Written by Stuart W

4 Dec 2017

We are Stuart and Paula and we have just come back from our honeymoon. We are both 24 and have been together since school. We had a great time but couldn’t wait to get back to tell you about our experiences. I am a lucky man, Paula is pretty, has some love handles as she calls them but also had great DD tits which I love playing with. We have never been into swinging but had talked about it but also said we wouldn’t do anything like that until we had been married afre years and see how we felt, Paula does love to flirt and show off her boobs. By showing off I mean she loves to wear low cut tops and will wear a bikini that cause her tits to almost pop out, when on holiday she loves to wear t shirts a size too small so her tits are straining to get out, in short she loves the attention and to be honest I love it too because she’s with me. But we have also posted photo’s of Paula topless with her wearing a lace mask just for the hell of it and had great responses and had panned on doing it again when we got back showing off her tan

So anyway, we recently got married and went to Mauritius for our honeymoon. The first week its all going great, we hardly got out of bed for the first few days just spent our time in our beach front room either fucking or sleeping but the second week was where the fun started. On the occasions we went for food or a walk on the beach the first week Paula would catch the attention of guys and some girls but one guy who worked at the resort but could hardly speak English took a shine to Paula as soon as he saw her. We think he was from Niger from what we could gather. He was huge, I mean over 6’ and powerfully built. His skin was very dark black and he must out oils on his skin because his skin shone, anyway that doesn’t matter, I’m just setting the scene.

He would try and talk to us in broken English but in the end we just managed to work out what he was saying through sign language I guess and he would ask us if we wanted a drink and we would sign back that we did. Nothing was too much trouble for him but it was Paula he would make a line for every time and I could see that he was infatuated with her breasts and pale-ish skin. He would point to her arm and stroke her skin and say ‘good’, he managed to say ‘very pretty’ after a few days. I thought it was funny and Paula couldn’t wait for him to come over to see her. Then I noticed that she was checking him out and looking at the bulge between his legs. I reminded her that we were on our honey moon and she said ‘ I know, but he can bend me over whenever he wants’ and we both laughed.

But the second week Paula and I decided to tease him a bit more and ask him to bring drinks to our room but writing ‘coke’ and then the room number. By the time he came to the room Paula would be wearing her bikini bottoms and on of my shirts with no bra and of course it took us a fw minutes to get him out of the room to much laughter. The next time we would do the same but Paula had soaked the short so she may as well not be wearing anything and again the guy’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. After that visit Paula shook her head and said that if it wasn’t for the fact we had just got married and were on our honey moon she would have taken her top off and had him over the chair, so I said ‘do it’. Her reply was something like ‘fuck off, we would be divorced before the holiday was over’ so which I replied that if he does that much for you and it would make your holiday do it, we had talked about doing something outrageous one day so why not now.

I could tell she didn’t know if she should take me seriously so we agreed that we would call him round again and see what happened, but this time Paula would leave the shirt open and see what he did, Paula asked what she should do if he tried to fuck her so I said she should let him if she wanted. By now I was hard as nails, don’t get me wrong, I love my wife but this was so fucking horney and there is no

Way we would ever meet him again so what the fuck, but I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance so on the Wednesday of our second week I went looking for him. Pauls was in our room in her bikini bottoms and wearing one of my shirts open all the way with the shirt just about covering her tits.

Eventually I found him. As I approached he has a huge grin on his face, ‘more drinks’ he said ( I think) I nodded, then he said something like ‘where Paula’ and I said she was in our room. Then I asked him if he liked her , he looked confused so I said ‘ you like Paula’ and he laughed so I made a gesture outlining her big tits and he laughed again then I took him by the arm so no one could see us and I made hand gestures showing me squeezing her tits and then pointed at him. He laughed again and said ‘very nice’. Then he walked away to get our drinks.

I rushed back to our room and explained that he was on his way but didn’t say anything about what I had tried to relay to him and I had no idea if he got what I meant. Pauls asked if I was sure and I said I was, she kissed me and said that she loved me so much but was like a schoolgirl on her first date.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and there he was with four of five drinks of various sorts of a tray. He walked in and as he did Paula spun round. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but the shirt opened and exposed her tits. He looked at me and then pack at Paula looking a little confused so I pulled the shirt off her shoulders and onto the floor and behind her back made the hand squeezing tits gesture, he pointed at himself and I nodded. Our new friend had a big grin on his face and he walked up to Paula and put his hands under her tits as though weighing them, then he said ‘nice’ There was a little squeezing of her big round nipples and some grabbing and squeezing of her tits. Paula was almost in a trance but when he stepped back pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his shorts all I heard from her was ‘ oh fuck’, she shot me a glance and I wasn’t sure if she was having second thoughts, I know I was. He was hung like a fucking elephant. His cock was at least two and half time longer than mine and at least twice as thick but as he walked back to her he pulled her bottoms off and put his cock in her hand. Again she was mesmerised but managed to slowly toss him off.

