11 Apr 2019

Unbelievably..this has just happened. Couldn't wait to write it!

I was just taking my dogs for a walk in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, shorts and tee shirt weather!

I was walking from the Co op at barrow down the walk way and heading toward the club house. As I walked past the rear garden gates and fences of the houses beside the track I was doing the usual chatting with the dogs, getting no answers lol when I saw, totally unexpected, a woman crouching down, not out of view of the path and not hidden away. I stopped in my tracks and stared, she was only a couple of metres away from me, around 55, looked like ,,' cuddly figure, I digress,

I took a step toward her to ask if she was ok but didn't get to ask when I saw her starting to per. As soon as the flow started coming she looked up to me and smiled. I asked if it was ok to watch? She said, get this, ' yes please!',. So I did, she hoisted her skirt right out of the way, I could see he bald pussy spraying a lovely get of piss, then she pulled her pussy tight and made her piss arc in a big half circle what a glorious site!!!! My cock was like a poker just watching her, she said,'I can see you like!, I nodded in affirmation. Then I moved to undo my shorts, looking at her to see any reaction, she nodded to me, so I stepped closer to her, her pee was coming to an end and she was forcing the last dribbles out, i showed her my hard cock, she asked if I could pee I said unfortunately not, not with my cock so hard. She said ' oh well next time ' stood up dropped her skirt as she walked by me she lightly touched my cock and went on her way. I put myself away and went to look for my dogs!

Not racy or fuck fest, but great for me:)