Written by vfrrider

10 Jul 2010

My wife and I have a great sex life and one of the things we've discovered we like is watching each other wanking.

We normally put on a porn dvd, turn off the lights and watch the film and each other. Usually we sit opposite each other so we have a good view of what we are doing. Sometimes Christine uses only her fingers but often she fucks her cunt with a didlo as she rubs her clit. I cover my cock with baby oil and stroke as I watch her or the porn. We discuss what happening and our fantasies in lots of horny language and we allways cum pretty close together and then we only have eyes for each other.

A few months ago we started talking about watching other people and got really turned on by the thought of watching another couple wanking. After a really dirty session where we'd both been very verbal about what a turn on it would be and describing what it would be like Christine asked me if we should do it rather than talk about it.

Now we've always been pretty adventurous but never involved any one else in our sex life. We were obviously both up for it and started to trawl the ads with very little success. Things changed when we were on oliday in Corfu. We got talking to a German couple on the beach, they were younger than us being around 30 to our 50's but we got on really well, especially the girls. After a couple of days meeting and chatting on the beach we went out for a meal with them one night.

Being on holiday Christine knocked back quite a few cocktails and so did Iris. Mark and I stuck to beer but we were both pretty merry. We went off to get some more drinks and when we got back the girls were very giggly and looking like they had been hatching a plot.

'What have you two been cooking up?' I asked both of them Christine just looked at me with a smirk on her face but Iris was a bit more forward 'Christine has been telling me about your favourite fantasy' her German accent was very sexy and I felt my cock twitch as she spoke.

'What's this all about?' asked Mark, Iris beckoned him over and whispered in his ear, after listening to her he looked at us and grinned 'well that sounds fun, we have some dvd's at the flat if you'd like to join us for a drink there?'

Christine looked at me and nodded enthusiastically and we were soon headed for their flat. Once inside and with more drinks poured Mark slipped a dvd into the machine. Mark and I were in two armchairs opposite the girls who were next to each other on the sofa. The movie was very horny and I could see Christine squirming a little on the sofa. Suddenly, her inhibitions lowered by several cocktails, she said 'are we just going to watch this or does any one fancy having a wank because I do!'

We all laughed but it had the right effect as Iris stood and peeled of her dress leaving her in a tiny pair of black knickers. Her breasts were quite large with hard nipples and and her short blond hair framed her face. Christine pulled off her t shirt and her heavy tits sprung out, her nipples were hard too and she pulled her short skirt around her waist to reveal her cunt with it's small triangle of hair above her moist puffy lips. Mark and I were both now naked and our cocks jutted out infront of us.

'So we are wanking only' purred Iris 'no fucking until later'

'That's right you can get Mark's big cock up you later and I'll be getting Chris's I reckon just like that dirty bitch on the film'. Now this was a side of my wife I hadn't seen before and boy it was making me randy. Mark was stroking his cock and watching both the girls who were rubbing their clits. Iris had pulled her panties to one side exposing her completely bald cunt which was glossy with her juice, Christine had slipped a finger of her left hand underneath her bum and inserted it into her clearly wet pussy while using two fingers on her clit.

Mark and I were both wanking hard and he was as turned on as me his cock was lovelly with a large bulbous head and like me he had shaved his balls wich were large and slapping up and down as he jerked himself.

The girl on the dvd was getting well fucked by her co-star' Jesus she must be a horny fucker' Iris said 'that cock is huge'. Christine giggled 'well our men aren't too bad in that department' looking at both our cocks 'anything bigger would hurt!'.

Iris looked at Christine's pussy with two fingers now inside her 'wow you are very sexy that looks soo good, look at mine'. Christine moved slightly to watch as Iris slipped her panties off and pushed two fingers deep inside her both the girls were now finger fucking themselves and groaning with pleasure 'that's it fuck youselves good' I heard Mark say ' you pair of randy fuckers'.

We were all concentrating on watching each other and enjoying our wanking orgy Mark picked up a bottle and spread oil on his cock then passed it to me. I stood up and oiled my throbbing cock 'God that feels good' I told him, it was obvious we were getting to the stage were orgasms were getting close. Iris was wanking hard and so was Christine. Mark and I were both now standing infront of the girls stroking our cocks and feeling our balls. Christine had gone quite quiet and that's allways a sign she's on the edge standing over her i said 'come on fuck your pussy you randy cunt I want to see you cum'

Her reply was a huge moan 'aaargh god, fuck yes' her orgasm was long and hard 'god wank your cock over me she hissed I want to see yor spunk' I was nearly there but then Mark shouted 'yes,yes, yes oh I'm cumming and shot a huge jet of spunk that hit Iris and Christine on their legs before he collapsed back in his chair.

Christine was still fingering her cunt watching Iris intently as she fingered herself

'come on you randy bastards cum together' her voice was full of lust and sex and I started to unload my spunk infront of her Iris opened her eyes and squeeled as she came too.

'You fucking dirty bastards I'm cumming again'and Christine convulsed with another orgasm grabbing Iris's hand as she did.

Like Mark I collapsed onto my chair as the girls basked in the aftershocks of their orgasms.

'God that was fantastic ' i said to nobody in particular and was answered by three contented sighs. We all cleaned up the spunk that had found it's way everywhere and I sat next to Christine on the sofa. Iris and Mark stood and went towards the bedroom. 'I need some cock in me now' Iris said leading Mark by the hand but we'll leave the door open if you want to watch.

We certainly did and soon saw Iris riding her husband, my cock was now erect again and Christine knelt on the sofa 'fuck me now before I start wanking again' she demanded. I slid my cock into her soaking pussy and felt her fingers go to her clit as I slowly fucked her.The sounds from the bedroom added to the excitement and soon we were all fucking like crazy.

A great end to a fantastic evening!