again & left

Later that day I had a message from Lewis saying loved last night & Dawn sucked him & rode him this morning to make up & said I had a strange taste but a good one on my cock.

Hope you enjoy as much as we(I ) did but I still owe my hubby for all this cock he’s letting me have & maybe next story he will get what he deserves

Written by Redhead77

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