Written by Anon

6 May 2014

My wife M and I have always been very bravo minded when it has come to sex. We've not had secrets from each other and in fact talking about our sex lives before we met has always been a part of foreplay.

The line we had never crossed had been getting another person involved. It just never seemed right somehow.

M is always very flirty when we are out and it is interesting to watch the men gather round her when we are at parties. She'll say she doesn't know why they do, but it might be something to do with her curvy figure; luckily she's no stick insect!

We got invited to a wedding last summer, and I said I would drive, as it was one of her work colleagues getting hitched.

M took her time getting ready, going for a long dress, that clung to her rounded figure. Underneath, were a red bra and knickers set and black hold ups, with black heels.

As she was getting ready, I took advantage and had a couple of gropes of her backside, saying that I hoped she was planning on a shag later. She said I'd have to wait and see.

Anyway, the wedding went well, the reception started mid afternoon, and M was taking full advantage of the wine, getting more pissed as the event went on.

I was stuck talking to what I can only describe as the event bore and whatever I did, I couldn't break free from her. The only saving grace was that while she was boring, she had a great pair of boobs that were hardly contained by the low cut top she was wearing. I tried being over the top by staring straight at them when she was talking but this didn't seem to be noticed.

M kept on disappear every so often to recharge her glass and have a cigarette, thus leaving me with 'boring, but great tits'.

M came back from one of her bar runs and dropped down into the seat next to me, and passed me something under the table.

I took hold of the bundle in her hand and looked down, to see her knickers in my hand.

She smiled at me and said "I decided they were showing through my dress, so I took them off".

With that she got up and walked off again.

The woman opposite me stopped talking about her failing marriage due to an uninterested husband (I knew how he felt, boring bitch!) and I saw this as my chance, so I said "sorry, I must go. My wife has just given me her knickers".

Her jaw dropped, and I got up and made a hasty retreat, hoping to find M.

I got to the bar, no sign of her, went outside to where the smokers were, again no sign. Thinking she must have gone to the loo, I decided to have a wander round the grounds to kill some time.

I had a glance back at the smoking area to see 'boring but great tits' heading my way.

I scarpered and hugged the tree line around the lawn, and stopped to make sure she hadn't seen me.

As I stood there, I heard the sounds of giggling and groans coming from the treelike. I turned and started to walk slowly towards the sounds, and then stopped short, as I saw M leaning forward bracing herself against a tree with one hand, her other holding the hem of her dress up round her waist.

Her feet were wide apart and she was crouching slowly to allow the guy stood behind her to fuck her hard from behind.

In between her gasps, she was telling him to get his cock up her as far as he could, to fill her up and shoot his spunk up her.

He was obviously doing his best, as he was holding onto her hips and going like the clappers.

She continued to encourage him, as he pounded into her.

They were both so engrossed, they failed to see me. Anger flashed across my mind, but then lust took over so I stayed where I was.

He grunted that he was close to cumming, M said to make sure it was all in her and not on her dress.

He gave a couple of hard thrusts, and she gasped as he emptied himself into her.

He pulled out, and she stood up and let the dress fall down. They kissed, she giggled, and said something about 'a bit later'.

I decided to back off at that point, and made my way back to the bar area, my mind in turmoil, having seen my wife getting screwed against a tree. Should I say something?

Anyway, in walked the guy who ten minutes before had been fucking my wife, and the shock was he went across to 'boring but great tits'', sat down next to her, and gave her a peck on the cheek! So that was the husband who never paid her any attention!

M walked in next and wandered over, and stood (rather unsteadily) next to me and asked me to get her a drink while she went to the loo.

I sorted a large wine for her, and she came back about ten minutes later, grabbed my cigarettes and went outside again.

Sure enough, the other guy got up and went initially towards the toilet, but then dodged away, before stopping and talking to another bloke.

I felt someone beside me, and looked round to see the boring woman stood next to me.

She started withering on about her husband again, and then a devious thought crossed my mind. I got her a large drink, and suggested we go outside for a walk.

She accepted the wine, and we went outside and started to walk around the outside of the building and into the grounds.

