Written by treecreeper

23 Aug 2013

It is the races in York today and tomorrow. I am getting the wife dressed up in a sexy skirt and top and we are off into town to mingle with the punters from the course. Wew will have the advantage of not being as pissed as they are and will go to one of the many hotels and mingle in the bar and see if any guy takes her fancy. She will be selective and make sure she has a guy with a nice personality, I will be apart from her as it might stop a few from even trying their luck.

Past experience has brought reward and I expect she will take her time making her selection. Very rarely does this fail, her lovely easy style makes for relaxed conversation and inevitably an invite to the room. She will play it by ear to see if I might be allowed up as an observer, but this does not always occur.

I will probably get to see her leaving for his room, probably in the lift. That fabulous feeling as I witness the inevitability of the doors closing and knowing she is about to be taken into the guy's room and stripped and fucked. once she was in the lift with three other men and ended up returning to the house after texting me to say she was going to be kept busy for the night.

So maybe the race goers were unlucky on the course, but struck gold in the evening with the best ride of the night. She loves taking spunky cocks and I will give the details tomorrow with watch this space two