Written by Rather not say

25 Feb 2016

As a single male I normally stay away from married women especially friends wives. I've played football with an old school friend since the age of 12 and we're now both 40. He is a computer nerd a well paid one me I'm a plumber he's fixed my computer loads of times and I've done the odd tap washer replaced his toilet cistern for him all for free as friends do. He married when he was 30 his wife 22 then and a manager for a big company done very well for herself. He did there computer support that's how they met he designs and writes all sorts of programs for different companies.

Now his wife Lynn is a very tidy size 8 and 5 foot tall and enormous tits always wearing 5 inch heels to be taller and is sexy as fuck. Tom is plan as day but a really nice guy and below average in the cock department. 5 years ago we went to a football do Lynn appears little black dress with a nice split black,high heels Tits straining to escape. Tom suit and tie ever the well dressed gentleman, well we had a few drinks Tom one a trophy best player so he bought the bubbly Lynn was sipping hers but Tom down in one two bottles later one very pissed Tom. Lynn asked if I'd come back to there's in the taxi and get him in the house and I could stay the night And they would run me home the next day. Twenty minutes later were in minibus taxi Tom against the window me then Lynn who is leaning on me as her tits are doing there level best to escape her bra as I stare into her huge cleavage. She looks up drunkly and smiles like the view being pissed as well I said yeah.

I have carried dragged him to the door Lynn fumbling for her keys and opening the door as I carried him in straight upstairs she said I thought I wish. Put him in the spare bedroom she said which is bigger than my front room ( I was thinking ) I laid him on the bed she said help me undress him we got him down to his boxer shorts slid him into bed turned the light off and closed the door. She said can you help me I need to slip this dress of and these heels and I can't reach the zip as she walked into there bedroom. I went behind her and bent down and pulled down the zip and the dress fell to the floor can you undo my bra too my hands shacking I did those huge tits just fell out it was like realising a stretched bungee rope. Lynn turned to face me I,just kissed her played with her tits and laid her on the bed. She groped for my cock I'm only 7 inch long but as thick as a beer can I got between her legs as she was shouting fuck I was I hope Tom don't hear.

She was ram it in ram your big cock in and I as I pushed she squealed and I fucked her like I hadn't had a fuck for a year and shot my spunk all in her pussy as It onto there bed sheet all I could think was how dirty it was spunking in another mans wife. 5 years on am I still doing it oh yes every week without fail. That's the big thing is fucking her and spunking inside and pulling her knickers back up and she still has them on without having a shower when he gets in. I've fucked her in her office in her kitchen while Tom was showering on there sofa in there bed it's great. Last weekend a companies system was having a new program installed and it had to be on a weekend and he ran into problems and had tickets for a charity meal,he asked if I would go,with Lynn well we did go but came home early. I was fucking her bent over the kitchen counter black dress pushed up knickers down banging away and a cars lights came onto the kitchen blinds we heard the electric gates open and the car pull in. I couldn't stop and shot my spunk deep inside her he was opening the door as I was pulling my zip up and she was pulling her knickers back up. He came in to the kitchen and kissed her stroking her arse his hand sliding under her dress catching her by surprise and slipping into her knickers. She later told me he thought she was horny with being so wet he thanked me for going in his place and asked me to stay the night we had a few beers and Lynn changed into a nightie and dressing gown she didn't get chance for a shower.

Time for bed and Tom would take no for an answer and went down on Lynn licking her and then fucking her not his first sloppy seconds he dosent know about but his first taste of my spunk, in the morning I heard them fucking. He went in the bath after Lynn took him a coffee in and she came into my room I quickly fucked her and has sloppy seconds.