Written by Harryforyou.

9 May 2015


I'm " Harryforyou "

First thing to do is remind readers how we first got our hands on this beautiful lady:

I am "arryforyou"I was one of the replies who commented on the post and ever since,I have tried for nearly two years! to get a reply from the husband to arrange a meet-up with him and his beautiful, young wife as me and my golf buddies visit Dorset every year to play some rounds. Then in August this year the husband " D " finally replied and said "they had not done this sort of thing since the 4 men fucked her", but he had talked it through with her and she had finally agreed to meet up and see what happens...Bingo!!

We were due to visit Dorset in September 2012 and we arranged to meet up at a pub. Our biggest worry was that there are six of us and shall we say that 5 of us have retired! So would she allow a group of old men in their 60's to pleasure her? If all went well then we planed to take her back to the large house we were renting for the week and try to allow events took us.

At 8PM they arrived right on time at the pub they chose in Poole and our mouths dropped open at the sight of this most beautiful and petite young lady "F", who was dressed in the way the husband described in his own post as follows

" The most i could get from F was to dress up in her short, black skirt,undone blouse, hold up stockings and leather knee length boots...she is so pretty, 36-24-34 figure ( really!) and she knows i love men looking at her whilst dressed like this."

Well it certainly worked for us as she sat down near use our plan was to get her to relax with some drinks. The chat about golf and other things went well and we noticed she was drinking doubles's so after around an hour "F" was very relaxed and agreed to come back to our rental for a nightcap!

The house was only a short drive away and much to our disappointment she travelled with "D" who incidentally, was a nice guy - and we went in our people carrier.

We sat on the settee in the large lounge and "T" and "A" sat either side of her and started to kiss her neck to see how she felt!? With no attempt to stop them they moved their hands to those gorgeous tits which looked like they were waiting to burst out of her bra and very tight blouse. By now we had all been gently teased enough and we all descended on her gently stroking her beautiful body and slowly removing her clothes in order to not frighten her as we lusted after her young flesh. Eventually she stood there only in her very small g-string and black-hold up-stockings and the husband told us to rub her clitoris through the see through material and she soon came as we sucked her boobs and very gently, fingered her wonderful small bottom and tight hole.

The husband looked happy to sit down as we ravished his young wife's body and as planed before we meet up by drawing numbers "J" was first to take her which was a good situation as he enjoys having a large cock and don't we know it! We placed her onto the settee and he had no finesse as he shoved his condom covered cock into her lovely shaped vagina and mercilessly pounded away as we all took turns slowly fingering her bum-hole and sucking her tits. As was commented before by one of the " 4 men" her skin was truly so soft to touch and that firm bottom was to die for!

I was forth to take her and she still felt tight as I thrust-ed my cock into that wonderful fanny and to eventually come into this gorgeous young lady was something I/we will never forget. She came several times as we took her from behind and fed her our cocks and sperm.

She had totally given herself to six old men and enjoyed the attention we gave her. Finally, the husband asked if we would finish off by standing over her and all of us " spunk over her body" Of course we would! and the husband also ejected a Hugh amount of his " spunk " and it was yet a final pleasure to see her dripping in sperm as she took herself off to the bathroom. They soon left as we said our goodbyes she looking like a young woman who had been completely satisfied by 6 hungry cocks!

I do hope she will let us have her again?...She is an experience we will never forget and to them both from all the guys...THANK YOU!

Well as you can imagine, for age's afterwards I was pestered by my friends to try and make new arrangements but sadly "D" never replied until two weeks ago and right out of the blue he contacted me and said "F" would be willing to to participate again!!

At such short notice, five out of the six of us had to make our excuses to our wife's etc and we traveled down to Bournemouth to meet up at a different pub in the Westbourne area as we had a different rental house also there.I forgot to instruct what we would like her to wear and when they arrived in the pub, she was wearing a small zip jacket that and she had on a pair of skin-tight white leggings that showed her wonderful figure to perfection including that lovely pussy! She knew how worked up we were and whilst sitting there, she pulled down her zip halfway to show she had not blouse on, just a see-through red bra as she discretely flashed herself..what a gorgeous, little tease she is!

After one drink we went back in our cars to the house and as soon as we lead her into the lounge, we all started to kiss her and undone her jacket and tight bra and squeezed and sucked her wonderful full tits. We then rolled down those leggings to reveal a tiny, little triangle g-string that was just that, string. As before she smelled wonderful and so clean as we spent time bringing her to a climax by rubbing her cliterous as instructed by her husband. She seemed to prefer standing as we played with her wonderful body and moaned with pleasure as our hands and tongues licked her small bum-hole and pussy.

She is very petite only around 5ft 2in tall I would guess - so to fuck her standing meant we had to hold her as we each fucked her. I wanted to fuck her on the settee because I wanted to look at her pretty face as I came in her and it was an experience I will never, ever forget as she looked me in the eyes as I filled my condom with sperm inside her.

"D" again wanted us to finally finish by spunking over her face, hair and body as she knelt surrounded in a circle of cocks as she sucked us.

Once again, thank you so much for allowing a group of old men to have a such a fantastic memory when we enjoyed the best sex of our lives....or ever will!

Harry and the men.