Written by Thick Shaft

27 Jul 2010

I was still asleep in bed when our cleaner arrived. She always cleans the bedrooms first. I was lying motionless when she came in the bedroom. I woke up to the feeling of something else in the bed with me. I looked down and Carol was there playing with my cock. Touching it and caressing it. I didn't say anything. I just continued to look as she played with me. Now she had got a tight grip on my now hard shaft and proceeded to put me in her mouth. She moved her head up and down my hot shaft, licking and sucking at my hard cock. Carol looked up at me, grinning with my cock still in her mouth. I didn't know it then but she wasn't wearing any underwear. She took my cock out of her mouth but kept a firm grip as she climbed on the bed. Still holding on moving her hand vigorously up and down my thick shaft. She had now straddled my body and was lowering herself onto my throbbing hard dick, slowly she pushed my cock into her deliciously wet pussy. I could feel how hot she was. She never said a word and got into a satisfying rhythm fucking my cock. She kept this up for at least 10 minutes where upon she pulled me from within her and then turned over so I could fuck her doggie fashion. This I enjoyed immensely pounding my cock deep into her pussy. She was squealing with pleasure as I continued pushing deep into her. I could feel her body tense up as she began cummin, at this point I let my hot thick cum unload deep into her, both of us moaning with pleasure. I kept my cock pushed deep in her pussy while I let my juices spert out. Afterwards I pulled my aching cock from her and lay on the bed. I could see our cum juices running out of Carol's pussy. She calmly got off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom. Shortly she reappeared and continued with the cleaning as if nothing ever happened. She certainly cleaned me out!