Written by John_B

19 Feb 2018

You may or may not have read previous posts, my wife Fiona and I love for her to go off with another bloke and she returns to tell me everything. We have a strong marriage and recommend anyone who is thinking of this is makes sure you both are in agreement. It took Fiona a while to engage with this as she wants it to be more than just having sex, she wants to enjoy the guys company and be wined and dined. She met Duncan before Christmas at a Christmas night. She went to school with his brother who knows both of us so we know this one is a bit more risky as we keep our sharing private. When she clicks with another guy, the guy believes she is having an affair and has no knowledge I know about her meetings.

In addition to meeting blokes, and through a suggestion on this site, I broached the subject of me being in a cock cage chastity device, Fiona loved the idea and now she locks me in the cage for her return, knowing I cannot pleasure myself, in the past this resulted in me losing interest for a night out she had planned. She made it clear I cannot text her after she has went to the effort of finding a nice discreet guy and ask her to come home, simply because I have decided to pleasure myself, that's why I say make sure you know what your getting in to.

Duncan is a fireman and a fit lad at 32 and Fiona is loving this attention as he is a good few years younger, very fit and very attentive in every department in terms of his relationship. This is the first one that has really ticked every box for Fiona and she is loving every minute. When we are home at night I see her texting all the time, smiling as she flirts by sexting.

Fiona agreed to a date on Valentines night, Duncan asked the usual questions of "Will your husband be taking you out?" and "Will your husband not be suspicious", Fiona was cute enough o say "oh after all these years I only get flower", and that she can say she is going out with her sister.

I posted in an earlier story how Fiona came home, got dressed, locked me in the cage and headed to Duncan's, once there Duncan was dressing and Fiona got very aroused watching Duncan dress and whilst wanting Duncan to fuck her before they went for dinner ended swallowing Duncan's full load and being left to go for dinner still very aroused and horny. Fiona had worn a very light material short dress and holdups with no panties or bra, this resulted after becoming extremely aroused with a very perked nipples. Fiona's nipples are amazing and when aroused can stay perked for days. When Duncan noticed this he was very excited.

Fiona only told me the first part when she arrived home in the morning after spending the night with Duncan but kept me in the cock cage until she had a sleep and then promised to release me when she woke and have our fun by telling me the rest of the nights excitement. Fiona woke around 1pm and I brought her a cup of tea and slice of toast as she set about texting Duncan. I was so eager to hear everything that happened once they went to dinner however Duncan was angling to come over to ours if I was out and Fiona was leading him on as after they met at Christmas, when Duncan was working nightshift and couldnt meet, Fiona was having him over to ours whilst I was at work and time it so when I came home I would get the benefit of knowing Duncan had just been in before me. She would always text and I would get to know what was going on and when. I was thinking 'oh no' I'm bursting to get out of the cock cage and enjoy Fiona and already Duncan is wanting more of her. She was relaying the text messages to me as they came in, Fiona had said I was working and he had indicated and asked did Fiona want him over.

I lay down beside Fiona completely naked and with my cock cage, she was now fully awake and i said "Well, what are you going to do?", she replied "I'd like to have Duncan over for a quickie but only if you are in agreement" i did indicate I was very aroused already from what she had told me and was looking forward to hear what happened at dinner and after dinner, assuming all went well if Duncan was wanting more. Fiona smiled and teasing moved towards me and started to stroke my balls from underneath the cock cage. She teasingly said if she let me out and I orgasmed I would'nt want her to meet Duncan, I was honest and agreed that i'd most likely want to fuck her for hours as i'd been waiting so long, Fiona started to kiss me and we were passionately embracing with tongues and she was nuzzling my neck to the point I could take no more and aske her to let me out the cock cage. Her reply was "no, i want to meet Duncan". I must admit I was turned wild by this as through all our fantasisiying years I could never have imagined it would get as good as this, here was sexy Fiona loving me in bed but saying she wanted her younger lover.