I put my arm around her waist, she didn't seem to object, so I let it drop and put my hand on her rather ample backside and gave it a squeeze.

Again, no gasp of shock, so when we reached a shadowed area, I stopped and pulled her in a bit closer, and after putting my drink down, asked her if she fancied a bit of fun?

She said that it depended on what I meant, so I started to kiss het hard on the mouth at the same time as groping her backside.

She pulled in close to me and must have felt the now raging hard on I had.

She giggled, so I turned her round so her back was against the wall, and then reached down, lifting her skirt up and into her knickers.

My hand slid down inside to her cunt, and I slipped a finger into her.

She gasped and brought her hands down to push her knickers down her thighs before reaching to my trousers to undo my belt and get my cock out.

'Boring but great tits' had taken on a new persona, as she grabbed at my cock and gripped it like a vice, pulling my foreskin to a point that it nearly made me yelp.

It was like being a teenager again!

"Shall we do it here?" I asked

"Fuck, yes!" , came the reply, and she turned round and took up the position against the wall, that I had earlier seen my wife in.

I pulled her skirt up round her waist and pulled her knickers all the way down to her ankles and was about to slip into her, when she said "finger me first, it makes me feel like a slut!"

I slipped a couple of fingers in, using another to flick at her clit.

She started to moan loudly, before she put a hand over her mouth.

I got my thumb wet with her cunt juice and rubbed it over her arsehole, for a few seconds before pushing it in.

She squealed as I started to work her backside, and by the way she was pushing back, she seemed to be enjoying it.

"I wish my husband could see me now, getting fingered up the arse, that'd make the wanker pay me some attention!"

I needed to get my cock in her, so I gripped her hips and pushed it into her, with a loud slap that made her arse cheeks wobble.

She hissed "yessss, fuck me hard", so I did.

She was tight as a drum, her cunt muscles gripping me hard; I fought the urge to cum straight away.

She was moaning and telling me she wanted her husband to know what she was doing.

As I fucked her I thought about how bizarre the whole scenario was and then it just blurted out.

"Actually, he was filling my wife with his cock about half an hour ago"

Why did I say that?

I expected my fuck to suddenly stop, but all I got between gasps was "oh was he? Right!"

She then reached round behind her to put her hand between my groin and her cunt, pulling my cock out of her, but then guiding it up slightly.

"Do me in the arse!"

She opened her legs wider and guided me into her.

It would have been easier with some lube, but she took her hand away, put some saliva onto it and then rubbed it over my shaft.

"Go on, put it in!"

I pushed gently in, she relaxed and seemed to swallow me into her.

She pushed back against me,so that all of my prick went up her.

We then gently started fucking, but gradually got harder and faster until a couple of minutes later, I felt her tighten up, she moaned and seemed to buckle at the knees. I held her up and came in her.

It seemed to last for ages, before we both relaxed and I reluctantly pulled out of her, a small trickle of spunk ran down the inside of her legs.

She stood up, pulled her knickers back up, smoothed her dress down, picked up her drink and began to walk off.

I thought all hell was going to break loose as we walked back to where I could now see M stood outside with my fuck's husband and his mate.

They looked somewhat sheepish, but 'tits' gave her husband a peck on the cheek and took him inside to the bar.

I said to M that I hadn't seen much of her this evening, and she just grinned saying that she'd been entertained, and was thinking we should make a move back home.

I agreed, so we went and said good bye to everyone, 'tits' gave me kiss goodbye and a whisper of 'we'll have to do coffee some time'.

M spent some time saying goodbye to her fuck, and then off we went.

We got into the car, and I asked is she'd enjoyed herself?

She said she had.

I asked if her dress would need dry cleaning; she went silent for a few seconds, and I told her what I had seen

She went quiet for even longer, in fact for most of the journey home.

We both confessed to what we had been up to, and while there was a little bit of guilt, it led to a great fuck when we got home.

I've yet to take up the offer of 'coffee with tits', and as far as I'm aware M hasn't been back for another 'back to nature' session, but there is talk of them coming round to dinner soon.

Who knows?