She looked at me and said ‘fuck’ and I said that I think that was what he was expecting. I said that if she didn’t want it I would tell him to leave but as she said ‘em, then oh fuck’ he pushed her to her knees and fed his cock into her mouth. It was almost to big for her to get her mouth over his bell end and in fact she only managed to get little more than the bell end into her mouth before she started to gag. He could see she was struggling to cope so he pulled out, picked her up and bent her over the chair before easing his cock into her pussy. Pauls’s mouth and eyes opened wide and she started calling out’ oh fuck, oh shit’. Then he laughed and started thrusting himself into her and in seconds she was shaking and digging her nails into the palms of her hands before grabbing a cushion and biting down hard on it.

I sat down and watched my new wife bent over a chair being fucked by a stranger, his massive balls slapping her arse and her big tits swaying and bouncing with each thrust. Then the two of them were laughing and Paula reached behind her and slapped his side. She called out ( not sure if it was to me or just calling out) ‘fuck this is good’& ‘ oh fuck I’m cumming already’. At this point I twigged that maybe he could speak better English that we though. He said’ no not yet’ skid out of my wife and led her by the arm to the sofa where he laid her on her back and proceeded to hat her pussy before moving onto her hard nipples and tits in general making a meal of them before gently pushing his big fat cock back into her cunt and proceeded to fucking pound my new wife.

I think it was at this point that I realised that we hadn’t thought this through , I should have insisted he wore a condom, the last think we needed was for Paula to conceive or catch something. I called out that he wasn’t wearing a condom and that he shouldn’t cum inside her. He understood that alright, telling me ‘not to worry, its alright my friend’, Paula panting the same ‘its ok, its ok’ oh fuck its ok’. The she groaned and screamed that she was cumming, grabbing her breasts and squeezing tight which I knew was a sign she was well on her way to an orgasm. Her big black friend was now thrusting like crazy making roaring noises.

Then Paula’s arms start waving before she grabs his arms telling all within hearing distance that she was cumming then as he kept pounding her she was slapping his chest and arms begging him not to stop, so he didn’t. Then she let out a half scream, half roar that I had never heard before, her head thrust back and her back arched and she was silent then let out a long ‘oooh’ and thrusting her head back and groaning ‘he’s Cumming in me’ after a dozen more sharp thrusts Paula started to whimper ‘oh fuck he’s still Cumming in me. He laughed and then started fucking her hard again but she told him he had to stop and that she couldn’t take any more. He kept going until I called for him to stop telling him that she had had enough. He laughed, stood up and standing over her let one last squirt of cum fall on her tits. Pauls looked down exhausted, scooped it up in her hand and put it in her mouth.

Her friend walked over to me, his half limp dick swinging away and put his hand out, like a twat I shook his hand and he said ‘ thank you my friend’, then he got dressed and walked out. I sat there and watched Paula trying to catch her breath. In the end she looked up at me soaking wet with perspiration and simply said ‘fuck, that was good’ and ‘ I couldn’t cope with that again but thank you’ . She went to shower telling me how cum was pouring out of her, which wasn’t something I wanted to hear.

We made love a few time after that but he had ruined her for me, I’m not sure if her orgasm was real or not and once or twice she didn’t bother faking it. On the last day she reminded me how much she loved me and thanked me for the experience. I asked if she wanted to fuck him one last time and she said no, that once was enough. I said it was up to her and went to the pool.

I saw him serving other people and he saw me and put his thumb up to me, I gave him the thumbs up meaning hi. Then after about 20 min I noticed he wasn’t around. I went to our room and before I opened the door I could hear the same old grunting.

I walked in and saw this shining black arse bouncing up and down on top of my wife her leg’s wrapped round his neck. I watched for a few seconds, her big breasts bouncing as she was shagged, his hands holding onto the head board stopping it banging the wall but the sound of my wife telling him that he was ’so good’ and ‘ oh fuck your good’ & please cum in me again’. He said something I didn’t catch but I heard the reply, ‘don’t worry about him, he said it was ok, please keep it in me, please keep fucking me’ As she announced again that she was Cumming I walked out. I didn’t see him back downstairs for over half an hour followed 45 min later by my wife. She smiled and thanked me again but then she said ‘oh’. I looked up and he was sat next to a blond woman smiling and kissing her hand. I said to Paula that he will be fucking her later, Paula giggled and said that it was an amazing experience.