Written by Anonymous

1 Jul 2019

Most people hate windy days. Hairdos go awry, dust gets in your eyes, damage to plants and trees for gardeners. But given the right circumstances, dresses and skirts are given a will of their own ans at times provide any voyeur with some fabulous sights in the public domain. This year has been very kind in this way when winds from the west have brought occasions my wife and I have enjoyed. You see, I love her flashing and the east coast has some very nice seaside resorts where a sudden gust can reveal a naked cunt for maybe a few seconds.

It was one such day when we decided to take a ride over to one of the famous resorts and park up and take a stroll along the cliff tops. When we arrived it was to a clear sky and generous gusts of wind. Liz was in a dress which positively welcomed the wind to show her stockings and suspenders, and no panties, which happened as soon as she stepped from the car. She looked at me wide eyed and said that things could be very interesting. She tugged on her coat as our tradition is to be demurely covered until we find a 'victim' normally a guy on his own, preferably not too old in case the sudden view proves too much for a weak heart, as I don't carry a defibrilator around in my car. We were away from the built up area and walked a couple of miles towards the next town, stopping to take in the more than fresh air. in the distance, and coming towards us was a man with a dog. There was a dip in the cliff and a gully with a wooded area between us. We looked at each other and she removed her coat and passed it to me to stash in the empty rucksack. The wind was doing its magic, her dress was billowing incessantly. I smiled and she set off in front of me down into the gully, I followed far enough behind to be less visible, knowing the guy's eyes would be firmly fixed on her naked cunt.

It was a fair walk down the path and I lost sight of her temporarily, then from a sharp turn, I saw they were only a few metres apart, his dog running to greet my wife. The breeze took control and lifted the hem to above her waist, I saw her bum exposed to me so the front would have been similarly raised. I stopped and concealed myself behind a tree hoping not to be seen then peeped round the trunk and saw she was now fussing the dog and on her haunches, doubtless allowing the man a free and open view of her shaved lips. They spoke for a while and she remained in the crouched position and then she said something and turned to look for me. I knew she must have said I was somewhere close so I broke cover and walked down to meet them. I met them and patted the dog and Liz said we were invited to join the man and his dog at the caravan site for a cup of tea if we wanted. I agreed and we shook hands as the dog turned to run back towards the way he and his master had come.

Our conversation on the way back was odd. Beginning with talking about anything but her nudity. The weather then came up and she admitted it gave her a great thrill to be seen by someone flashing her body. He said that she had a great body and Liz smiled and thanked him. It was a bit chilly but she allowed the wind to play its tricks and she was allowing it to show her stockings at will. I booed when we got in the lee of some of the steeper pathways, where the breeze was far weaker, even non existent and her clothing hung normally.

We got back to his caravan and his dog was given a treat and the kettle went on. I said that it was a bit of a pity the wind was not doing its job and Terry (man's name) said he was privileged to have been treated to the little show. Liz smiled and said she needed the loo and went to the far end of the caravan and disappeared for a minute or two. The tea made, she emerged from the toilet without her dress and stood in her stockings and suspenders for a second, posing and then said to us 'That any better?' Terry was speechless but I grinned and said she looked great but her bra needed to go too. She removed it and then said 'Where's that tea?' Terry poured the three cups and she came and sat down at the table next to him, giving him a kiss on the cheek and thanking him for his hospitality. Her naked breasts proudly presented hard nipples and the proximity of the three of us had her breasts gently rubbing against his arm. A gentle sip of tea and then Liz ran her hand across Terry's lap and a smile came to her face. 'Feels as if you are pleased to see me' she said with a wicked grin. My cock was aching too but I wanted her to let Terry fuck her if things went as I hoped.

A sexy naked woman in a caravan with a stranger is not an every day experience. I was excited by our adventure so far, but I saw she had much deeper desires working through her body, her eyes were glazing as she rubbed his cock and closed in for another kiss, this time a much deeper one. Terry's hand stroked her breasts and nipples and she sighed as they snogged. Her gasp of 'Oh yes' suggested she was getting a response and I said I needed the loo and went, picking my way past her stockinged leg as she rubbed his cock and started undoing his zip. It had begun to rain and in the toilet her dress hung on the hook on the door. I remained there for a few seconds and heard some sighs and movement outside the loo door as they had obviously moved from the table. I heard a bit of furniture moving and something being dragged around. When I emerged Terry was minus trousers and pants and had collapsed the table and converted the space as a bed. His cock was rigid and I was about to see him fuck my wife.

I saw them move onto the mattress oblivious of me, him with his fingers in her cunt and her wanking him firmly, exposing his helmet from his foreskin. I was a spectator as I was at the foot of the bed but in a perfect position to see the action. She asked him to get his shirt off and soon they were laying naked together unencumbered with clothing. His balls looked tight, full of spunk and she was going to receive it and soon by my way of thinking. I was stroking my own erection and slipped it out for a wank as she enjoyed a suck of his cock, as did he. My prime view was lovely, the rain hammered down outside and the windows misted up. Liz was being nicely roused and her hip movements ground against his fingers as they enjoyed their mutual satisfaction.

I was lost in ecstasy, my cock ached on the edge of spilling its load and they were deep in the foreplay, sixty nining each other, moaning and becoming lustfully louder. This was edging us all closer to the climax which I ached for yet desired further heightening of this superb display of sexual craft at its best, cunt licked and probed with energy cock sucked to within a few seconds of shooting its seed, moans of lustful gratitude from both mouths tasting the tang of pre cum and cunt juice almost ready to be combined with a bareback fuck.

Terry looked up at her naked body and said 'I've got to fuck you' he just got a long 'Yessss' from her and she turned over to offer her cunt doggy style. Terry knelt behind her across the bed, sideways on to me and I saw his cock slide in slowly and yet firmly,assisted by her left hand. He began to fuck her but the look on his face told me he would not last very long. She was almost coming as he drove in her and the whole episode concluded with them going at it hard and fast for maybe less than a minute before they both swooned and collapsed, him diving on her naked body and deep breathing took over the caravan and the sweet aroma of sex filled the air. As he dropped out of her reddened cunt I saw a weep of cum begin to seep from her fucked slit. They lay gasping for breath, exhausted by the hot event. I had come at some time but not noticed until I felt the come running down my thigh and across my hand. I too was knackered but very satisfied at he nicest cup of tea ever.

After tidying up and dressing we sat for a chat and learned that Terry was planning to spend a whole summer at the caravan and he invited us to visit any time we liked. The drive home was a quiet affair as my dear wife slept for most of the way, with what looked like a dreamy smile on her face.