Written by Clever Trevor

8 Jun 2012

I do apologise for not giving you the mental picture of Trish in its entirity, I forgot to say that she is just forty and very sexy, whilst I am almost fifty and not quite so attractive.

Now to the main topic. I was very pleased about the feedback and I hope this final part of the happenings between my wife and her new lover from last weekend until yesterday morning. Mo and Trish had retired for the night leaving me wide awake and listening for any further activity, which seemed to die down after about an hour. i woke a few times, my mind replaying the fantastic events of the previous evening. Her dress was still downstairs and she left me with a kiss before rejoining Mo in our bed naked.

My cat naps were disturbed when my bedroom door opened again. I was almost asleep but felt Trish kiss my cheek and whisper to me that she needed to ask something. @i was now fully awake and aroused, my cock perking up in anticipation. I asked what she wanted. 'Mo wants to fuck my arse'. I was shocked as she had always kept this off limits to other guys. 'Do you want it?' I asked. She was silent for a moment and then said 'Only if you do'. 'Do you want it?' 'Yes' 'Can I watch?' 'Yes'. That was extent of our discussion. I immediately realised the importance of being there when this happened. I was bursting with pride in one sense but wary in another, wondering if this might lead to trouble in future. i dismissed this as a bit daft as she could easily have just let him do it and told me later, but she wanted me to witness her having another guy's cock up her arse for the first time.

I got to the bedroom and they were in the light of the bedside lamps, kissing heavily, his hand round her bum and a thumb just nestling slightly into her ring. Mo then went down to her arse and turned her over into doggy style, then began to lick her puckered hole, probing deeper and widening her in preparation for his cock which hung beneath him, swinging as he tongued her. Trish asked me to get the lube from our sexy bag, a bag where we kept her vibrators and porn vids and other sex aids which we had accumulated along with a huge stash of pictures from pre digital cameras. I passed the lube to her and she smiled a lovely smile which made me want to see this even more.

I don't know why but all of a sudden I remembered to get the camera. I hobbled like an old man with my stick to the door and went downstairs like Long John Silver making alternate bumps. i got back in quick time and managed to get a pic of Mo lubing her arse, a perfect pic of a momentous event. Her arse shone with the lubricant and I noted his cock had been given the same treatment, probably by Trish.

Once ready, he got her to the edge of the bed doggy style and he stood at the side. He gave her several cushions and then gently pushed his cock against her bum. 'You look gorgeous' he said as he pushed his bell end in. trish jumped and he told her to relax, massaging her naked back as he did so, then massaged her arse and pulled her cheeks a tiny bit wider before easing a bit deeper into her. he said she was doing great and that soon she would be all the way, she drew some deep breaths and my camera clicked. Mo looked at me and said 'She is fantastic' I just nodded and said don't hurt her, but enjoy it and make her cum'. It probably took several minutes to get all the way in and despite a few yelps of pain or surprise she had his balls slapping gently against her cunt lips. The camera sped away.

The fucking of her arse was almost balletic, no rush, just deep penetration and low moans of almost disbelief from them both. I expected him to speed up, but he didn't, he kept the pace gentle and then asked if she wanted his spunk yet. A loud 'Yes please' from Trish got him pumping in her and then the cool down, a very lazy droop across her back as he fondled her tits and then she withdrew her fingers from inside her cunt.

Very little was said. The room in silence for several minutes, each of us dumbstruck with the event. He withdrew his cock slowly and went to the bathroom. Trish stayed arse up, her hole widened dramatically from the norm. We kissed and she asked if I was ok. I said I was fine and hoped she was. 'Bit stretched but it was beautiful'. We kissed again and she turned over, then got out of bed and joined Mo in the bathroom.

I waited until they returned, the first dawn light was cracking through our curtains and the birds were chirruping. They got back into bed and Mo said 'Thanks mate' I smiled and said that I would try to get them breakfast in bed if they wanted it. Mo said he would love a cup of tea around seven if that was ok. I knew I would be up due to my state I find my back aches unless I get regular exercise and so I would be doing my regime which had certainly improved my waistline, So I returned to bad with a huge grin and lay awake, taking a run through another couple of dozen pics ready to download and then just squeezed my cock a couple of times and came. i could not call it a wank, but I was so excited.

He got his tea at seven and thanked me again for a great night. I assured him that the enjoyment was mutual and that I would be getting about as normal fairly soon and I regarded his fucking my wife as great therapy for us both. He asked if he might be able to take her out himself sometime. I said I had no objection and I expected that Trish would be quite happy too. We shook hands and he left to get home and change before going to work. Later that day a big bouquet arrived for her with a card from Mo saying that we had enjoyed a night to remember. Dead right.