1 Oct 2016

It's strange how people meet their partners, I'd seen my now wife, many times in the village and fancied her we spoke a few times but I never had the nerve to ask her out. I went to a party with a couple of mates and she was there, plenty of drinking and dancing, as it got later the music slowed down, I could see her with a guy I new they were in the corner of the room and just moving back and forth, her arms were around his neck and he was feeling her bum her skirt had slightly ridden up and I caught a glimpse of her stocking tops very briefly, I was so jealous but sight was making me Randy.

They left the room and I followed them they went upstairs I waited and made my way up passing one of my mates and said I was off to the loo,I passed two closed doors and came to one slightly open with my other mate looking in he saw me and put his finger to his lips, I looked through with him and she was on the bed with her jumper around her chest and he was sucking her nipple through her white bra, his hand went to her skirt and moved it up to her waist, she pulled both legs up and his hand touched the front of her white knickers, I wanted to wank but couldn't, he moved her knickers over and we could see her legs open as his finger went in she was pushing against his hand and soon she came. She sat up and opened his jeans and started wanking him, she certainly knew what she was doing he came in seconds.

We both went back down and after about an hour we left, I couldn't wait to get home I laid on the bed with picture of her with her being fingered and her wanking him, I soon came,I knew the guy with her but not very well, and bumped into him a week or so later at the local pub, we sat and chatted and I remarked about the party, I said you were getting on alright with the girl you were with, yes she's easy I saw her a few times I fucked her in the park and in the back of my mates car while he watched and wanked off, she loved every minute especially with my friend there, but I don't see her anymore. Why don't you give her a try. He got up and left and my friends arrived.

What is the worse that could happen,she could say or no. A week passed and we were at the pub and she came in and joined our crowd after a while we started chatting, with a few more drinks inside me I asked if she fancied going out one night, yes there's a film I want see if you fancy it, yes we made arrangements and we met at the cinema.

I got the tickets and we went in the lights were still up and I followed her in she picked two seats in the middle about half way from the screen to the back, quite a few people in mostly couples the film started, I knew what she was like but somehow I couldn't make a move after a while I moved my legs next to hers and she turned and kissed me, my hand was on her cardigan feeling her and her hand went to my crutch, I moved her skirt up passed her stockings and on to her knickers, I got to finger her and to my surprise she came very quickly, I unfortunately had already come in my pants and trousers, we left and made another date.

I was besotted with her I knew in between dates she was probably will other men but I didn't care, I loved her so much. I had got a new job and could afford to rent a flat, she would come round and it was the first time I fucked her, she seemed more interested with sex when we were out, thinking back to the party did she know we were there, time passed and we made each other come in all sorts of places I wasn't as an exhibitionist as she but being with her I went along with everything she wanted, we stayed in one evening and I gave her some wine, she cannot hold her drink and asked her about her sexual past, she told me about the different men she had been with and where they were when they had sex, what was your favorite, I was in the back seat of a car and his friend was watching and wanking it made me come quickly, I knew this was true after our conversation in the pub.

I asked her if she would marry me and she agreed, I knew what I was getting into but I couldn't help myself, we married a few months later and she moved in, the next chapter is how I managed with a sex addict.