29 Apr 2017

One weekend after The London Marathon I visited the club in Croydon and went to the bar where the server was very young and pretty and got into conversation with her and flirting and all. Fortunately this helped me later on when I asked her who she thought would be easy for me to take home from the numerous ladies on the dance floor, she asked if I could buy more drinks and I replied that, that was the easiest part. She took 2 drinks to two ladies and said she had told them I bought the drinks for them and would be joining them shortly which I did. Both were slim and athletic but one had the better body and the other, the better face. The more shapely bodied one was more upfront and that was the one I had plans to shag. I danced with nice body but later made the other one join and we were all over each other, by 2am club closes so, I asked both of them to come to my place to continue the party, they said no but I told them it was 2 against 1 and there was no way I could be a threat. At my place there was more drinks, music dancing and they told me they were from Kenya and had just participated in the London Marathon, one was based in London and the other in Kenya and they were both lesbians. I said that was nice as I had never had lesbians to myself before, The Kenyan based athlete wanted a shower and went to the bathroom and I was left with the nice body one and we were all over each other, she gave a nice head, sucking licking balls and took the spunk with a smile. I went to the bathroom for a pee and there lay her friend in the bath tub soaking naked, I started peeing and she said why is my cock not hard and I said it needs TLC to be natured back to life. She pulls it and starts fist fucking it, her friend must have suspected something and came into the bathroom. She said we were being naughty and asked her friend that she thought she doesn't do men and she replied sometimes when they are good boys. I removed all my clothes and removed all the clothed off London based nice body and we joined her Kenyan friend in the bath. No room for 3 in the bath so I sat at the edge watching both of them kissing, touching fingering and yes my cock stood up straight again and I went to feed Kenyan friend and commented that it seems that London based athlete was a better cocksucker. We left the bath and went to bed were we let loose, licking, sucking, kissing all over and slutted the cock into pretty face pussy while she was sucking her friends pussy and I was kissing her friend. After a while of fucking, I changed condoms and directed my cock towards London based athletes pussy that was being sucked but she put it in her asshole and it didn't take long before she starts to moan louder and cum very hard. I can't detail it all but we were all over each other, no holes barred just being insatiable, both ladies must have cum multiple times, when I came again both of them wanted the cum and licked it off. We met one more time for a 3some repeating the uncontrolled insatiable sucking licking kissing fucking all holes intermittently but the Kenyan based athlete left for Kenya leaving me to continue to shag the London based one even though she has a girlfriend whom I pressured her to bring along sometime but she never did.