Written by gardeninggirl

31 May 2015

I was slowly waking up with a sensory overload that initially confused my mind. I could feel heat behind me, as I laid on my side, my back became receptive to additional body heat; I could feel slow breath in the nape of my neck; I became aware of how his legs were tucked in behind me, his body mirroring the lay of mine. His hand was on my breast and between our warm bodies was his hard-on, his length gently pressing into my bum.

My senses were running away with me, and my mind was struggling to make sense of what my body was saying. He was motionless, only my mind and heart seemed to be racing, and I felt a trickle between my legs, I was so wet and aroused, how long I’d been like that I didn’t know.

As I became in sync with myself, his body started to stir and his hand softly squeezed my boob, which instantly made me hold my breath. He started to gently play with it and he started to push his groin into me, emphasising the size of his hard erection; he took in a long deep breath and nuzzled my neck with soft kisses and his 24 hour stubble over-stimulated my skin.

I was as alert as I could ever be, feeling every sensation my body was relaying to my head, and the deep twinges and yearning in me were virtually impossible to ignore. My pussy felt swollen, hot and very wet, my lips were throbbing, as if they’d been trying to wake me up for hours. My nipple had become erect as he teased it, nipping and tweaking as he squeezed and massaged my small pert breast. The heat in his palm made me melt even more.

His hand left my aroused breast, and in a blink of an eye was down on my neatly shaven mound, creating rushes of urges and an additional gush of moisture between my pussy lips. My senses were screaming loudly and every slow move he made, like the long push into my back, the stubble chin on my shoulder, the heat in his hand, his knees behind mine stretching my legs up to expose my lips between them, heightened my senses further, I felt drunk by them. He swiftly moved his hand from my short pubic hair, glided over my hip, and found my protruding lips. As he touched me, he nudged my top leg, instinctively making it lift slightly, exposing my extremely sex ready fanny to his mercy.

His fingers masterfully followed the contours of my lips, opening me, he found my clitoris; upon contact it flinched into a tight little button of exhilarating stimulation; my legs opened a little further encouraging him to explore deeper. He played with my clitoris; he absorbed my soft moans and movements, reading my body language perfectly. He found my silky wet vagina and slowly entered his fingers into me. My body instinctively curled into a tighter ball than ever pushing my womanhood further towards him. He finger fucked me so slowly, sensually, it entrapped me, turning me on even more, my body was fully committed to the lustful act that was unfolding.

He broke the body contact of his erection with my bum, and quickly returned contact with his impressive long thick dick now between my legs, pushing over my swollen lips, rubbing over my clitoris that unlocked an inner yearning in me I didn’t know was there. He pulled his body back and forth in a slow rhythm matched by his breath, his full length rubbing along my silky moist pussy. Before long, the tip of his erection was probing into me, I tilted myself, eager for his fuck; stretching me as he pushed; I was in such a state of arousal that I yielded to his will; waiting, anticipating and wanting his full penetration, it consumed every part of me; the suspense was agonising. I wasn’t strong enough to wait any longer; I pushed myself onto his dick, making him enter deep into me. He obliged and pushed back, filling me with his thick hard cock. We were engaged in a sexual dance, our bodies moving as one, gyrating and riving; my body was smothered by the pure eroticism of his sex. No words were needed, our bodies did what they wanted, pleasing each others, elevating the stakes with each thrust into my hot wet wanting fanny.

When I took a breath, I realised his body had pushed away from mine, we were only joined by his groin and dick. His hands were on the top of my shoulders using that to brace his thrusts, he was in control, having me. My top leg was on top of his and was perfectly hooked up behind his butt making me feel like I had him trapped and locked into me. His pace of fucking became stronger and faster. I was supporting my body by holding onto the edge of the bed to accommodate his deep fucks not wanting to be further away from his body than I had to be.

Our bodies reached a new level of heat; he threw the duvet off us, making my skin shiver as the cool morning air caressed my sweating body. He withdrew his dick from me, making me gasp and almost panic to think we’d finished, but instead he rolled me onto my back and he was laid on top of me before I could protest at him not being in me. He slid his hands under my bottom, tilting me up into his groin and holding it there. His body was longer than mine, he rested his head on the pillow slightly above me, he was breathing hard, and his long strong arms gripped my sides. I put my hands on top of his tight arse, and pushed him into me, exaggerating the rhythm of his bangs into me. I was trapped in his grip, his taught torso on top of me, my groin being spread wide; I bent my legs, bringing my heels under his tight butt making us both locked into this erotic position. He was reaching sweet spots, g-spots, unbelievably sensitive spots on every fuck, my body admitted defeat and started to implode. The waves of sheer pleasure washed over me like tidal waves. I could feel me spasm and tighten onto his dick inside me, my inner muscles now dancing a flamingo, gripping him, rippling the effect until an ultimate high was reached. My breath stopped and I seemed to be suspended in air, floating for who knows how long. His dick bonded so deep inside, his body wet with beads of sweat, his muscles were rock hard, trembling with tension. His groans that had become loud and desperate, climaxing with a loud deep groan, were now silent, as he too froze in time. He held his breath and he held the final part of his last thrust into me as if his life depended on it, he released his come into me, pulsing his dick as he did.

His body crumpled and collapsed on top of me, feeling so heavy on my small frame. I felt him fall into an exhausted sexed out snooze. My breasts were being squashed by the weight of his torso, and as uncomfortable as it started to feel, I was extremely reluctant to move and lose this moment, I didn’t want it to end. I could feel my breath being very shallow due to his weight, gradually I felt his body starting to soften and relax. This actually made him feel heavier still. I would have to move soon, and get his body off mine. Then I felt his erection start to soften and start to slip out of my silky plumped fanny. The trickle of his come leaked over me, my lips were throbbing from the passionate raw sex. The feeling of his extra wetness on my pussy gave me an inner glow, and I felt a little gush as his dick slipped out of me and rested on the sheet between my legs.

As time drifted by, gradually our bodies came back into life; he pushed up onto his elbows, we both took a spontaneous gasp of air, my hips were verging on the edge of pain; I slowly lowered and stretched them. As I moved them, still with his body on mine from the waist down, he looked into my eyes with a glint that caught my breath, creating another twinge deep inside me. A broad smile started to appear across his strong angular face, his blue eyes transfixed with mine, I felt quite weak and vulnerable but my body starting to respond again. He slowly kissed me pushing a little harder as he lingered on my lips before he lifted his head and gently whispered “Good Morning!” I returned the salutation and grinned, he started to push his groin deeper onto me, pinning me to the bed. He got hold of my wrists and held them stretched over my head. I giggled in his grasp, I started to feel his erection stiffening between my legs and my body’s yearnings start to stir again . . . Stopping himself quite abruptly, he sexually murmured in my ear “I think we’ll pick this up again later” with an air of a challenge he whispered “when you can take me!”

He knew I would take the bait I always did; but I knew it was going to be a long day ahead, counting down the minutes, with moist panties, pert boobs, semi erect nipples and flushed cheeks; my mind will be totally consumed by my vivid imagination, envisaging our sexual escapades of later, excitement elevated by knowing he would be thinking about later all day too. My day only touching with reality by the bemusement of others as to why I was smiling so . . .