Written by Craig

19 Jan 2016

I have a beautiful sexy wife. We fuck a lot and I could not ask for more. We are open minded regarding sex but honestly I do not want to see my wife have sex with someone else or be part of threesomes. The jealously would just take over and I would disgrace myself.

But I would never stop my wife from having sex with someone else she found attractive. I would expect her to be honest about so I know it’s happening or happened but I would only want the basic details mainly who it was and that she enjoyed herself.

She has done this and it works perfectly for us. She would let me do the same but I never have.

She has only had sex with 2 other guys since we were married. Both men she met through work and business when she travelled. She had sex with one guy twice and has never seen him again but the other one was over a period of a year.

She was working on a project in Atlanta and spent a week there every month for over a year. She met this guy who was a contract designer on the same project. They got on well, she told me about him and I told her to go ahead. So each week she spent a lot of time with him. Bluntly they were either working or fucking.

When the project finished they agreed not to see each other again and move on.

About 8 months later she heard that he had had a huge motorcycle crash. Lots of injuries.

Just after he was released from hospital we just happened to be attending a wedding near where he lived. She wanted to call and see him. I fully supported that.

He was living in his own apartment and had friends and professional help calling in but he was spending a lot of time on his own.

He had major bone and tendon damage to his legs as well as his right hip. He was in plaster and steel braces. When we saw him he was very down.

We all talked and then I left them alone and went out to buy takeout food. When I returned my wife said quietly that she wanted to do something to cheer him up but sex was out of the question because he had trouble moving much. I suggested she wank him and also suggested that I could give her some more time to do that if she wanted me too.

She thanked me but said that when she was with him previously he had liked to watch her masturbate. He really got off on that. She does the same for me and she likes doing it for herself. She cums a lot.

I said ok and then she said would I like to stay and watch also. I thought about it and agreed.

So as we ate our food she told him what was going to happen and he brightened and cheered up straight away.

She helped him out of his gown and removed her own clothes and lay on the other end of his bed and stated to finger herself. I took my clothes off and sat on a chair beside the bed.

He and I started to stroke our cocks while she really got into it.

She talked and groaned and gave herself orgasm after orgasm. He and I both came as well.

After that we cleaned up and left.

We were both very turned on and when we got back to our hotel we fucked like rabbits.

The wedding was next day and we called again to see him later that night. He asked her to do it again.

She asked me if it was ok. I quickly agreed.

He must have wanked himself a few times because he didn’t cum while he watched, neither did I. She put on a good show and just kept cumming. When she had had enough she just leaned over to him and took hold of his cock and wanked it for him. She used her own juice from her very wet and cummy pussy for lube. She soon sent him over the edge and he came. His cum dribbled over her hand until he begged her to stop. Don’t know if this was because of pain or elation?

Watching all that made me cum, what a show.

She helped him clean up and then we dressed and headed to our hotel.

We flew home next morning.

That was a few years ago. She still keeps in contact with email but doesn’t want anything else.

It was unbelievable to watch and I often recall it in my mind.