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Used centre of attention I’m a lucky girl

"Well used by all"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

This is a true story from Valentine’s time last year

Will as I have said before is very obliging to my sexual desires and needs and as he has problems keeping it up due to his medical condition he sees no reason why I should suffer sexually

So last valentines he asked how I would feel about having my first gangbang where I would be the centre of attention, I said absolutely & asked how many guys he was thinking of he said it was up to me 😉 I said to make it worth doing at least 6 if that’s ok?

He said “i will see what I can do” and with that he was straight on his phone browsing for ages barely looking up or taking to me that afternoon

Several hours later he simply said “sorted” I asked him how many he just told me to wait and see so I was anxious and excited for the upcoming Saturday evening

On the Saturday afternoon he told me we were off to a premier inn hotel l, I was worried that the guys coming wouldn’t be able to access the room but Will said he will sort that by meeting the guys one by one in the carpark and bring them to our room, which did actually work as it was a big hotel and busy so the receptionists never noticed

Luckily a couple of the guys were experienced at this and were used to the situation and arrived together

I waited in the lounge bar until Will came to get me once all the guys were in the room ( he still hadn’t told me how many etc ) eventually for what seemed like ages Will came to get me he was so giddy with excitement lol and I was loose after having a couple of large gins

We got in the lift to our room level and while we were walking down the corridor to our room he asked if I was ready I said sure iam my fanny is twitching for cock and lots of it!

He swiped the door lock went in and he held the door open for me WOW

There stood around every inch of the bed were 8 stark bollock naked guys all slowly wanking and pulling their semi & fully hard cocks off

I honestly did not know who or where to look first! I stood there pretty much speechless for a while while they all looked over to me while playing with their dicks

After my eyes had adjusted I could see 3 black guys and 5 white guys, I had a black mid length dress on so knew it wouldn’t take much to take off

I made my way over to bottom of the bed and said ok guys what have you got for me with this I shuffled up towards the head board ( still dressed ) and suddenly before I knew it a few of the guys climbed on the bed there cocks to attention two of them undressing me I was there fully naked in front of 8 guys (9) including Will

Two guys were licking my tits one was behind me stroking and licking my neck and back while 2 guys started parting my legs to reveal my wet eager pussy

I then laid back closed my eyes and said help yourselves guys

I could feel hands and tongues literally all over my body while I gave one of them a deserving suck of his cock

I felt totally powerless with these guys I could hardly tell who was fucking me, who had came, who I was getting double penetrated by I was just in sheer ecstasy it seemed like I was having an outter body experience literally!

My fanny was soaked with cum as one cock went in me after the other, occasionally I would glance over at Will frantically wanking his cock from time to time, he likes it when I look at him with my mouth full of another guys cock he especially likes it when I kiss the length of a cock up and down and lick their balls

One of the black guys was a lot bigger than all of the others so I made sure I was going to feed on it! while I laid on the bed he would lower his black fuck stick right into my open mouth his balls pounding against my face as I slurped on him greedily while he mouth fucked me,all the while being fingered hard by one of the guys paying attention to my fanny, unfortunately I didn’t get to feel the black guy inside my pussy as he spunked up right into the back of my mouth which I swallowed with happiness!

The whole experience was totally amazing and one that I ache for again! Which I’m sure will happen!

Written by Kash6471

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