Fiona asked if she thought I could be in the other room whilst Duncan was in our room with her and I replied although I like the idea of it I could as easily be a million miles away as I will not hear or see anything although the idea did really turn me on. Duncan was arriving at 3 O'Clock and it was 1.45 so I had an hour to get my self out of the way. Fiona was busy texting Duncan back and saying she had an hour before I was due home from work. Fiona was going for a shower and I'd resigned myself to the fact I wasn't going to be having any sexual fun with Fiona until after 5 when Duncan has left.

I had a bit of a brain wave that if I could hide my phone somewhere it could record her and Duncan, we have agreed in our previous rules that we shouldnt do this as if the person was to see it our discover it then everything is in jeapordy, Fiona initially wasnt keen but I gently protested that I expected us to make love this morning when she arrived home and did'nt and again also when she woke from her sleep but now she was meeting Duncan. Fiona wanted assurances that it could be done without risk and I quickly went in to the bedroom and showed it hidden behind the scatter cuchions on Fiona's chair we have and it could be seen and everything was silenced on the phone. Fiona eventuall agreed and I set about placing it carefully and all she had to do was press it before Duncan arrives.

I got ready to leave the house and obviously with now not having my phone wouldnt know when Duncan was clear howerver as he always parks in the driveway I would be able to drive past and check before coming back home. I asked Fiona was I getting anything before I leave and she allowed me 1 minute of kissing and caressing her lovely tits before Ileft.

I just went to our local pub and had a fresh orange and at 5pm reckoned it was enough time to go back, as i approached the house I could see the driveway was clear and my heart started to race as it had previously when I arrived home knowing Fiona had been entertaining Duncan in the afternoon. I noticed our bedroom light was on and assumed Fiona had stayed in bed awaiting my return however to my shock when I let myself in I noticed a note on our entrance table and the note read ' Duncan asked if i wanted to go in to town with him for a bite to eat, I think everything is upstairs to keep you occupied until I get home, Love Fiona X.

I raced upstairs in to the bedroom and there was my phone on the dressing table along with the keys to the cock cage. I quickly fumbled through the phone and there was the video of Fiona and Duncan. I was incredibly excited but thought here was I now being left to DIY myslef whilst Fiona was with her man, I was so turned on however i decided not to let my cok free at this very moment as i'd probably cum immediately so I thought I would watch the video first.

I undressed and lay on the bed and started to watch, smal though it was on the screen I got the just. I was aware Duncan lets himself in and comes up to our bedroom where Fiona is waiting and this is what happened. Fiona had started the video and gone back in to bed. Duncan came in and immediately undressed at the bottom of the bed, Fiona asked had he made sure he had locked the door and he replied that he had. Once naked I could understand how Fiona gets aroused as Duncan does have a wonderful body. He climbed in beside Fiona and they started to kiss passionately, the covers were covering them at this point but you could see a lot of caressing going on. Fiona was running his hands all over his short hair and kissing continued for a few moments and then Fiona slipped down under the covers and I thought you absoulute tease i'm not going to see you suck or even your naked body, all I could see was Duncan's face throwing his head back with Fiona's licking and sucking.

Fiona licked for a time and then Duncan pulled her up towards her and they kissed again and then Duncan started to move down to lick and suck Fiona's nipples, he spent a considerable time doing this and caressing them and then moved a hand down to play with her clit as he continued to lick and suck her tits. This continued until Fiona could take no more and called out "Fuck Me Duncan" and after a few more teasing licks Duncan moved upwards and on top of Fiona and with a little help from Fiona proceeded to easily slide his cock in and start to slowly ride Fiona. I could hear how much Fiona was enjoying as she continue to say "Fuck me Duncan". I heard Fiona say she wanted to go on top so Duncan moved off and lay on the bed and Fiona climbed on and with a little zoom I could actually see Duncan's cock slife in to Fiona and watch as Fiona began to ride Duncan. It wasnt too long before the rythym increased and I could cuold hear Fiona call out she was going to cum and as they continued to fuck I could see both came to orgasm almost simultaneously.

As you can imagine i'd taken the cock cage off and orgasmed at this point, I received a few texts from Fiona asking if i was enjoying myself and when she arrived home we both watched the video and orgasmed again.