9 May 2016

Firstly, thanks to all who left comments on parts 1 and 2

As you will have read ,Denise's escapades thus far with her Irish admirer have taken on a distinctly forcefull direction , with her ,even in more private moments responding more and more to any suggestion of her being forced to perform or receive a sexual action , particularly from a potential familiar partner either imagined or real .

Which brings me to report a new dimension to her current state which happened last weekend whilst on a day trip by car to Lichfield .

We often spend Saturday's visiting pleasant market towns or cities within an hours drive of home, just to do some shopping and invariably for a nice lunch or early dinner depending on time constraints.l am always looking for a sexual angle to these trips , particularly as Denise is a very classy dresser , and despite her age often receives very admiring glances as we stroll around these towns , not least because she has fabulous 40dd breasts which announce her arrival in any situation or venue,even though she does not dress to accentuate her most prominent feature, they are very impressive.

This day was no exception ,and after meandering through this historic place we decided on a restaurant for lunch in the centre of town , as normal I ,Unknown to Denise, scan the building for any hope of a sexy conversation with a potential suitor for her .Alas there was no one who fitted the requirement,so we sat at a nice table on a landing where we could look down on the main floor below, ordered a bottle of Pinot noir and some food .

The wine duly arrived and were poured 2 glasses, whilst we were chatting I looked at my phone "something I deplore under normal circumstances " but I was playing mind games with myself and needed something sexy to happen as I sensed Denise's mood was condusive to having some fun .As I quickly scanned my phone I noticed her Irish friend was online , I sent him a quick hello and waited for the reply, it soon cam "hi , what u up to"

"Just having lunch in Lichfield" at that I took a quick picture of Denise and sent it to him at the same time telling her that her lover was online .

There was a series of suggestive photos sent over the lunch ,one with Denise's hand inside her shirt playing with her nipples,whilst licking her lips , resulting I my cock becoming so hard it was uncomfortable,

Our friend on the other end of the conversation was demanding more , so I told him I would contact him after lunch , much to his frustration.

After lunch we continued our walk in town and eventually returned to the car,where I reconnected with Michael, he was really horny and begged for another picture,

Denise duly obliged and released her boobs for my shaky hands to take a shot of , they are truly magnificent and the fact we were on a public car park in Lichfield at 2 pm with lots of people around made it very erotic indeed, I quickly sent it to Mike who was in raptures with his response and informed us that he was wanking at the sight we had sent to him ,other had and idea and asked Denise to get in the back , which with a quizzical look ,did as I asked.As she was changing seats I text mike to call us on the phone.

With Denise now in back of car I drove off the car park and headed out of town ,within minutes we were on country roads ,when the phone rang on the car link , I answered and it was Mike, after the greeting I explained to him that Denise was now in the back of the car , and they should both imagine I wasn't there ,Mike was immediately asking Denise if she was feeling as sexy as she looked in the pics, to which she said yes , and I could see through the mirror that her hand was feeling between her legs.

He continued to ask her questions and within minuits her tits were out of her shirt and her trousers and panties lowered to below her knees,her fingers inside her and glistening with juice as they moved around her pussy lips,god she looked sexy , I really needed to find a lay by, as I drove , listening to Mike telling her what he wanted to do to her in graphic detail, I was so hard it was difficult to concentrate on my driving , just around a corner my prayers were answered when a pull in revealed itselfe, I swung in and quickly stopped , to the sound of Mike telling Denise that he desperately wanted to be in her company again ,and her telling him that she would meet again , to which he replied he was going to make sure that at the next meeting he would force her to do anything he wanted her to do, and if that meant getting rough then he would.

Her demeanour immediately changed , she shifted her position in the seat to allow her to open her legs wider as if to give Mike better access to her pussy ,and more surrender for him to use and abuse her in anyway he felt fit, I was now wanking hard as I watched her ,and listened to him talking to her , it was so highly charged , the privacy glass in the car doing a good job of keeping her antics private from passing traffic.

Denise's hand was a blurr as I took a pic of her in the throws of a huge orgasm , immediately sent it to him and listened for the response, it only took seconds , and at the same time as Denise started her descent from the highs she had just attained, Mike had new momentum with the addition of the photo ," OMG he said , Denise, I'm going to destroy that cunt of yours "in a really gravelly voice, "I will fucking rape you if you resist me"

She immediately fired back into action with her fingers delving her pussy with an urgency I had never seen in her before,and as she listened to his tirade of dialogue designed to make the most of her current state of sexual arousal she immediately ratcheted back to her state of only a few minutes ago , with the trigger words of force and rape within the relentless assault on her senses from Mike she again began to shudder and cry out for him to fuck her hard, at the same instant Mike told her he was filling her with his spunk , she was now almost crying with lust as she released another massive cum .

The sudden silence was quite alarming as both of them were quiet, apart from the gasps of breath from each of them, I stopped wanking myself every and gestured to Denise if she was ok, a satisfied and exhausted half smile appeared on her face , the look of contentment obvious , I asked Mike if he had enjoyed it ! He just moaned a reply making it obvious he had not yet landed , but then went on to tell Denise she was the best fuck he had never had.

We got ourselves sorted out and I decided to save my cum for the evening when we got home, said goodby to Mike and headed for home , with my wonderful wife reinstated to the front seat and purring like a cat

Hope you enjoy this , Comments are always appreciated, even for true stories which this is 100 per cent !

Best wishes James and Denise xxx