13 Oct 2017

I've been married 35 years now. Married 11 years and 3 children before that. Now 69. I met my present wife a few months after my marriage broke up. I've been bi-sexual for more than 40 years and love it. You may have seen my posts on here from the past 5 years. We met through mutual friends and got on straight away. She is very petite, slim and with very nice tits. I knew nothing about her when we met. Both 34 so assumed she would have been with a few men at least, perhaps even a couple of women. We met on a Monday and by Friday we were fucking. I never had the impression she was a virgin. I asked her if she'd had much sex since living in London and she said she had. Probably because she thought being naïve at 34 seemed a bit odd.

She loved the sex. Especially when I licked her cunt. She later told me that she'd never even heard of oral sex, let alone given or received it. She read that in a book she bought straight after we met. Or even that women could masturbate. She'd never had a wank! She said she'd had a few boyfriends but never any sex. She had sex lessons at school but no doubt limited. Catholic. No talk of it being fun! She didn't even know her clit could get swollen. She never talked to her 2 older sisters about sex and they were at it as soon as they could. One thing I found strange was her lack of inhibitions in front of me. Never the slightest bit coy. Always had the light on, always paraded around the room. Not the least bit shy about showing me her cunt or arsehole. Not that I ever got more than my tongue or finger in the tight one! She asked me soon after we met if she could see me shoot spunk. I shown her how to wank my cock which she became very good at. She still likes to see me shoot now. Not that we do much anymore, her cunt has tightened up, although she still has very intense multiple climaxes. Mostly me doing oral on her or both of us wanking ourselves in bed watching all types of porn. She knows I like to watch gay, bi and lesbian and will watch some with me. I think she quite enjoys lesbian bit won't admit it. She never wanks on her own. I do watching porn. She knows I do it a lot.

I'm out on Monday night to see if I can have sex with a man or men. She has no idea about that as my first wife didn't either.